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As far as singing goes, I've still not got down 'tone control' to a point where I'm happy with how my voice sounds, but I think singing in tune comes with learning how your voice sounds and not trying to sing with somebody else's voice (e.g putting on a different accent/'voice' as you sing, and really listening to what is coming out your mouth).

That's actually a good point. There's times I feel like I'm nailing a song by myself, then try and sing with the records and it's completely different.
Mac's are only really worth it if: 1-You know how to use them, or at least are willing to spend the time to learn to use them. 2-Want to use things that only work with Macs, ex. Logic, Garageband, etc.
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Man, that would **** me off. What is the point in lying like that?

I think it's more of a case of not knowing what it is. Since it looked like a Fender he probably just thought it was.
If you have the bass on 8 that's probably why it sounds muddy
A solid state amp with pedals will just sound worse.
I'd just get the bridge changed out if I was you. But I guess that's up to you lol
I was going to say the same about mesh heads, you'll have to expand your budget another $200-400 to get a used kit with them. Are regular plastic e-kits completely out of the question?
what kinda guitar do you currently have?
"good" is a subjective term though.
didn't notice how old it was til you said something. glad I didn't reply in a haste
maybe at the end of it's life cycle. They'll still be expensive, or at least overpriced for what they are, when they first come out
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One headstock says "Super Sport" and one doesn't

how can you read the headstock in OP's pics? That shit is tiny
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This should be an automated message from UG anytime someone mentions they got a new guitar, no matter what subforum its in. just have this chick pop up lol

but HNGD! I'm contemplating getting an SG for my next guitar. I think I'll get one with a bigsby though, love the look of the two together.
I just watched the Premier Guitar NAMM video of the Gibson stuff. Apparently the CEO designed this model
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Oh god, that's like seeing "Fender Squier Stratocaster" on craigslist.

Oh god I hate that. They do the same thing with epiphones. and then you'll shit like "8 piece drum set" and it'll just be a 5 piece with 3 cymbals. gear noobs

but this is more like the 33shitty
did you try cutting back the bass on the amp?
Maybe cathbard can cram something into a tim tam box for ya
Go try it out first of all. Play it for at least 15 or 20 minutes. If you like it go for it, if not then don't.
3 things:

1. HNGD! beautiful choice of woods.
2. I admire your dedication to that hairstyle, it looks like too much work for someone like me
3. holy shit how many keys are on that midi controller? idk if its just the angle but that looks a helluva lot more than 88
Well if his sig is accurate he has a Digitech RP1000. As for the music he plays...he'll have to answer that one himself

edit: actually, judging by his amp he seems like a metal guy.
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Actually, the Blues Junior uses EL84s. Kind of an oddity for a Fender. So these are really quite similar amps, on paper.

hmm. I wonder how different the tones are...but I just realized TS didn't share what kinda music he's playing. That might help a bit.

edit: also just realized that you're the TS
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First off, I would like to agree that you aren't doing anyone a disservice by naming the pedal you're having issues with. If it's a common problem, then the builder needs made aware, and if it's a one-off problem, then nobody is going to care. If anything, you're doing yourself and your fellow consumers a disservice.

I agree. Besides, there's a difference between "Ahh this Thingy-ma-bobby from Whosit McPedalBuilder is complete shit! Avoid at all costs!" and "The Fizzmaster 5000 from Line 6 appears to have some sort of error. I'm getting a non fizzy tone...not sure if this is normal.."

One is completely bashing the pedal and builder for what might be a one-off error, the other is just sharing that error.
I wouldn't consider that a ton of pedals...but I digress. If it's only for the studio I'd suggest getting something high end. I dont know if there's something like the Axe FX or Eleven Rack that's strictly for effects. but don't cheap out if you're going the multi-effects way.
I think clear would be a better adjective than clean.
I'd go for the H&K, but that's because I prefer the ELs over 6V6s. Try them out if you can. If not, scour the vast land of youtube checking out videos of both of them. sure you wont get the complete sound because of youtube compressing the sound, but if it sounds good on a youtube video it'll sound great in person.
Do you know what model the laney is? they're generally considered pretty good amps
Did they tell you what the hum was? I didn't read the original thread about it, but it might've just been the tubes. I know my egnater hums when I turn it on, but it doesn't hum through the amp. if you get what i'm saying
and what's your budget for this pedal?
I think the only thing that might cover is the little bit of classic rock you play. Definitely go for the Peavey Vypyr 60 or Roland Cube. They'll at least be able to give you some kinda heavy sound.
what amp are you using?

because in my experience actives didn't sound very good on a solid state amp. and if it's not really that good of an amp then you probably wont hear the difference between the pickups.
oh, if you're running multiple instruments through it at the same time definitely go for a PA. I don't know how they'll react with the low end but it'll definitely be better for an "all at the same time" kinda thing.
Personally I'd go for a bass amp if you want to cover all of those. The bass amp will have the best low end response, obviously because it's a bass amp. that'll work well for the drum machine and synthesizer. everything else will do fine with it, except you'll probably need to buy a pedal if you want distortion for your guitar and the amp doesn't have a distortion channel.
Damn are all Australians this cranky?
ahh there's something nice about that all black body. HNGD man. any chance of clips?
Jeez you'd think a legendary guitar player whose been around so long would know these things. I guess Roger was the one handling these things before you had your techs
I'll have to check him out whenever he's in Michigan. I liked his album though. Good stuff.
A bit off topic, but I haven't really liked much of what they've done since Come Whatever May. Maybe I just outgrew their music though.
good and cheap is one hell of an oxymoron

but definitely go for a combo instead. I know that my Renegade is more than enough for me. Shit, I have it at half volume on the 18 watt option and that's more than enough to get everyone in the house yelling at me
If you have an apple computer or even an ipad/iphone now you can use garageband.

but wow kind of a dick move to charge your nephew for a pedal and I assume you're probably in your teens
I was going to say forget the pickups as well. As long as their not single coils they'll work fine for now. Go try out a 6505 to start with.