as far as differences between a LP and SG with identical pickups, wood, etc. from my research (just watching youtube videos of SG vs LP, not exactly scientific I know) SGs seem to put out a bit more bass.

That's basically going off other people's opinions though
depends on your relationship with the girl/woman
go play that shit in store and find what you like. never mind all that he said, she said shit
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So...what sound are you aiming for? What's the budget?
just your classic/cliche 60's and 70's tones

The Who
Clapton during Cream (I know he used an SG and 335, but still)

I was thinking of the classic 59/JB combo if I do end up changing the pickups
H4T3BR33D3Ralright, thanks for your input. I think I'll try to save some money for new pickups then. The guitar doesn't really have a great resale value, plus I find it to be a pretty comfortable guitar.
since we're talking about replacing about pups in LPs (and LP styles) I have question that i've had for a few weeks...

I have a Michael Kelly Patriot Hot Rod which is LP style. It's probably a low-midrange priced guitar but the stock pickups are so bland and don't give me that midgain bite that I like when I've tried out Epis and Gibsons. So with it not being a terribly expensive guitar, is it worth it to spend a couple hundred bucks on new pickups, or should I just save up for a guitar that already has that mid-bite stock?

basically, how do you know if new pickups are really worth it?
I mean if you really want to shred, and not mean that in a generic term kinda way, the ibanez would make the most sense.

but like you said, you'll probably get used to whatever it is you buy. if you can try them out before buying, I'd highly suggest that
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I do like miniHBs.
They're interesting little things, I'm not even sure what the differences are between them and regular humbuckers.

Plus, I don't feel like they're as common as other pickups, even P90s are a bit more common. Can't even think of a big name guitarist that I've seen/heard use a guitar with the mini humbuckers
super gassy today! stopped into GC to get some strings and played a few SGs through a VOX ac15. turned the volume up and the main volume down low, got a nice low/mid gain crunch out of it, but I was mainly thinking about the SGs today.

1st one was an Epiphone SG Pro. thought it was alright for the price, you know, you're not gonna get blown away by it but I was thinking to myself I could see saving some extra cash for it. until I got to the next one.

2nd was a 2016 high performance Gibson SG. Had that mid gain bite that I loooooove, then I looked down and noticed the pickups looked a little strange. "Those look like mini-humbuckers" I thought. Took a look at the tag and sure enough they were. First time playing a guitar with minis and I loved it.

3rd was a Gibson SG, think it might've been a Special because it was about $599 and didn't have the glossy finish. Again, had that mid gain bite that I love, but there was a slight difference in the highs that I noticed between the mini-humbuckers and regular humbuckers that made me prefer the minis slightly more. If the SG with minis was a 100%, then the ~maybe~ Special was a 95%.

So at the end of the day; will my next guitar be an SG? Probably, although it may be a while.

and will I ever get a Vox AC15? some day when there's some extra money laying around, you bet. but don't expect a NAD thread in the next couple years.
If I was buying a new amp today, I'd most likely go with the DSL40 myself.
spiders are good...if you like wasting your money
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If you play metal then u shouldnt get a Strat because strats can't really play metal. You should get something with a humbucker and a whammy bar if you want to play metal. I think Ibanez and Schecter are the best for metal especially if you can get one with EMGs because those are the best pickups for metal
wow. a lot of opinions in this post that aren't completely valid facts.

sure humbuckers are more ideal for metal, but why suggest a whammy bar just because he's playing metal? and saying EMGs are the best pickups for metal isn't necessarily wrong, but considering that's just the brand and they have numerous different kinds of pickups makes it a bit of an open-ended statement.
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seems like a hell of a deal for $250

maybe he's trying to warn us of a rare disorder where playing guitar too loud for too long will lead to numb nuts. the webmd of UG lol
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"bass thicker than a UKIP voter" is the best thing I've ever read
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I would just drop it man. She's 9 years younger than you and has a bf. Wait for a better opportunity. The difference in maturity between 18 and 27 is pretty signficant.
and she's going to college.

just give up on it Mr R. there's plenty of women out there who are single and aren't moving away. You don't need to completely cut yourself off from her, you can still chat whenever you see her or over fb, etc.
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I'd hate to see the #1 contributor
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DSL40 is great for the less than $1000 range, you should check that out
sidenote: you didn't share what your budget is, which is a huge factor especially when it comes to something like marshalls
sounds like you're overcomplicating yourself, imo. as far as I know, most of the modern amps will have some kinda diode/led to show you which setting you're on, and if you never switch to the other setting then it wouldn't be hard to keep track of your sounds.

hey fair enough if you want an amp with minimal settings, but it seems like your reason for it is a bit overcomplicated
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Will Lane

The thing I like about having a simple amp + pedal is that you can have two basic sounds available with just a click, not having to adjust any nobs while playing.
you can do that on an amp with a bunch of different knobs as well, just switch between channels if it's a 2 channel amp.

heck, you can even just turn down your guitar volume on a one channel amp to clean up the tone.

kinda confused on what you're looking for with a "minimalist" marshall amp...
Tried a gretsch pro jet(think that was the model) last time I was in GC for a bit. Quite liked it, might try to get one this year if I like it as much as I did off first impressions.
If you believe the marketing for all these different companies, then yes, things like picks, cables, and strings used are important.

I don't believe they have as much impact as they try to tell you, other than personal preferences
distortion/overdrive pedal? have the amp on clean and turn the pedal on for dirty sound?
yeah, you're gonna wanna focus on the amp first
what kinda music are you playing? what kinda tones are you going for? those'll help with suggestions
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in your circumstance i would say something along the lines of "Hey could i try out_____ guitar, i don't have the money but I have always wanted to try one"
basically this. plus if you mention the fact that you've never played a les paul or les paul-style guitar, like I think you mentioned in the OP, then they might be a bit more apt to be like "come over here and try this shit man!"
Mesas are pretty dope but nothing is gonna get that Marshall tone like a Marshall (well theres boutique amps that will, but I'm talking on the less expensive end)

trust your heart.
sweeeeeeet pedal! I've been yearning for a swollen pickle fuzz. Way Huge seem to be fairly good pedals, plus they look pretty damn good
so I'm the only one curious about what the hell "organic" and "down to earth" mean for tone?
I've never dated an amp before. Tube amps are beautiful but some are a bit high maintenance, and SS amps can be the opposite. Make sure you treat her right man!