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id recognize those cans anywhere

haha WantsLesPaul..... still rocking the X-mas avatar
Well some of the oldies are still here which is good.

Might have a gander through some past threads later for nostalgia
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Do you remember me awwww

I remember most of the names here.... just trying to put them to specific threads without having to go through them all
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Hello Rapture
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I remember your avatar

Thought that would be the general thing that people remember
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I use to post butt gifs in here back in the day. Where has my youth gone?

Why not go back to your youth?

Or is it bannable now? Was it bannable then? My memory is crap and it has only been a year

Not been here for quite a bit.

Just thought I would say hello to all.

Hope everyone is still ok in here.

inb4 who are you?
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Off-topic (sorry), but I love that you're still sporting Gianna Michaels avatars after so long.
And a Jessica Rabbit one too, good job.

I mean...who? What? Where am I? Who are you people!?

Gianna is love
Gianna is life

Gonna look for a new one (Gianna of course) and get someone to X-mas it up...... we still do that at X-mas.... don't we guys?
One of my mates just linked me to 4chan /v/ board...

He said it was a giveaway.... I was dubious but I trust my mate.

Glad I did, just got a free copy of Plaque Inc
So yeah Shadow Warrior is 75% (£7.49) off on Steam ATM but you could get another 75% off and get it for £1.87.

You gotta sign up and all that shit but if you want it go grab it go for it only about 200 left (could be less now)

I got one but then thought "nahhh, i'll probs never play it" awaiting someone on FB but if they don't show up I would be happy to give it someone.
Thinking that with the next episode being about Eugene and gang, the 6th episode will reveal who Daryl is with (Noah) and then that will all tie up to Rick and co heading to the hospital and fucking screwing shit up for the mid season finale
Will be installing Evolve after NBA2K15 has finally finished... this goddamn large download for a tester of a game
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The last 2 are Stone Sour albums hurr hurr

I really like The Gray Chapter
I dunno whether to spend my last fiver on Steam or leave it...

Mortal Kombat and Walking Dead are drawing me in..
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if i win ill give it to you


I'm not too mad about it but free is free so it's worth a shot at it.

I'm just a cheapskate
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Shhhhhhhhh, the less people that enter the more chance I have to win.

Haha I know but still I thought I would share, we're all friends here.....

Apart from that one cunt
Yep you're right.

Finish high school and it's all over now
**** me I was listening to Pause 4 Porno - Dr. Dre

These kids don't know shit
No Dark Souls on Halloween Steam Sale

I am disappoint

Dunno whether to get The Walking Dead Season 1....
Just watched 50/50, thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus Anna Kendrick = <3
Teleglitch: Die More Edition free on HumbleBundle

free + trading cards = more money
any pics?
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but it's so hard to get through right now ;_;
plus it's my nighttime binge show, so I'll have to wait until like one in the morning or something.

Get on it, trust me I was unsure about this show as well but after Season 1 I was hooked and once Felicity comes into it it gets so much better (could just be my crush on her but )
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Oh wait is she the IT girl at the company? She's made a few appearances, but nothing major

Jesus man, get off here and go watch some Felicity Arrow
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Felicity is 25% of the reason I watch the show:

I love her
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who wants my borderlands preshitquel code that came with my gfx because i dont

I know I am probably late but OMFG I would love it GAHHH

Edit: Nevermind just read onwards
Just don't watch the trailers and if you do, don't believe everything you see
Currently loving this series. Pissed me right off when it ended as I thought I had another 10 mins left. Goddamn watching all these shows with different lengths is getting confusing.
OK, I liked TMNT a lot more than I thought I would
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So Deadly Premonition is completely bizarre.

Yah think....
I'm happy Deadly Premonition £1.99
I liked Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3 Leslie Nielsen was funny as fuck in 3

I actually can't think of anything at the moment that I thought was bad.... Last season of Dexter was bad. Show declined after Season 4 but was still watchable.

Also anyone that said Lost, fuck off
Awww congrats dude

They go best with chips and a side of salad. also protip, save some to put on a sandwich for the next day
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Also Alfred is weird as shit. Worst portrayal of him.