Hey guys!

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated!! And thanks also to everyone who has sent warm wishes and thoughts my way. Your support has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to my friends and acquaintances who have donated on UG, my friends and family here in Indiana, and my own hard work, I've been able to pay my first installment of $1500 toward my trip. I still have another $1500 to go, though! If you're feeling especially generous this Holiday season, I humbly ask for your donations. Any amount helps, and it all adds up!

If you're still confused about what I will be doing, allow me to clarify. I will be traveling to Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos to study human sex trafficking. I will be working in shelters for boys and girls recently rescued from brothels, where they have been exploited, sold, and abused. In addition, I will be participating in research concerning the mental health of these victims. This is incredibly critical to my trip, as little information is available concerning the mental status and effective treatment of this population. I plan on keeping a blog to update all of my supporters on my experiences. It would be my dream come true to travel overseas to work with this population, and I am hopeful that I will be able to do so come May.

Thanks again for all of your support. Please continue to think of me or send a little encouraging message my way. You can donate or write me a note here:

Hope all of you are doing well. I owe you guys big time!
It's definitely study. I will be learning counseling skills and techniques to work with trauma victims that I can use in my future practice here in the US. The course is worth 3 credit hours toward my Master's degree, and I am responsible for writing a paper describing the techniques I learned about/acquired, as well as presenting my experiences to faculty and classmates upon returning.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! I am so humbled by the generosity. Please remember to send me your email or mailing address so I can send you a personal thank you card!


Quote by rabidguitarist
Typical US volunteering organisation- they're absolutely fleecing you on the cost of the trip.

Even with the $1000 scholarship taken off, $3000 is incredibly steep considering you can stay in a more than decent hotel for about $2 a night and eat for about the same.

Plus, this is scary:

"Destiny Rescue however, is a Christian organisation so does promote Christian values but present our faith as a lifestyle of action and compassion rather than just a belief. Yes the children are given opportunity to become Christians but neither the children nor their families are under any compulsion to become Christians."

yeah, about the whole Christian thing--

My group is not having a part in that at all. We are a state university, and we won't be involved in any of that stuff.

Also, keep in mind it's paying for the flight and my credit hours for the university as well.
Hey everyone!

I have been presented with the opportunity to travel to Cambodia to study and work with victims of human trafficking. The trip is worth three credit hours to my Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and it would be an AMAZING opportunity for me to refine my skills in multiculturalism, therapy with trauma victims, and on the issue of human trafficking itself.

I have never been outside of the United States, and I would be so humbled by the opportunity to travel overseas and be able to put my skills to use in such a giving way.

Here is some information about the organization I would be working with:

Obviously, this opportunity comes with a cost. The total estimated cost of the trip is around $4,000. My university is offering a $1,000 scholarship to those who are able to go on the trip, and I plan on saving back some extra money I have from my work-study job. If needed, I will also take out a student loan. Even with all of these resources, the price range is still outside of my comfortable affordability. So I am turning to my family and friends, including my beloved UG friends, to help me out. Any donation would be GREATLY appreciated! Every little bit counts, and it all adds up! It would go toward helping me grow into the wordly, cultured person that I want to be, become an understanding and effective counselor in the future, and helping victims of human trafficking in these areas.

You would have my never-ending gratitude for any contribution you could make.

Here is the website where you can make your contribution:

Thank you for your support,

Dosed. (aka, Kayla)

PS- If you make a donation and do not wish to remain anonymous, please send me either your mailing address or email address in the comment section so that I may send you a personalized thank you.

sociology or psychology?
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Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to wrestling. I've been watching for about a year (thanks to ziggy, he got me into it :p). So I'm gonna try to start posting in here more. Just introducing myself!

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My concern is the ethics of the matter. I think currently, the chemical would wipe out all memories (not just a few selective ones like they do in "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"). For extreme cases where people would literally want to sacrifice all of their good memories just to get rid of the bad ones, should we allow them to do that? Would they even be humans anymore?
Hey Pit,

I watched this short video in my neuroscience class today, and I thought it raised a lot of interesting questions regarding how our memories shape who we are, and what would happen if we could change that. Kind of like...a psychological cosmetic surgery, if you will. "I don't like who I am, and my memories are partly responsible for that, so I'm going to reboot my mind and start over."

If you can't watch the video, basically, a researcher finds a chemical that inhibits long term memories from being retained. It doesn't affect implicit memories, like language or motor functions, but it impacts all of your other memories from experiences and things like that.

Thought it might make for an interesting discussion.

Link to video:
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Did you know neuroscientists have found a way to erase explicit memories in mice? Isn't that freaking cool?
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