Firstly, to avoid any suspicion of me trying to sell this in the wrong forum, please don't ask just in case, not sure if this is the right place for what I'm asking anyway :S

I bought an Epiphone flying V a few years ago ('67 model, 2004 reissue in red) and having not played guitar for quite a while, I am considering selling it. The problem is though that using sites like ebay or gumtree to find some form of valuation is that the prices vary so much, also the fact these guitars haven't actually been sold yet means the asking prices may not be reflected in the actual value of the guitar.

I don't have any pictures of the guitar, it is in virtually perfect condition (No visible scratches or anything of that sort). There's a few new ones online for £350 as well if that's useful?

So all I ask for is an approximate amount I should try and sell this guitar for, thanks very much to anyone who helps

EDIT: Gary, thanks I completely forgot about that!
edit: It does matter because I'm a poor student and if I could only get £50 or so for it I would much rather keep it

Thanks alot guys! I think it's definitely not a 58 reissue because they have the korina bridge whereas mine's a standard floating one.
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Does it squeak? if so its probably just you not releasing all of the buttons at the correct time, or blowing into it with more pressure whilst removing them (open for alto is the c# which is then transposed to E natural i believe)
Roland microcube?
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£109 for ibanez gax (the worst ibanez they do)
£120 for second hand epi flying v
£100 for second hand fender deluxe 85
£40 for boss ds-1
£60 for second hand boss bf-3
£65 for vox v847a
£20 or so on cables, picks ect.

£514 total
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Does it have Laquer finish? if yes it will never technically dry, and over time sinks into the guitar making its finish muck up
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Suppose so, but i was stupid enough to get it all seperately anyway. Point is that theyre not THAT bad guitars, lots of people have to settle for worse
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EDIT: wow thats the exact same setup as my first one lol, exept i had a vox v847a instead of the crybaby
i suppose, but one les paul will sound different to another, so "the best" les paul available today could be a bummer if you get unlucky or dont try it out
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