All epiphones are poly finished, a man from gibson told me so, but nitro makes the body crack after time which the poly wont
the ballad of penis butt
My nickname in real life, so yeah
Yeah i play sax in the school band (we play james bond theme alot lol) and the only people with a problem are chavs, also actaderock i meant that it wasnt the fact that they played in the orchestra which made them nerdy
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well, in my higschool this year we were 7 bands which i think it is a decent number

personally, ive played with 8 different persons

6 bands, 22 people

well, i guess i thought my higsschool had a lack of musicians (and im not counting the 20X4 nerds who play in the orchestra)

orchestra isnt nerdy, its just some stupid teenage thing that stops people playing a classical instrument.

sorry for double post.
My school has a ton of people who are playing in bands, and the school band has about 20 members and a choir
Thanks again, the guitar was made before i joined the band but i changed it quite alot before it was recorded
Thanks, yeah ive found its missing something in there but im not sure what yet lol, most people i know hate the singing with a passion so im happy to see a change lol (ps: im on the guitar )
Song my band recorded a while back, our first one want to hear any feedback you guys have its on my profile not sure which genre it fits in too but oh well
Forgot to plug my guitar in on stage, got really worried and then found out that the lead wasnt in, felt like an idiot
if this was allowed im sure it would already be one of the biggest threads here lol
I would say it would screw everything up, but thats already happened, bfmv anyone?
I play my flying v quite high cause its rlly uncomfortable low, but i have my other (a crappy ibanez gio) over my you know where and its comfy
All i can say is the traditionals weigh a ton and are like hell to play
im a lefty playing righty
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Paranoid Android - Radiohead


rush - yyz
Teenage kicks and smells like teen spirit... always a ton of fun to play eh guys?
Only reason this annoys me is cause of two people, one of thems first guitar £550 gibson sg studio, and someone elses custom epi lp £650, fair enough but in the area i live in thats quite alot, and they boast about how it makes them better than me
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Cemetry Gates by Pantera is a good pinch harmonic workout. It has the squeals in the riff, and the stratospheric harmonics at the end. Have fun.

+1 Good song for them, first one i learnt after learning pinched harmonics
Aeroplane by rhcp has quite a few cool wah riffs, helped me keep my foot in time with my playing
What did the pirate say to his freind when he fell of a cliff?

A robot, train driver or bin man i wasnt too fussed
You could probably get some strings coated in gold and they would eat up your £60 (used to make them cause gold does not rust)
rancid, 3 lead singers, also no one flame me about how bad they are or whatever you do, they still have three singers
In history lesson learning about crime and punishment in middle ages:

Dumbass: What year were ducks invented?
Bought an epiphone 67 reissue a week ago for £120 second hand barely used,i feel as if i robbed the guy that sold it to me
Drag your mum to the shop somehow, and pressure her into buying it, tell her how your guitar is "half the price that it is in any other shop" also im sure people working in the shop will help you, they wanna sell it just as much as you wanna buy it
Was warming up my fingers with a major scale (playing along to guitar pro) and upping the tempo, i was upping it to 170 bpm and i missed out the 0, making it 17 bpm. I thought i would play along with it for a laugh; and i was amazed by how difficult it was to keep in time with, think mastering this will help with rhythm as i get faster?
I love the 1234 exersize, hurts like hell and i can only manage 85 bpm (1/16 notes), but im improving greatly because of it
I find it hard in front of my family and close freinds, played a small venue had about 30 of my besties there made an idiot of myself, few weeks later played to 300 i didn't know and i was fine. so it might just be you cant play to people your close to
1. GBH
2.Dead Kennedy's
3.Rancid in their early days?
Bearded dragons are pretty cool
sorry i have no pics, dont actually own a camera im that primative
Im a lefty playing right handed, playing for almost 2 years and its been fine, i find my fretting is much easier with my better hand, and after a while of practice my picking was up to speed too. my advice is to stay playing right handed, changing means starting all over again
Also i paid £120 for mine with only a few scratches, my freinds say it was a bargain, any idea what the retail price is?