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reagan Smash!!!
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how drunk were you?
Jackson RR5

Gibson SG

Carvin DC 400A
Well if hes not that experienced they will be fine for a while. Once he starts playing a lot and gets better he should change them. Ibanez pickups are pieces of crap, i deal with them almost every day and im going to change them very soon
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NIB black sabbath
sounds good

why am i here?
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nice. Love that red
I like 24 best.

never tried a 27 though, bet it would be nice.
Bark at the moon

The Unforgiven

Voodoo child (live)

Over the Mountain

War pigs (2nd solo from live and loud)
its there to annoy you

how many fingers am i holding up?
pulled the cord outah the amp. I didnt have the proper length and used a practice cord and forgot.
needs a Floyd, better finishes, and EMGs.

All this with a price reduction of some kind.
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Both of those guitars, in terms of quality and sound are garbage compared to any carvin. Period.

I agree. I dont own one but ive played them. There amazing.
A Floyd rose is a floating bridge for guitars (meaning- there's nothing supporting it underneath). They come with these tune locker things that cut off the head stalk from the rest of the guitar. So when you use the bar the guitar doesn't go out of tune like with a traditional tremello bar. The negatives are that its hard to use non-standard tunings on the guitar and if you anchor your wrist too firmly on the bridge, the tone gets sharp.

I learned guitar on a Floyd Rose and its pretty frustrating. I recommend them to players with experience.
Its like $800. I dunno what that is in your crazy brittish money but the schecter hellraisers or blackjacks are pretty nice.

I really like the ZW-- probably cuz im a huge ozzy and BLS fan. But The Ibanez is a much higher quality guitar. Plus the 27 frets are pretty awesome.

Go for the Ibanez man