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I have had excellent experiences with my digitech RP 250. I think its been discontinued though. I assume there is a similar model out now. Well worth the money i spent on it.

(actually i got it for free, but its still amazing.)
Played for 4 years

I play hard rock and jazz

Bridge: crunchy, med-high gain Neck: Warm and full sound


I install them myself.
I'd go with some high output passives. If you need the active sound, you could go for Dimarzio D Activators. They're passives designed to give that heavy metal core type sound. They've got pretty good reviews and you can get them for like $70 US. I haven't personally used them though.
RIP Ronnie.

You are truly a god.

everyone knows hes a fiddle player.
Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani.
Randy Rhodes
Steve Vai
Jimmy Page
Joe Satriani
Eddie Van Halen
Carlos Santana
That is a really sexy guitar man.

that thing is seriously sexy man.
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Look at Ibanez RG series. A lot of people dont like the Edge III trem, I personally don't find it any worse or better than a Floyd.

Schecter might also have some guitars that meet your requirements. Im not too familiar with them so I cant recommend any models.

Invaders? Really?
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not a real fender strat, but close enough

that was weird.

That is the sexiest washburn I have ever seen.
I find tortex to be more comfortable when I play.

I dont really mind jazz IIIs that much though.
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creepy stuff man.

The cops would prolly be the best idea.

also for the record: if TS comes back tomorow and says " lolz i tro11ed yuz!!!" I called it.
April 19 1775- American Rev. starts.
1865- Aberham Lincon's Funeral.
1938- first regular TV broadcasts.
Beautiful color. I'm sure it will serve you well.

Its all right if the bridge pickup is a little higher, I think it's supposed to be. My guitar is like that and sounds fine.
Yea maybe its fake.

Was this really worth a thread?
Ok, so I'm starting a band with some people I go to school with. Me and my bass player are pretty much the "leaders" of the band. My bass player goes to a different school than me, my drummer, and my singer. I've already introduced my drummer and bass player. We've arranged a meeting with everyone twice now, and my singer keeps canceling at the last minute to go see his girl friend. My bass player says that we should give him one more chance. My drummer says kick him out. What would be the best decision?
nice, i love the color combo on the body and pic guard. Maple neck is sexy as well.

Stevie Ray Vaughan 90
David Gilmour 146
Steve Vai 27 HEAL
Santana 38 HURT
IMO Joe Satch and Steve Vai would be an insane duet
they're givin him a prize because he PLANS to bring peace. Great, there would be a lot more Nobel Prizes given out if everyone who had a plan to do something positive for the world got one. My God, why does everyone love this crappy president so much?
thats really nice.

I'll try but probably fail before i'm even out of bed tomorow
i try to get in one time a month but i usually forget.
^^^ omg

chicks = trouble Motley Crue
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Ok so all I understood from that was that there was a bro hangout, with two chicks and a roof and laughter

Was that all that happened or did i miss someting

sounds about right to me
My God thats sexy.

google all the way

looks like almost everyone agrees

i will kill u for that