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Is anyone else reminded of a toilet seat when they look at the cut the made in the V?


anyway theyre crap, my friend has one
I dont really consider that monstrosity to have been designed... Zakk took a coffin, one of the most awkwardly shaped objects because its only use is to hold dead people, and stuck a neck on it.

all i like is the artwork on the case.
what do you call a fat asian?

a chunk
I expected less

whats that smell?
looks awesum.

I love the finish
that looks really nice man, and thats saying something because i hate BCs

... I thought he was immortal

At least thats how I would feel...
ok thanks for all the help guys
thanks everyone, im most likely going with two of the DiMarzios. Thanks again for the help
Quote by Ghold125
What kinds of metal and hard rock do you play? What RG do you have btw, just asking this so I can know some more info.

Its one of the crappy RG4EXFM1's. I play some of everything, mostly older stuff, like metallica, Ozzy, Zeppelin and that kind of stuff. Im using this guitar for metal mostly so it would be better for the pickups to have a heavier sound.

Im looking for new high output passive pickups for my RG. I need something good for metal and hard rock. anyone know of any good ones to get or bad ones not to get?
do it

...you know you want too
nice man

there worth like $200 id they're new
sexy guitar content indeed,
Not worth it man

Ive been playing a guitar with a FR for a couple years. I love the guitar but hate the bridge. Mostly because i cant change the tuning. The only real plus is that you dont need to tune very often.

If you use the bar and play in one tuning most of the time go for it, if not, dont buy it

actually not as bad as i thought
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Tag43 just won, everyone else stop trying.


that was amazing...

hells bells- AC/DC
i said love, but that means i cant trust who i love?


suicide messiah- Black label society
Quote by ZeroGeorge

not a lot of thought went into this,
well. i had fun making it

That was me when the album came out.
Crazy train- ozzy osbourne
black dog- led zeppelin
fade to black- metallica
thunderstruck- ac/dc
I love SG, one of my favorite guitars ever.

I played one from 1975 last week, it was amazing.
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i also walk like a knight in chess
its fun

root beer

death by piano or anvil?
classic metal


The unforgiven Metallica
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no Ozzy's a great singer.

damn right

bleak opeth
master of puppets or bark at the moon

Quite funny