Tyranena Rocky's Revenge is good shit.
That is all.
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dude 1 thing every guy in the universe will tell you is don't crush on someone for years/months and not do anything about it. Go ask her out. If she says no oh well.

Also dudes (especially losers who ask forums for advice) are not aware that the girl is in fact, out of their league. Take a good hard look at yourself. There was this tiny guy who had a major crush on the hottest girl in the school and would buy her things in hope that she would eventually warm up to him but he just ended up being a joke. It was plain to see to anyone else but his boner blocked his senses. Ask friends for opinions if you can trust them but trust me if theres 1 thing u can trust it's trust no one. Thrust her

On the other side of the horny pubescent boy spectrum is the dork who's assured himself no one will ever want to date him cause he's a loser. I was more on this side than the other so I have experience. I was picked on for being chubby but I got in shape in the summer from 8th grade to 9th grade and what do you know I got my first girlfriend out of nowhere. She was pretty hot too I felt like someone was playing a prank on me but we dated for months and it can happen to u too.

Also the stigma of dating someone not in high school yet is pretty ****ing huge dude. If she doesnt gaf (give an f) then cool but 99.9% of teens don't listen to real music anymore and also would not want to date a non high schooler. I would wait. Also she probably already has like 10 boyfriends

Are you 16 or really really good at ****ing with middle schoolers?
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Elaborate troll and a masterful one at that.

Do you really think they have the capacity to do that, though?
So honestly, do you think these two are massive stoners or just really pompous?
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You know what, now that I'm in my 20s...'s actually not that cool.

It's like, if I saw it in a store, I'd buy it.
But obviously I couldn't be bothered to watch this thread every week in hopes of getting it made.
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I remember your avatar being used by somebody else TS...

At one point, there were 3 or 4 individuals using this avatar.
Please be OT
Either I suck at searchbar, or the Pit somehow hasn't had a Pit-Tastic (TM) discussion about this:

Will Smith's Kids, Man

I'd summarize, but words can't do it justice.
Something something something something Drug Thread

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Check my profile, see how many posts I've made how many friends I've got

**** I accidentally logged into Myspace again
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Drug Thread probably broke a bunch of rules and there's probably a million reasons why it should have been closed, honestly.

Tho it sucks cause I was just gonna start using it as I'm starting on drugs as a last resort for relief from mental health issues. Would have been nice to get advice from a community of people I'm somewhat familiar with, but I'm smart enough to wing it I guess.

You started off well, but geeze girl, that is some janky-ass logic in the second paragraph.
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Your MOS seems pretty chill, if I were to judge it from the name. Where's your basic gonna be at?

Fort Jackson, SC
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you make way too many threads/posts like this.

I post thrice a month on average.
Weren't you permanently banned?
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I am shocked this thread was created by you OP.

Also, I noticed that you own an Ibanez ART300. I also have one. What is your opinion on it? I've never played another electric guitar you see so I can't compare it to higher end guitars...

How do you mean?
And sorry. I sold it two years ago to afford rent.
I thought it was pretty good though. These days it would probably be too "crunchy" for me though. Not that I play anymore.
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Or maybe everyone doesn't want to secretly kill themselves like you do.

Simmer down. I legitimately thought/think he was trolling. Like, even if he disagrees with me, he used the delivery he used ironically.
Please don't imply that I'm implying that everybody is suicidal. Of course I don't think that. That would be asinine.
I ship to Basic for the Army on 10 August. MOS is 27D
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no coz im not an emo fgt

Colbert level satire, this.
If there were zero repercussions, nobody else got sad/mad/whatever, would you opt out of life?

Honestly I would.
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edit2: oops, never mind, i thought this was the cringiest users thread

that got locked down so I had to make do.
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Why not? A lot of other people choose to define themselves by their gender. "I'm a man/woman, I can't do that thing that's irrelevant to my gender". Guitargod takes pride in being trans.

Really you're making a mountain out of a molehill. You've called way more attention to this than guitargod ever has, to my knowledge. Seems to me you're in no place to call anyone an "attention *****".

You were good until the last sentence. So close.

Oh and sam, I fixed it for you.
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That's seriously the best you've got?
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get some perspective dude. he is clearly acting as a self appointed advocate for the LGBT cause. much as you seem to be the advocate for the devil in this scenario. he isn't here trying to gain your acceptance individually or here to make you look at his still attached penis.

also sorry if I'm using the wrong pronoun, I don't remember which one guitargod69 likes

I'm not against LGBT right by any means.
But "self-appointed advocate" makes it sound...showy.
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Yeah and it's super dumb.

Then... okay.
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Maybe not making ad hominem personal attacks would help. You can just ignore people's statements on here too. It's an internet forum ya know?

I'm sorry, have you been reading this thread?
That's been the whole point.
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to be fair if you're obsessed enough to modify your own genitals it's probably going to define you

I see that a lot on the internet, but in my real world experience it isn't so. The trans friends I have identify as the gender they "transferred" to. Which I thought was the whole point.
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Dude, you're the one bashing on some trans person for no good reason. Seriously, get over yourself.

This very thread is quite cringey.

I'm bashing the attention whoring. I don't care if you have a dick or vagina or dickgina.
Just don't make it your one definite point.
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You're gonna have to try harder than that, dude...

The average girl in Northern Wisconsin runs a solid 4.5/10 and you know it.
I can attest to that.
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and his fiance real

Based on the cows that live up here, he shouldn't be bragging.
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Just checking. I'll take as a no.

Your banter is cunning, and your wit razor sharp.
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You ever stop and think to yourself, "Am I being an asshole?" I sure hope so.

So gentleman. Very defend. Wow.
Anybody have any leads on a shirt even similar?
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What are you clapping for?
However, you're right, I didn't expound on your ridiculousness.
From what I've seen in other threads, you kind of use it as an argument point, or you act so stereotypically "Princess" that you seem to be parodying the entire subculture.
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it might also be because i'm also mentally ill in a number of ways tho

blame the drugs tho. they made me who i am

Please don't tell me that's the way you're copping out of being called out.
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You're just jealous that none of us have sent you nudes yet.

I'm just amused that you genuinely refer to yuorself as "Trans Princes." It worked though, you got the attention you wanted.

This site is almost a parody of the Internet, I swear.
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Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, Assid

I just expected more self control from a strong, independent feminist.
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Oh maaaan... I got really drunk and kissed a guy. That I work with. Who has a girlfriend. So many layers of bad idea. I feel terrible now.

I always do stupid shit when I'm drunk. It might be time to stop drinking...

I'm so surprised.
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Dane Cook has always been an arsehole and you know it.

You're an arsehole.
What the ****