mp3 is mp3. The difference is either you export direct from reaper, or you export to Wav then convert in another program to mp3 giving you the same file, except it takes longer. It's all 1's and 0's at the end of the day
That's normal when converting to mp3 it'll roll off at around 16/18khz

I render mine to 320kbps/24bit and don't really have any noticeable loss of quality, but that high rolloff isn't a Reaper thing, it's an mp3 thing, but rendering to 320kbps/24bit will help
The most reliable and free way is to use Reaper. I use the 3rd party mp3 plugin with Reaper all the time, it's great. I don't understand why you'd be wary of it? Why use a separate program when Reaper can mix down and export to mp3 perfectly with a ton of bit rate and extra options? It works fantastically
I've noticed that if you adjust the tempo of a song AFTER you've imported a track it gets weird. try setting the tempo to the correct BPM in reaper before you drag the mp3 in (assuming that's how you're doing it)
There is a wealth of knowledge on here and Google about the basics of home recording and how to get started, but you can't just buy all the gear, set up the room and be a successful producer, it takes years of practise, if you're just starting out you're only going to be setting yourself up for disappointment when your $10,000 home studio delivers you shitty results (no offence, this is just the reality EVERYONE's mixes start out terrible when they're learning) and you might get discouraged. It's going to take a lot of time and effort but most of all time, I hate to be negative but these guys you see have spent years to get where they are, it takes more than just replicating their gear to get their results. If I were you i'd focus on the basics, get a solid little home setup, and start recording. Make terrible recordings, keep on doing it, practise as much as you can, learn how to use the gear you buy and build your mixing skills. A good engineer with years of experience will give much better results on a little M-audio and an Amp Sim than a beginner will in a million dollar studio with no mixing experience.
The Crush series is pretty bad Orange really missed the mark, they are NOTHING like their bigger tube brothers. The Orange cab is a winner though but i'd never buy new IMO when you can find mint ones used for half the price. For what you've listed a Jet City JCA100HDM sounds like a good bet. Very versatile and underrated
It's possible to get great tones using free Amp Sims as well as Podfarm, Joey Sturgis records a lot of his guitar tones in Podfarm

Here's a tutorial video I actually just made yesterday on how to get studio quality tones from Amp Sims using TSE Audio, Podfarm and Poulin haha
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The most important thing to always keep in mind: what does it sound like? If it sounds good, why change it? Don't feel like you have to do something just because its conventional.


I've been bedroom producing for years now and I always used to try and use the curves I saw others using in the tutorials, but at the end of the day use those as a guide, but do the final mix with your ears not your eyes. Mixing is an artform which takes years of practise, there's no quick fix template you can apply each time to get perfect results. Play around with VSTs and gear, change settings, learn what they do and what they sound like. Eventually you'll develop "your sound" and learn how to dial in huge mixes
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And when you turn the guitar horizontally to play it, remember that strings that heavy will sag just like bridge cables...

Hey, it COULD happen...

heavier gague = more tension, so not likely haha
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I guess what to gather from this is that really its personal preference; you can use thinner strings with lower tunings and still have success as you can see here, some people are using a .54 on the Drop A# and others a .68

Pretty much. Use what feels right, but make sure to set it up for the proper tension
Quote by VishNuRoXoUt
Man, I use 12-54 for dropped A# with baroness stuff. I've actually gotten my EC-1000 to have decent tension in A# with .11-.49 with a wound third.

I have an MH1000 and EC1000 in Drop A# and with 54's it felt like playing spaghetti to me but I do a lot of bending so I like the extra tension lol
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You can just slap some heavier gauge strings on and go to town
Will have to redo the setup though

I'd recommend 12-56 gauge to play that low

I play in Drop A# and I find 56's too floppy for me and i'm playing on a 25.5 scale LTD. Depends on your preference I guess but I use 68 - 13 baritone D'Addarios
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Hi mate, thanks. I used a mic'd amp for the guitars. I'm not sure which part you mean re room recording? There was a little reverb on the amp settings and a very small amount added during mastering, but not much. The rhythm tracks generally consist of 2 parts, each doubled so 4 guitars total- might explain the reverb effect you are describing?

Yeah it just sounds very "roomy" to my ears, like a live recording, which technically it is, but I feel like there's too much natural reverb going on for my ears? It may just be me though
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Greetings all.

I finally finished this one last night (Australia time...12hrs ago). The remake of my first "epic" written and 1st recorded in 1999. This time it has natural string arrangements and a bit of a slap line around the 3-4 minute mark.


Wow really cool composition, not exactly my style but as a musician I can appreciate what's gone into this.

I love the fact that you have video playthrough of it all, personally my only critique would be I feel the guitars and bass are a little thin to my liking, but that comes down to personal taste.

Good job!
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I've never heard of risecore before, but if that was it, then holy crap. Blistering and tight. Your tone was perfectly harsh and cutting. The drums did come across as being a little artificial in their sound, but that is minor. Good melodics in the solos, however I felt they were being over powered by the backing riff. What axe are you swinging in this piece?

Please check out my new piece.

Hey man, "Risecore" isn't really a genre more a term given for the particular sound of Metalcore bands on the label Rise Records, they tend to have bands that fit this particular style of sound, they tend to all be produced by Joey Sturgis and/or Kris Crummett

Thanks for the kind words, it's all VST tones actually and I used an LTD MH1000-NT with a Duncan JB in the bridge. As for the drums, that's still my weak point at this stage, i'm still messing around with tones and trying to improve them
Hey dude what did you use to record the guitars? There seems to be a reverbey effect going on that makes it sound like a room recording, a good one at that but it's off putting to my ear. I would also give a bit more energy to the bass in the low mids but that's just my personal taste I love a big rumble. The clean part is spot on though

Cool composition
Quote by Richo1985
Nice opening which set the tone nicely for the first riff, which was great. The ruff around 0:24 was also good although some of the rests sounded artificial and edited. I may be doing you a disservice but they ought to be smoothed out. The kick drum throughout is quite clicky and could do with some eq'ing. These are fairly minor issues as overall I think it is a good listen and once these issues are sorted and some vocals added it could sound huge.


Cheers for the feedback man

Yeah the clicky kick drum is a bit of a staple in this genre but now I listen back it could probably be a bit less pronounced. As for the verse riff yeah i've edited for tightness, maybe it is a bit artificial though I will try adding a bit of tail back into the parts to give it a more organic feel
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Is this track accessible in any other way than drop box? Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube...

Sure thing
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I just found this thread (from the bump above) and I think it's a good thread. Is it just guitar tones from recording/mixing, or any tones at all? I think it would be rad if we used it as a "Quick Questions" kind of thing just for "how do I sound better" threads.

Neat. The intro hit me like a rock. Nice guitar tones too. Do you have the strings playing while the drums/bass/guitar are going as well? It might be rad if you added those in there if not. Also, sounds a little tad bit bass heavy, but maybe bump up the levels of everything else? But neat nonetheless c:

Cheers Will, I haven't been on here in ages and didn't realise how long this had been dead for, seems a shame haha. If there is a newer thread I don't know about please point it out

Yeah the strings are going under the chorus but they're very low in the mix, the bass guitar is actually almost no sub bass, but i've used a pod farm patch a mate gave me with some low and upper mids distortion to really give it that grind and energy
Quote by Bostonrocks Cover of Mayday Parade's "When You See My Friends"

SSD4 for drums, PODFARM bass and LePou plugins for guitars.

General thoughts on the mix please!

Really dig this mix overall, I would carve a bit of the low mids out of the bass tone though, it's a bit boomy to me. Personally I feel like the drums need to come up a touch too but great job I swear by LePou plugins

Here's one I wrote this afternoon haha
Something I laid down this afternoon.

Everything is VST based. For guitars I used a TSE X50 into LeCab2 running 2 RedWirez mesa cabs then EQ'd with a Waves API-550B stereo vst

Drums are Superior Drummer 2 with the standard Avatar kit
Hey guys,

Here's my latest remix, Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora

Any comments/feedback appreciated!
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ohh man, it says "not available in your country" ??

Yeah that's YouTube's copyright stuff, even though i've acknowledged 3rd party content. I'll upload it to my fb page tonight and re-post a link
Awesome riffage there man, I really dig the tones! The chorus is very nice, very periphery-esque chords

My one criticism would be in the clean bridge, it seems a bit too far forward in the mix for my tastes, i'd lower the volume just a touch and cut some bass frequencies to make it a bit glassier, apart from that it's a well balanced mix
Here's a little diddy I just finished tonight for my new band. Feedback and critiques most welcome! I think I need to bring the kick down slightly and brighten the guitars just a touch but I cbf mixing down another version atm

Any suggestions let me know. Have at it!
It's a bit thin and tinny for my ears but you nailed the thrash tone, great cover!

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Awesome playing. \m/

You've got some great songs here. I really dig a lot of the riffs and the songs themselves never get boring. They're very cohesive and I like that you try to maintain a sense of melody even during the heaviest sections. I also thought the effects/sounds you added in "New Song" were pretty cool. I feel like these songs would be really fun to play.

The overall production is quite good in my opinion. I like the guitar tones especially. However (and this applies to all of the songs), the cymbals seem overly bright and inconsistent at times. By inconsistent, I mean they sometimes sound as if they get cut off unnaturally when they should be resonating (a good example of this would be at around 3:25 in Stargazers). Though if this is intentional then you may disregard that point. Also, the mix itself sounds a bit thin. Maybe more bass would help it sound more "full"?

Other than those small things, I thought you did a great job. I look forward to hearing more.

Thanks for the feedback! The cymbals is the one thing i've been struggling with actually. I'm using Superior Drummer and i'm having trouble balancing the transients. I think i'm gonna remove all the effects and start over my processing chain is probably over complex.

In terms of the mix being thin the bass is pretty loud but i've eq'd it to blend with and compliment the guitar tone, I just had a breakthrough last night with learning how to sidechain compress my kick and snare (late to the party I know lol) so i've been able to bring the bass guitar up in the mix a lot in "new song" but i'm yet to apply this to the other tracks.
Is it just me or does the panning on this seem to be leaning to the right speaker? I'm listening on headphones atm and it is noticeably louder on the right side, are my headphones stuffed? haha

Apart from that good stuff man, everything sounds pretty well balanced, nice modern sounding mix

Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions on some new tracks i've written for a new band, composition wise, mix wise etc. Always good to get an unbiased 3rd party opinion

All feedback welcome!

Gold (But Not Old) -
Michael F Smith Doesn't Even Lift -
"New song" -
Stargazers -
Did you record each take separately 3 times, or did you record one take and just recorded 3 channels and then pan them? If you only recorded one take then duplicated it 3 times, there's your problem.

I just record 2 tracks one 100% L and one 100% R for rhythm guitars nowadays
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AxSilentxLine, that's epic!

Just curious, but is your Armageddon running into an Orange Closed-Back 4x12 with V30's?

It makes me want to fire up my Vengeance and bring the pain!

Which, btw, I now run a boost (Hardwire CM-2) in front of, and I cannot believe the massive difference it made in terms of response alone. I never understood it when I would see/hear about people boosting a 5150/6505 considering the massive amounts of Gain those amps are capable of, but nothing really matches the response you get when you have an OD on in front of an amp. I'm starting to see why the guys behind the JCM900/Blackstar thought their shenannigans would be a good idea

I mean, they were still wrong, but I can see where it might have started with good intentions

My band should have a finished EP any day now, which I, of course, used my Vengeance on, although this was before I bought the CM-2. I'll post some links once I have them.

Thought i'd drop back in here after a few months haha! Yeah it's going into the Orange 4x12
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Can anyone crit my mix on this? Just seeing what I can do with a bedroom setup.

I dig it man, getting a real "Police" vibe from it, a very vintagey feel

Personally I would try boosting the lows slightly but if you want that vintage feel it works great as it is. Can't really suggest any major improvements, you've nailed it!

If I had to nit pick anything the one thing i'd suggest is trying a slight mid cut on the vocals, but again if you're going for that vintage feel a little mid range honk works

Here's one of mine, i'd appreciate any feedback people have!

In terms of tonal reference I am going for something along the lines of Issues
Is this a cover of a pink song? The melody is very similar to one of her new ones, sounds great though! Solid mix, if I had to critique anything i'd say the overall mix sounds a little bright to my ears, i'd maybe throw a bit more of a high cut eq on the guitars and bring the bass guitar up in the mix a bit. Your drum mix is nice and everything sits in the right place, again might be my preference but i'd roll off some high end snap from the snare drum, I feel like it'd make your mix much rounder and easier on the ears.
Your guitar tone isn't bad for punk but you really need to have the background music louder, there's a few noticeable mistakes but overall good effort keep at it
Hey guys, I don't think i've stopped into UG for nearly 2 years now lol, thought I might dip my toes back in the water
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I recorded this song today: it's a thrash metal song with some generic 'heavy' riffs that I made purely to test a new guitar and bass tone... I put most of my time in the sound of this song rather than the song itself, so I'd like to get some comments on my mix and how I could improve it :-)
Thanks for reading this, leave a comment on any Soundcloud song or this thread and I'll be sure to check some of your stuff out, cheers!

I recorded the bass through an interface and used VST amps for it. The guitar was recorded with a Peavey 6505 112+ combo amp: I plugged the FX send into my interface and used Impulse Responses to simulate a cabinet. The drums are programmed.

Pretty tight tracking man but the overall tone is thin to my ears. I'm not exactly a thrash metal expert but I think your bass tone could use some more lower mids beefiness and a touch of sub bass, it would definitely help beef up your guitar tone overall. How did you mix and master this track? I get the feeling you didn't use much post compression? It's always a great way to liven up your mix and get things sitting nicely but it all comes with practise.

What program did you use for the drum kit? They sound a bit flat I would suggest routing each channel separately to your DAW and doing all your processing in there, some parallel compression and EQ etc. Your snare could definitely be wetter but again maybe you were going for the dry tone haha
Have you tried different outlets? I think you're on the money about the power issue.