Good cover mate, I really enjoyed your vocals on the hard part/chorus!
By the way, which VST's did you use for the drums?
Thank you all for your response!
Jmako and darren.reeder94, totally agree with you! Next time we'll consider lowering the vocals in the mix
Jehuty, yeah it sounds like he's straining his throat, I'll warn him about that, cheers!
Our first cover together, kind of like a test to see how this whole thing turned out.
Let me know if you like it
Hey UG!
Check out my thrash metal band from Grândola, Portugal!
Here's the facebook page link:

And here's some of our songs:

-Burn in Hell (fresh one):

-Dark Bowels of Apocalypse (single from our upcoming album):

-Speech of Rage:

-LETVA (Lethal Emotions the Vulnerable Arise):

-Why does the Innocent Pay:

These songs were all recorded by the vocalist/guitar player when he didn't have any permanent members on the band, so our musical style might evolve, hopefully, from here on out.
Construtive criticism is requested and welcomed!

Man, the guitar parts are awful...the blood effects were cool though.
You have to use the option Export in the File menu in order to convert it to mp3 (for example), then into the Movie Maker for you to edit it...
But isn't the Audicity program a bit weak for recording many layers of instruments, since it's a bit laggy? At least the layers used to stay desynchronized with one another when I used it with my UX2.
yeah, it just got out from a setup, so that option is discarded. Are there any body modification that would help increase the sustain?
My guitar has very few sustain, especially when I'm soloing and doing high note bends, even with lots of distortion.
What should I do to improve its sustain? My guitar is a Jackson dk-2L, its pickups are JB TB-4 in the bridge, and STK-1 in the middle and neck positions.
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I believe this is now rightfully yours.

All hail the mighty axe!
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Why of course!
Write a poem worthy of mighty Odin's eye, and soak thy beard in the blood of a freshly slaughtered child!


All in this great sea we sail
to feast on your food
and sleep with your woman
don't run, we vikings shan't fail
because I will give her my best mood
and you weaklings, be gone to Hel's Den!

How's it? ahahah
Wait, I now shall go violently kill a child and drink the mighty ALE from his decapitated head!
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Score. Well my dad's half Turk half Russian, and ma's Persian...



Can I join your heroic adventure? We will feast our gods with gold and blood from our killing sprees and village plundering! All Hail Odin!
Yep Grawgos, I was astonished by the sound of that randall. Isn't the RT50 a head amp?
I once tried an ENGL Screamer a few months ago, the distortion sounded a bit awkward to me though, pretty mid-ish.
I am looking for a modern high gain combo (for gigs) that costs around 500€, but I'm don't have pretty much knowledge on that area.
I did a little research of my favorite tones (dimebag, all that remains, august burns red, shadows fall, avenged sevenfold, the confession, as I lay dying, ensiferum, slash) and discovered that most of them use Randall's and Peavey's (apart from slash that uses marshall).
So I went today to try a Randall g3 Plus 200W and liked pretty much of its sound. I was a bit distrustful about the incorporated effects though, because I don't know if it affects or not the sound of the amp. The seller of the store told that would sell me the amp for 540€.
Oh, and yesterday I saw a Peavey 6505+ 112 at sale near my town on a selling-buying stuff site for 375€, 9 months old.

What do you think it suites me best?
You could try Electro-Harmonix's Metal Muff. You can get a nice Pantera's tone with it.
My guitar, which is a jackson dinky, have a problem with the action. The strings are too high in the middle and high frets (the action in the first 5 frets is ok).
I use 0.10's on standard tuning, maybe it is because of that?
Anyway, if someone could help a tech noob...
Thanks Ikey!!
I tried to search for it on google but I didn't found nothing...
Thanks again
Well I found this song in a surf DVD called Down the Line and I'd really like to know its name. It's kind of a hard rock, metal-punk crossed genre, fast paced song. It starts around the 42min of the DVD.

Some of the lyrics (sorry, I couldn't understood all of them):
Time takes the will away, not a moment to spare
And the time it takes to inject the pain, (...) it could not repair
Time takes its time

As you take me down,
before my eyes,
and break me down to size. (x2)

Hope somebody knows it...
I was looking for a brass tremolo block for my licensed floyd rose...I didn't find in thomann though.
Do you know any "Stew Mac" type of online store in Europe?
Quote by swordsofplague
The little brother to the ME-70, the ME-50 has suited my needs very well. I play in a metal band and it has definitely delivered the crunch without the digital crapness

Isn't it going to suck out the tone if I plug it in my marshall?
Quote by SLonergan
TC Electronic G-System then.

Or you could tell us your budget?

450€ is my budget. G-system is ~1000€

Quote by Gradyogle
I have a Boss GT-10 that I would trade for anything. Sounds about in your price range.

Yeah but it would be cheaper for me if I bought it new from a nearby shop than making a deal with a person from other country. thanks anyway...
Quote by SLonergan
First reply tried to help you.

And have you tried the RP series? Its not a good idea to dismiss it so quickly. Its one of the best Multi-FX you can get on a budget.

Besides, if you're looking for a cheap multi-fx unit, its all going to sound "weak" as you put it. Its very digital.

Yes, I have tried one of the series and it sounded too digital and the distortions were too weak.
And I'm not looking for a cheap multi-fx unit...
I pass on the digitech multifx. they have pretty weak tone for my taste
I need some help.
I was trying to get some effects units that has presets and doesn't cost more than 450€. I have thought of buying a Line 6 X3 Live or a Boss Me-70.
I'd use it for home playing and mainly band playing, with a great distortion range (with a good metalcore distortion).
I use sometimes a Marshall 6100LM with a ENGL cab and sometimes a Line 6 Spider III combo too.
So which one is more addequate to my case? I'd accept some advices about some other multifx-pedals too...
but the sewing machine oil doesn't take out the rust on the metal parts of the FR doesn't it?
So I better put some Wd-40 on the block too...

EDIT: oh by the way, can I bath the locking clamps and its screws with lubrificant too?
Hi. I'm about to put WD-40 on my black Floyd Rose from my Jackson dinky. The question is, should I put it too on the tremolo block and other non-black parts that are part of the Floyd Rose system (like that thing between the trem plate and the tremolo block)?

EDIT: except on the springs, of course.
I call it BS...
Does the X3 live has an harmonizer?
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-
Alf, Erock503 has 30 clips. Great ones. Hes got a Krankenstein+, Mark IV, Framus Cobra, Herbert, VH4 5150 HT-5 and maybe more that I am forgetting. So there's like 7 or more there. I got Vetta clips. What othere amps should I get clips for? Make me a list and I'll get some.

EDIT: and a splawn nitro

The distortion of the Krankenstein...* british accent* is marvelous!
But really, it is so heavily brutal
Quote by Sale93
The jackson is itself ( w/o amp) over my budget. Ill check what they have in Romania, but ill probably buy the pacifica. For the amp what do you think between vox vt15 peavey vypyr 15 and roland cube 15, laney lv100 and lx65r? Theyre all about the same price here.

I would go for the peavey vypyr.
Quote by Sale93
I'm a lefty
Budget : 500-550 euros
Location : Belgrade, Serbia or Bucharest, Romania for next 2 weeks
New or used : New since there probably arent a lot of used lefties.
Gigging or no: Not yet. Played acoustic for 8 months.
and the Bands that you play : Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Children of bodom, In flames, Slayer, Hammerfall, maybe a bit of Kreator... So Thrash, Heavy and Melodic Death.
For about 400 euros i can buy a vox vt15 and a yamaha pacifica 112 lefty with a case. I know they're good for the price, but are they good for my music. By the way in serbia its probably the same number as in USA just in euros, so yeah, its more expensive. In Romania i can take off tax.Thanks in advanced.

You should buy an Ibanez (not the cheapest lefty ibanez, I have one and it sucks) or a Jackson Dk-2. I have one
Or maybe a Dean but I don't have experience with them.
It could be bad isolation of the electronics cavity of your guitar.
My guitar (Jackson Dk-2) has a similar problem. It does unwanted noises too at higher gains but if I touch the volume pot, they're gone.
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB

thanks mate!
Quote by WTF!!is a TAB
you have a foot controller and more buttons

They got the same stuff? I mean like hardware and software?
Quote by DiSTuRBeD -26-
Line 6 POD 2.0 - 200
Line 6 POD XT - 300
Line 6 POD X3 - 400

Those are the base ones. The Live versions, Floor POD, Pocket POD etc are all based off of those 3.

Those are new prices btw.

What are the differences between the desk and the floor models beside price?

Mesa Boogie Triaxis, Engl's...I guess...I don't have experience with rack units, just from the Internet videos and stuff...