Hey all,

I just purchased an Orange Crush 20W for my dorm room after having it recommended. Upon opening it, I couldn't make any sound with it: the lights all come on, and the built in tuner functions properly and picks up the input from my guitar. However, the actual amp makes no noise and doesn't even buzz or produce feedback. Any help is awesome!
Oh wow, that's an understandable restriction for sure. Well I have a friend who got the Supersonic Combo locally after it was used as a floor model for 900. Just another throw in for it... really love the amp, great to carry around and use in anything from small to midsized venues, and sounds fantastic with a Tele
How strict is that budget? I have a Fender 212 Supersonic that I really like... it has dual clean channels that really give a great blues tone, but also has a burn channel built in with two drive knobs for gain settings... and it can get pretty up there. Throw in great reverb and it's a solid tube amp.

However, new it's a bit above your range... I got mine for about 1.2K. Though Im sure you could find a used one for cheaper
I enjoyed the fact that it was intelligently written without being pretentious...

Good stuff, I enjoyed it man
Outta curiosity, Im trying to download the Praha concert but it doesn't seem to be working. Any idea why?
I could hear it on modern rock radio... I mean it's not really my style but it sounds on level with/better than the bands that get airtime on our local station during the unsigned/new talent hour. I got a little Layne Staley vibe coming from Martyr's Cross during the first verse with the vocals, but that's just me
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I want to study in Spain so badly.

then I won't make it worse on you by telling you even with the schooling, best summer of my entire life....

I did something similar.... but it was over the summer for a few months in Salamanca, Spain. What I learned, just get to know everyone you can. Also, actively seek out somebody like yourself, someone from another country studying abroad (especially if their native English/your native language speaker). Also, make good friends with someone native to go to school/get in with their family. It's so much better when you can go to someone's house and chill like it's almost your home (that's assuming you're not already staying with a family, we had the option of getting a family/staying in a dorm).

Good luck to you man, it's a hell of a time
Those are the same people that given an Obama poll asking whether he is a communist, fascist, or both, would all mark the "both" category...
Mary Had a Little Lamb isn't too bad, and it's so his style it's awesome... plus I mean if you're crowd isn't full of SRV fans they'll get the song
Everybody has katana at this point... you're not cool, you're not pro, you're just an idiot...
Obviously as you said those bands don't have two guitarists, so they use power chords a lot (not saying that's cause and effect, just an observation). Aside from using different variations of the chords as someone stated, one can strum the chord while the other plays a few notes in the chord. Also, if you get more into writing riffs its fun to have a main riff with some chord structure in the background (thinking Pearl Jam on that one).
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What about it? I only used it in my first year of A Level Maths to help expand certain expressions to certain powers, and that was easy stuff.

We did it at the same time as permutations and combinations. The triangle was just a way to visualize, and outside of expanding we used the same concepts for probability. I wasn't too good at it come test time
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Pascal did not intend anyone to really take his wager too seriously. The guy also had a huge impact on the field of probability in Mathematics, and was just trying to apply it tongue in cheek to some even bigger decisions, which is actually rather clever.

Algebra II, that damn triangle. I wasn't a good math student, stressed me out for weeks
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Why are you interested in them?

Perhaps Leibniz.

I like reading them together an viewing their differing philosophies towards the existence of God. I mean, Descartes use of his scientific steps leads him to a proof of God and yet Pascal doesn't see a proof as being rational, while an acceptance without proof is completely legitimate.

Personally, Pascal's use of infinity as an example left me more impressed that proof isn't necessarily needed, but his wager seemed too general to me.

tl;dr, conflicting views and use of mathematical/scientific insights towards the greater power are cool
If your name is James Ramirez, and you're a Private in the US Army, you are expected to do absolutely everything
Sorry to interrupt the interesting debate going on above me, but I was wondering if anyone could suggest any writers/philosophers similar to Blaise Pascal/Rene Descartes that were prominent during the Protestant Reformation.

Their ideas just interested me so if you know of anymore, it'd be great.
I think the most irksome thing is that they cannot come right out and say because of these two students, we will not be having the prom. That and because of the suing they would receive they refuse to just keep the pair out.

Instead, they cower and simply shut down the whole dance, citing vague and unimportant reasons for it. Gotta hate discrimination
yeah I figured as much, thanks for that.

Just goes to show that you never know the basics as well as you think you do.... I'm humbled
I know there's a thread for string changing, but my curiosity was not addressed in it. I was wondering as to why on guitars after slipping the string through the peg one needs to wind the string around the peg for an inch or so. I have locking tuners on my Strat and just out of curiosity changed my strings and cut them without winding them around without a noticeable difference,

Stupid question probably, but I am interested into what difference the winding makes?
I have a Celestion Vintage in my Fender Supersonic Tube amp......

I don't think it's worth putting that type of speaker into a practice amp like the Roland
Well if you like Pearl Jam you can always go back in time a little bit to Temple of the Dog. Mad Season was also a cool little side project with members of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.
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Where is that piece? I saw it TWO FUCKING SECOND AGO!!!

People are still nostalgic about them to the extreme... I made 500 bucks selling 45 pounds of them on Ebay
or you could just get a cool pair of sunglasses... I'm sure they make some that look like regular prescription glasses frames
someone mentioned Zeno's paradox earlier, but there's more to it than the Achilles/turtle race. One of my favorites of his is that before a person can go from point A to point B, he must go half way from point A to point B. Before that he must go one fourth of the way between point A and point B, and so on and so on.

In this numerical sense, one must complete an infinite number of steps to get from point A to point B, which is an impossible task.
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your school seems good if masturbating in class isn't TOO outrageous haha

you can only imagine haha
We had a guy in my school get caught masturbating in class. Not TOO outrageous, but that it was in our Faith in Church class made it absolutely hilarious
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Tap each preamp tube LIGHTLY with a pencil eraser. If it makes a high-pitched squealing kind of noise, than it is microphonic. Check all of the preamp tubes though, it could be any of them.

Cheers indeed to both you and to the previous poster whose name I can't remember. It wasn't microphonic, actually a little trinket that was sitting in the garage near the amp was resonating with the C note . Thanks a lot for the help though, now I know what to do should the problem ever arise again.
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maybe one of the tubes has gone microphonic?

I was wondering about that, but for the length of time I've owned the amp I've never had reason to suspect that problem and therefore have never learned a way to test for it. Any thing I can do to see if that's the proper diagnosis?
I was thinking the same thing about the action and checked it out. But what's odd is that the buzz happens with the C on the same octave. The C on the first fret of the B string makes it buzz, but the C on the 13th fret of the same fret does not.
I was messing around on my Fender Supersonic earlier and noticed a buzzing noise. It only happens when I play a C, however, which makes me think for some reason it must be a resonance frequency or something like that. Not sure what's happening though as the buzz only occurs with a C note.

Any ideas?
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Burgess wrote 21 chapters, but for some reason the American publisher cut the last chapter when it was first printed, which alters how the ending is perceived. Kubrick based the movie on the 20 chapter book, but Burgess intended for it to be 21 chapters.
Is it a used copy?
If you buy a newer copy, there's a forward by Burgess explaining the whole thing. Plus it would have the 21st chapter.

It is a used copy, just got back from Barnes and Noble ten minutes ago with the newer version, and read the forward. Go figure, Americans wanting a darker ending. Plus the symbolism in the 21 chapters is pretty significant, taking that out to make it more "compatible" for one certain audience is odd.

On another note, I also picked up Closing Time (Joseph Heller) We (Yevgeny Zamyatin) and a couple of collections of William Blake poetry
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Check out We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, often considered one of the first true dystopian novels. Also Brave New World reads very much like it was ripped off from We however much Huxley denied it.

Thanks, I've been meaning to check that out for a long time actually, heard it was a good read.

Another question, for anyone whose familiar with Joseph Heller's works. I just finished reading Catch-22, and loved the satirical comedy. Anyone recommend something along similar lines? And I know he wrote a "sequel" that featured Yossarian in it called Closing Time, if any one's read it tell me if it's worth it.

And someone mentioned Clockwork Orange earlier, and I told them I'd read it. But I just found out it has 21 chapters, but mine had 20? Is it a difference in the printing location or what?
did you know that....

women will blink twice as much as men in their lifetime?
I see you're comfortable with your boss pedals there. The Boss Giga Delay DD-20 is great, though you already have the DD-6. I have used the Nova delay however, and it was impressive. I still prefer my boss

EDIT: Didn't see the reverb question. Being the Boss/Fender fan I am, I got one of these FDR-1 Fender deluxe '65 reverb. Suits all my needs and gave me that nice springy tone before I got my Supersonic
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Would you consider the rampant criminality of A Clockwork Orange dystopic? Also Fahrenheit 451 and these others.

Probably shoulda mentioned Clockwork Orange is a favorite of mine, though I never have gotten around to reading Fahrenheit 451 (heard it was good though). Thanks for the listing
The metal is the only thing that is throwing me off. I have a Fender Supersonic tube, great great amp. Has that deep and rich Fender clean tone and dual gain knobs that easily go from an Eric Johnson sustain to that Texas bluesy style of SRV. With the mid set properly and the two gains on high you can even a get a grunge sound out of it. Great amp, well worth the money, though with your interest in metal something else might be for you. With your budget I think Mesa (used) or just the Mesa 5:50 1x12 would work out wonderfully for you
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I'm vaguely interested in it, since Dostoevsky references it so much.

I went to a cheap bookstore myself a couple hours ago. Picked up:

Salinger - Nine Stories
Conrad - Lord Jim
Golding - Lord of the Flies (like new, srsly)

for less than $12. Couldn't find the proper translation of Karamazov though

Nine Stories is excellent, Perfect Day for Bananafish is really an example of Salinger's unique style, great read. Lord of the Flies is great too.

I'm really into the whole distopian idea of books. Anyone know a couple of books that feature a future distopian society (Other than Brave New World and 1984)?
I'd just name him Chuck Norris Surname