Ok finally got around to making a video with my new snare. Probably not doing a thread here since there's so little drum talk but I uploaded one at SSorg. Here's a pic and the vid.

they mistakenly sent out black pedals with white overlays instead of black w/ black overlays to the first several that bought one. I had to mail it back upon it's arrival and now am waiting for the correct one to arrive. I did open the package and play with it through my eleven rack for about 10 minutes though. For the first time in my life, my change in tone sounded just like what I hear on the youtube videos It seemed a bit noisy so I'll have to up the threshold on my noise gate. But it sounded unbelievably incredible and I agree. I don't think I'll ever be able to go use another overdrive after using this one. I really can't wait to try it out through my laney. I'm going to really have to dial back the gain though!
oh my god, that neck is breathtaking. I've mostly subdued my gas for now and I have my heart set on a kiesel vader as my next 7, so Im not too tempted by this. but wow that is gorgeous.

got a blacked out Fortin Grind arriving Monday, and I hope to snag a PRS MK15 before the year's end, but other than that, I prob won't have much more music gear coming my way for a little while.
Shredx holy crap man that new one is sexy and that's a sick collection!! I'm sorry that thing had to suffer in the heat like that! It's absolutely beautiful man, nice purchase!
that's quite a wide range of sound you're describing. do you have any particular artists or albums in mind? and why no actives? The EMG hetfield set is pretty damn killer.
I'd estimate around 16". Already got a full length cat so I figure I'd need a short scale travel size cat to complete the arsenal.
Well ok then! While I ever so patiently wait for my snare, here are the cymbals. 19" AA holy china, 10" evolution splash, and 18" AAX freq crash. Who would have known the cymbal purchase came with a free kitten! I love all of the cymbals. I've owned one other decent china my whole life, the AA fast china, but it cracked and they quit making that model some time ago, so I'm stoked about having this one. I'm think a paragon china would go well on the left side of my kit. My one splash is cracking in the middle and won't last much longer, so I did need another. Love this one, it's got a nice quick attack just like I needed. And the crash isn't super fast but it's deep and pairs well with my aaxplosion crash, which is old and warped and probably doesn't have too much life left in it.

And while I don't have the snare, I know what she looks like. Enjoy this little teaser.

I do have a way of recording live drums and I've got a DSLR camera, so the new snare thread should be rife with pictures; and I was going to do a demo video showcasing the cymbals but since the snare should be on its way to me literally any day now, I decided to wait and knock out two birds with one stone. So stay tuned
You can always email their customer service and they'll be able to tell you. I've gotten great responses from them in the past.

only info I can offer is that the rep told me they didn't really keep track of anything before 2000. I have an old purple horizon I was asking about and they couldn't tell me much. I figured it to be '97 since it looks the most like the one in that years catalogue, which I think I viewed online from their site I think. I can't rememer what year they started making tele bodied guitars but I think it was after 2000 so you should be able to find out more info about yours. Best of luck!
I just bought 3 shiny new cymbals and I have a custom snare arriving within the next few weeks. I could share pics if anyone cares about drum gear here!
 holy crap those are nice!!! love that burl!
awesome, can't hardly go wrong with that brand!
any hints as to what it may be? i love it when people get new ERGs ive heard great things about that line 6 unit, would love to try one!

I had a wg587 that i got back in like '00-'01. The nut cracked in two places so i had to get it replaced but it never felt the same again so i ended up selling it. i see some of those pop up on ebay for cheap but at this point, im afraid if i got one it would need serious fret work and my only option for that would end up costing more than id pay for the guitar! almost a year ago i took my c-1 classic to a place nearby and the guy brought the thing back from the dead. this shop i took it to primarily focuses on acoustic and folk instruments. the guy said he'd pretty much never worked on electrics before but i hadnt played the guitar for almost two years and had zero other options. plays like a dream now

ive still got my eyes on a kiesel vader 7 but ive got some other things i need to buy before i worry about dropping $1700 on a guitar.

havent written much metal lately, or much ERG related stuff actually. but i did buy a 3-mic drum mic system so ive been attempting to record live drums to some of my ideas. in fact, here's something i did not long ago, and i actually used my 7 string on it so its appropriate for this thread
Hey everyone! Hope some 7SL regs are still lurking around and monitoring this thread

Got a new cheapy 7 and a dimarzio imperium bridge pup for use with my band. I had been using my 27" scale Agile but I've wanted to put that one back in G std and now I finally get to again! The cheapy 7 is just until I can afford a Carvin Vader. Had one spec'd out for almost 2 years. Just got a promotio at work so maybe this year will be the year I can order one!

Also put some black winters in one of my six strings and im absolutely in love with them. Strongly considering putting a pair in my 8 string. Im digging the cleans/light OD of the EMG 57/66 set but I'm having feedback issues under high gain even with a hefty noise gate, and the low heavy chugs still arent quite as clear as I want them. Really feeling like black winters are the way to go.

Any new aquisitions? Amp? I want to hear about some gear!
Sooooooo about a month or so ago, I had an accident with an ERG Loaded gear up late at night after a show, drove to a friends house to unload amp and head and had to remove some things from my car which I tend to set on my roof. Driving halfway home from there I got this sick feeling that one of my guitars wasn't in the car with me. Spent some time looking for it that night etc and the next day, put the word out on social media etc. Monday I get a call from the local music store asking to come see them about my guitar. I get there to find it hanging up on the pieces turns out a guy on a motorcycle ran over it and im highly thankful neither he nor his bike were damaged. It was awfully cool of him to bring it by the store in hopes that the owner could get it back.

Sadly it was my Warmoth 7 which was swirl painted by Ben Eller who is a phenominal guitarist and does all of the lead work for Whitechapel. Truly a unique guitar but honestly I'm slightly relieved. The frets were never level and I only found one person in my area who was willing to butcher their tools on the stainless steel, and he got it better but still not great. I never got around to buying middle and neck single coil pickups and I had a cheap bridge pup in it the whole time. I never really felt like I clicked with the guitar.

Good thing I already know what I'm getting to replace it!! I spec'ed out something a while back and after I lost this guitar, I revisited the specs and I was still interested in everything so I know it will be to my liking. Just gotta save up some money which may take a little while (caring for a house sucks). My goal is to get it by the end of the year and to flood this thread with pictures haha.
Feel free to upload pics when you guys get them! You can never post too many photos of guitars

I don't have much experience with a string tuned to G# on a 28" scale but for shorter scales a 74 has been ok. If you like 10-56 w/ a 70 for standard tuning, then maybe a 76 or 78 would do. btw I LOVE tuning to that low G# and G. Those keys sound the "darkest" out of all of them IMO.
^ love your quote! and I STILL can't tune a guitar using that method yep we've kept it going. its not always active as it was but there are always 7 or 8 string NGDs! hum_de_hmm dropped by and said hello a few weeks ago to! Maybe the old folks are coming back! haha
for some reason im just now seeing this! I have the exact guitar in green and i love it! I kept mine tuned to F since I went so long without an 8 string but now that Ive got my 8, when i get around to restringing it, the Agile will be staying in G or Ab standard. I found it to be neck heavy and with the wrong strap, it would dive while using it live, but otherwise it was a pretty manageable guitar. nice score!!
Heck if he says it's never been played then this sounds like a pretty safe purchase. I think you'll love it!
my c-1 classic has been my favorite guitar out of all that I have owned. It needs some fretwork and is unplayable at the moment but before that happened, it was my go-to for everything.

$300 is a great price as these are $900-$1000 brand new and I'd expect them to normally go for $500+ used. If there are pics of the serial #, the first two digits should indicate the year of manufacture. Take note of that and ask the seller about fret wear. Worn out frets can become a pain in the ass and make a guitar not very fun to try and play.

I hope it's in great shape and you are able to snag it! I love mine to death.
nice! I've always loved their tiger eye finishes! any plans for any pickup changes?
Great review and story! Im always happy to see ESP NGDs

I've often wondered if instruments $2K and beyond really would ever be worth it to me. I really do end up only caring about plugged in tone and playability after a short while of owning an instrument. I saw Sanctuary a year and a half ago and talked to one of the guitarists afterwards. He was using just a basic white Schecter Hellraiser and he was making it sound like a million bucks.

My Schecter C-1 Classic is to date the best playing guitar I've ever touched. sadly the frets need some work. I'd almost consider driving/flying to Chicago to visit this Music Gallery place so they can work their magic!
quality wise and soundwise they're definitely very similar. I personally don't much care for hellraiser necks, they're just a little too thick for my preference.

Right now, the H1000 probably won't do anything for you that the two you're already considering will do. Really just sit with both of them, play them a while, and get whichever one feels better to you.
not sure how it compares to the ibby but it's thinner than my other guitars with the esp "thin u" contour. it feels pretty similar to my old washburn wg-587 which was really really thin.
Review/life story first then pics.

I've owned two other 8 strings, an agile intrepid that I bought in 2010 and had for a year and a half and a carvin Dc800

purchased in 2012 that I had for about a year. I wasn't sure if I'd have much use for 8s anymore but I've been playing in a band

for about 2 and a half years now. We've got a few songs written in 8 string tuning territory that I've been doing on a 7 but I

decided to shop around for an 8 for future writing purposes.

Behold, a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid in UV finish! Notable specs:
slimline SLS neck profile w/ satin finish - thinner that I thought it would be which is great! I don't really mind slightly

thicker necks on 6s but 7s & 8s i like it thin. I haven't had a satin neck guitar in a long time and I'm glad this one has it.

Its lovely.
EMG 57/66 set - really digging these. they play nice with my eleven rack as well as my laney ironheart. between these and the

het set in my snakebyte I got last year, my faith in EMGs has been restored.
carbon fiber binding - looks pretty snazzy and im looking forward to seeing how the glow in the dark side dots perform.
Schecter locking tuners - I loved the schecter locking tuners that were on a previously owned blackjack c-7 and these are just as

Hipshot 8 flat mount bridge - I prefer TOMs and i think they make 8 string TOMS now(?) but this bridge is quite comfortable.

The axe is pretty lightweight and there isn't any neck dive! its a very comfortable guitar to play and the finish is beautiful.

Schecter seriously got it right with this one.

The cat approves.

So does the horse.

It was cloudy here but you can still kinda see the color changes.

Love the carbon fiber binding. The clear over the binding is just a little sloppy but I don't notice it while playing.

Loving the headstock and the tuners.

Finally the sun comes out so I can capture the finish.

Gorgeous backside and check out that neck!!

More down neck.


Wow some amazing NGDs in here recently and I love it!! That's crazy to walk into a store and see a Mayones. I'd have likely impulse-bought it too! how are you liking those aftermaths? I love those covers, they go so well with that finish. I had a miracle man with that cover once but after I went to put it in a new guitar, I didn't feel like getting the body routed out for it to fit so I sold it and bought another miracle man with red bobbins.

acoustic mirror what brand is that? I can't read the headstock. Its beautiful and I love the back end! Can't wait to read your review and see more pics.

Time for all of us to go write some badass music!
Got my new 8 in a few days ago. I've gotta wait until it's sunny to post more pics as this finish HAS to be seen in sunlight. It's a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid! Few notable specs are 28" scale, ultra violet finish, regular glossy body and all but lovely satin neck, carbon fiber binding, glow in the dark side dots (my first experience with these), and EMG 56/77 set.

It's rock solid, great resonance and sustain. Loving the pickups so far. sounds killer through my eleven rack as well as my laney ironheart. The neck is wizard thin. I knew this came with the neck profile from their slimline series but I had no idea it was this thin. That plus the satin finish make this play so easily. Honestly my faith in EMGs has been restored. I've been super happy with the het set in my snakebyte I bought last year and these are proving to be equally as amazing. theres no neck dive either! Since I'm waiting on sunlight, it may be Friday before I can get more pics so here's just one to hold y'all over!

^my first seven was a wg-587! I cracked the nut and had it replaced and it never was the same so I ended up getting rid of it! I should have just let it be, the strings still stayed in the slots! and holy hell, an 8 string solar! I totally forgot about Olas sig. Too bad it's black and only 27" otherwise it may have steered me away from the 8 I just purchased with is not black and longer than 27"

and lemurflames holy f*ck that top is beautiful!!! Thanks for finally posting haha. Shes a beaut!!
oh hey I like that tuning, first heavy thing I ever recorded and put up on my profile here used that tuning but a lot lower, into 8 string territory. Actually wrote another song that my band plays now in that tuning but I ended up tuning one of my sevens down to F so I just skip over string #6. I guess depending on the song, its not hard to skip over and ignore that string so you can still play it on a normally tuned guitar.

Mark tremonti has actually used that tuning a few times with Alter Bridge but lately he's been using a 7 string PRS explorer-style axe, I guess mainly for his solo stuff. He was still using his same 6 string sig models when I saw AB a few months ago. It's a fun tuning to very quickly try out lower keys

and merry late Christmas to everyone! I may or may not have an 8 string on the way. Still trying to talk myself out of it. Haven't owned an 8 for 3 years now and Im itching for one!
good lord man, that's beautiful!! Ive been very curious about the 8 string PAFs. haven't heard any bad things about them yet. Is it wired up for splitting or parallel and if so, how well do they split?
Hello and welcome back! the burst on that PRS is gorgeous!, looks damn tasty for an SE model! No experience with the Pod HDs but I for a few months I borrowed a buddy's XT Live (X3 Live?) and it was perfect for playing through headphones.
Quote by Våd Hamster

Yeah, changed to dactivators on my agile (though an 8) as well, not much change except more output and a slightly 'wetter' sound (probably a slight midscoop and treble attenuation) probably due to the ceph and DA being both based on the lundgren m8 which was the only 8 string pickup back when before emg threw their nasty ass bass pickups onto guitars
I think I just really dislike ceramics. Maybe I'll eventually throw in a BKP someday and pray it makes me love 8 strings again
Shiiiet, I remember when qtuners were the hype, what happened?

ah thanks for that info! I don't think I can articulate very well at all what I would want from a pickup to get a custom set but that's still really cool that option is out there and is affordable.

I think what happened with Q tuners is A). they went out of production 3-4(?) years ago with the plan for them to be built in the US instead of in Denmark(?) and they've only recently started producing their new upgraded models, the Q tuner 2.0 they call it. Their first designs got shot down by people who were bummed that they weren't transparent with red coils like the originals. I think now they design them either with their original new design, something like a black cover with a Q on it which I think look nice, or with a design very similar to the original ones

oh yeah and B) Tosin/Misha went on to use other pickups so the cult started buying blackhawks and lace deathbuckers and juggernauts and then whatever the hell they use now
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If anyone cares, here's a comparison of the Pegasus vs stock Ibanez bridge pickup

FIrst one is Pegasus, Ibanez starts at 0:17.

playing is slop slop sry

seriously, you call that sloppy?? Id better not ever show you anything ive recorded of myself nice man! Sorry if you already mentioned but what are you recording with? That's a pretty sick tone. I can't dial in anything close to that. I can definitely hear the difference between the two. Pegasus has less fuzz/pick noise and is clearer on the high end. From what I'd read, I figured that one wasn't ideal for high gain stuff. sounds amazing
Quote by Våd Hamster

oh boy, time for worms! What I've read usually is that as your scale length increases, you gain some upper harmonics and the lower midrange becomes less pronounced. Longer scales are described as 'piano-like' and shorter ones, 'honkier' or 'warmer'.
Might explain why most replacement pickups for 7-8 strings are mid focused- trying to force some midrange back into the sound.
Who knows.

VÅDIT: oh yeah, Jamie from creamery says my pickups should be done today! hopefully they'll be here early next week

that skerv is going to be gorgeous!! I got a nice clear picture in my head from the specs you described. And that's a hell of a price too! Nice steal! ive heard of creamery pickups before, can you tell me a little more about them?

and yeah haha the scale length---tone thing is opening a can of worms. That's a good description, the longer scale being more piano-like. With my first 8 string, I had trouble dialing out a certain obnoxious midrange ( I have no idea what freq) and I couldn't dial in this lower midrange sweet spot either. I still loved the guitar and it sounded pretty damn good aside from that. I would recommend against a 1K volume pot though. That will add a certain amount of high end harshness. I've tried that in two different guitars with the same results. I have found that the tone knob is useful with lower tuned guitars. I roll mine back about halfway and I still have plenty of bite but with quite a bit less pick noise.

As far as pickups, I played on the stock agile cepheus set for a while and then changed them to dimarzio dactivators. I don't feel like I had the guitar long enough and got enough playing time with those to really judge them but from what I remember, they weren't just that huge of a difference over the stock pups. certainly not worse but not really worth the upgrade. I had a DC800 with the active pups (2012 timeframe) and I liked those better than both passive sets in the previous guitar. nowadays, Ive got a 27" scale agile 7 string with a BKP miracle man and a Q tuner from like 4 years ago. Absolutely loving the miracleman. Not too harsh or out of control. sounds nice with the volume rolled back as well. The Q tuner is kind of bassy but that's easily remedied and sounds amazing otherwise.
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As if this is still going

Hey we're doing our best to keep it alive! haha. Good to see you around! Any new acquisitions?

Quote by lemurflames

Fantastic amp, but limited. Was never really really what I wanted.

I guess it's also a convenience thing. The two 5150s are sitting in a corner getting dusty because the modeler just kinda makes more sense where I'm at in life.

Ah I totally understand. I have my Carvin V3 head & 2x12 just sitting against a wall gathering dust. Its plugged in and ready to be played but I just prefer jamming through the 11R nowadays. Luckily my buddy lets me use his 4x12 for practice and live so I never have to move that cabinet!
wow really?? that's crazy. the 5150s get so much love. I personally have had trouble dialing in a good tone with both rectifier impulses and the rec model on the 11R. It ALMOST sounds great but I can't get rid of the horrid fizziness and that kind of makes it useless. I need to learn LOTS more on EQing and I'm sure Id be alright

In sort of 7 string related news, I saw Devin Townsend (and BTBAM) last night. Bought a VIP meet and greet pass and that included a Q&A session with both bands. In case anyone's wondering, Dev says he has two Framus sigs coming out I think in about a year. They're designing an affordable version right now which is why it will take a minute. It seems he's settled in on 6 strings. He used two last night that are absolutely gorgeous. Wouldn't mine owning one. Earlier this year he wrote a symphony and someone else asked about that. Apparently the way he wants to do it will cost roughly a million dollars to produce (not sure if he was joking, sometimes you can't tell with him!) so it's still definitely happening but it may take some time. On the topic of what he wants to do next, he says the DTP had planned on taking a short break from writing and stuff after this tour but ideas are flowing and things are rolling so well that the next music he puts out will likely be another DTP album, ya know as opposed to another Casualites of Cool solo type effort or something.

Sorry, don't know how many Dev fans we have here. I for one am highly inspired by him and the band as a whole. Their drummer is so awesome with fans and is kind of the reason I've rekindled my interest in drums.
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Poor thread. Rocking an HD500X now. Poor 5150 III is going to be so underused. :c

I was looking at these a few years ago but ended up going with the 11R because it's also an interface. I can't ever seem to dial in a high gain tone that doesn't sound fizzy when I record two tracks. I wonder if I really should just spend the extra $$ and get an axe-fx. I have heard great samples from the HD500x though.
nice purchase!! I remember reading about this amp quite some time ago and dreaming of owning one some day but at the time I knew I couldn't come close to affording it
ah ive been curious about the NYXLs. thought someone in here had praised them. I cant remember if ive tried the cobalt slinkies or not. if I did it was a while ago. I haven't bought any in a while but I swear by clear tones. definitely worth the higher price.

looking forward to your NAD thread! it better be something good!