So I was bored, browsing sites like Kickstarter and there's a lot of really cool ideas out there, but it got me thinking. What's to stop someone from reaching their campaign goal, withdrawing the money, and then disappearing to a nice villa in Cancun? I tried to google legal ramifications, but I can't really find anything as far as examples of that happening, or what actions backers can take should that be the case since sites like Kickstarter explicitly state they don't have any say where the money goes at all.

So anybody have any experience with this?
I'm a 21 year old dude. But my left pec is bigger than my right. It's been so for a couple years now, figured it's just because I use my left arm less. But the past week or so, it's been really tender. My girlfriend says it's gotten bigger, but honestly I think that's just because I've gotten fatter in general. So guys...

Do I have tit cancer?
So this thread has been great for me so far. I've never before really thought about exercising before just because I never had to. I'd eat whatever I wanted because my job had me pretty active. Then I got a new job that basically had me sitting for 8 hours a day. Now, I've got this awkward belly and developing man boobs. Planning on using the resources here to whip myself back into shape. It's not a good sign when you're girlfriend wants to get frisky and you have to take a break because suddenly you're getting winded in the middle of it

Is there anything in particular I should focus on to reduce the fat in my stomach and pecs? I'm not looking to get ripped, I just want to be in shape and look relatively nice.
I fight to tear off the robes that clothed me in the old ways,
But I fear it will leave me naked and cold

She said, "I'd never lie to you again",
With fingers crossed,
Eyes wide open

I said, "I'll never question you again",
With arms open,
Heart on the floor

I knew all the secrets you hide,
And I always will,
You know I know,
But you'd never come clean

We were raised on different planes,
Damned to look in different ways,
I fought to tear off the robes that clothed me in the old ways,
But it left me naked and cold

She said she'd never lie,
I said I'd never question
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i plan to go to medical school once I get my bachelors in biology. Obamacare will probably negatively affect doctors both in practice and in pay.

Negatively affect doctors in that they won't be as rich as they normally are (but still very well to do), or negatively affect in that it will be harder to obtain a career in the field you want, leaving you bottom rung of the ladder for the rest of your life and barely scraping by?
What the hell does "Movember" mean?
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Lot of seasonal jobs are slowing down this time of year as financial year end is coming up for a lot companies and people don't want a ton of inventory at the end of year because of taxes. Once January comes a lot of companies ramp up production.

So people getting laid off has a lot more to do with other things than obamacare. Heck I only gave on reason there are a ton of other reasons.

That's something I honestly haven't considered. It's around that time of year where a lot of winter seasonal jobs have already hired all the help they need and will start routinely weeding out the majority of the workers they don't want to keep.
So my parents had some (I believe) Rush Limbaugh on today and he was going on and on about businesses laying people off in droves because of the evil that is Obamacare. And it kinda got me wondering, have any of you guys noticed hours cut/jobs lost purely because of Obamacare? Because I can tell you my job and hours are pretty secure. Hell, we're on a non-stop hiring spree lately. And my girlfriend's job is giving out plenty of overtime about you guys? Have you or anyone you know fallen victim to this dastardly system?
Honestly, it's times like this I'm thankful for the internet. Rather than having to sift through whatever "studies" and stories American media try to put out, I can simply get the facts straight from the source. It's really cool to be able to get a perspective on the world that isn't just "America is the greatest thing since sliced bread and the whole wide world looks up to us." Really makes me wish other people were more focused on gaining a broader understanding of the world around them, rather than just eat up whatever the talking heads at news stations and radio shows feed them.

I feel like Obama is the just the medicine that America doesn't want to swallow. It's good for you, and your mom tells you that taking it will make you all better. But it tastes like shit going down, and you'd rather throw a tantrum and refuse, than buck up and get it over with so it can get to work and do its job.
So what about all the abhorrent taxes everyone fears? Not being able to move up in life because all our taxes are going to skyrocket to cover the cost of "free" healthcare and education? Do you guys just make better minimum wage jobs, or is there a sense of "I'm going to be stuck lower middle class forever because taxes prevent my awesome small business from growing"?

And to whoever said my mom needs to stop watching Fox news, pretty much hit the nail on the head. The same night she brought up Euromigration for healthcare, she told me Obama had openly admitted to being a Muslim. Something which, after a good hour of solid researching, I could not find anywhere
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your mom definitely was thinking about Canada and not europe, unless shes just an idiot (which even if she did mean Canada, she is still an idiot)

because as a Canadian the experience I have had with our healthcare has been great. Americans seem to think that we have 12 hour emergency room waiting lines and people are just dropping like flies because they can never see a doctor, well thats just not true. now you do wait longer if your condition is not serious (i.e. life threatening, extreme pain) and that wait will probably be a few hours, but the couple "serious" injuries (broken bones) that I had, were all treated quite quickly and with great care

This is actually one of the biggest points I hear people talk about fearing. "I don't want to have to wait six months to see a doctor because now everyone's going to be in line!" Interesting to hear it's not as bad as it sounds like it could be.
So I was talking to my mom about healthcare and such, and I mentioned how oftentimes it feels like the rest of the Western world looks at us Americans as backwards or behind. And she goes "well, if their healthcare system is so great, why do so many Europeans come to America for better healthcare?"

Now, I was pretty damn sure there wasn't an influx of UK/Irish/Nordic immigrants lately, at least not for the reasons of seeking a better healthcare system. But I figured I'd get opinions straight from you folks since there seems to be a fairly healthy Europresence on UG here.

So, what say you? If your country has a socialized form of healthcare/education, is it the evil freedom oppressing menace Rush Limbaugh would have us believe it is, or is it the way of the future, man?
Ah, that bites. I mean, I can get the mkv files to play on the xbox. Just not the way I want D=
Wasn't sure if this needed it's own thread or not, but it involves anime, so I figured you guys would be the ones to go to

Anyway, I torrented a couple anime films (matroska files or whatever), and I know how to set it to japanese voices, english subs on windows media player. However, is there a way to make it play like that when I'm streaming the movie on my Xbox 360 instead of the default dubs playing?
haha Yeah, height maybe not. But like I said, she's also considerably wider than me. Not like, grossly obese or anything. But she's definitely got some meat on her bones XP
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5'5 is pretty short for a guy... sounds like she's just normal. Sex won't be different.

haha Well, I was more just asking about if it would make certain things a little more awkward sexually, or maybe make certain things easier. I've just heard stories about people not being able to really do certain positions because of a differences of body build.

And yeah, I'm pretty short =/
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How tall are you? How much do you weigh? and whos older?

I'm about 5'5 and maybe 130. I'm older. I'm 18, she's 17. She's maybe about an half inch/ one inch taller.
So my previous relationship, unfortunately, ended a little while ago.

Anyway, time's passed, I'm moving on and all that. As things are turning out, I might have a shot at a new relationship with another girl. The only thing is, she's bigger than me. I mean, maybe only half an inch taller, but she's definitely wider. Now, I'm not pointing this out as a bad thing. I really dig her, and to be honest, I think she's a good looking girl. But it kinda made me curious about what kinda situations this might create sexually. Not that sex is all I'm looking for, but it was just a thought. Does the pit have any experience with the gal being the bigger one in the realtionship? Good or bad? haha
Ah, this is good to know. I guess that means I can focus my money towards pedals instead of a new amp then. My spider 3 was the coolest thing back when I first started playing guitar haha Now it's just annoying D=
So, I recently came into possession of an old combo Peavey 130 watt bass amp. I've played my guitar through it before and it sounds really nice, but without pedals or anything, all I can do is clean. Now then, my question would be, is this size amp good enough to play guitar with a full band in a gig (as in, it'd be audible over all the other noise) and would it respond well to distortion pedals and all that? Sorry this is probably a really dumbass question, but...I'm just a dumbass nn;; And I'd really like to be able to play my guitar through something other than my 30 watt Spider 3
So Pit, moar contraceptive issues. Apperantly my girlfriend's new set of pills are starting to act up on her just like her old ones. So she's been looking at some nonhormonal things. She said she wanted to get fitted for a diaphragm and I looked it up and was kinda like "wtf". It's less effective than most other methods, and it has to be taken out and put back in very regularly concerning intercourse. Sounds like a lot of trouble to me. I was thinking about suggesting an IUD to her. I know she already knows about it, which made me wonder why she would choose a diaphragm over that. Ladies of the pit have any idea? I havn't had a chance to ask her yet, but I still wanted to know what you gals would consider, IUD or diaphragm?
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If she puked wait a while before doin unprotected sex again incase the pill got disturbed during the in all pull out your condoms=d.

As for whether she's prego or not...most likely not. I'm pretty sure morning sickness doesn't happen the morning after sex or even until maybe a week after. Probly just everything both your girl and her mom have been telling you so just chill and help her feel better lol

We havn't had sex at all since that day. Stress and vomitting is kind of a mood killer But I appreciate the input.
So my girlfriend's been on the pill for a long time now, and she's always taken it incredibly consistently. The other night, we had sex, and had more sex the next morning (no condom because, well, she was on the pill). A little after our morning session, she tried eating some food and she had to run to the bathroom and started gagging pretty bad. She said she felt really awful. I was really worried it might be morning sickness or whatever but her mom, who's a nurse, said that

1. She hadn't eaten anything for dinner the night before

2. She waited too late to eat breakfast

3. Was stressed because of some things and was prone to panic attacks anyway.

So, I was a little relieved to hear that sort of explanation. But still, I can't help but be worried. My gf swears up and down she's not pregnant, and all the factors kinda make sense, as far as stress and lots of physical sexual exertion on an empty stomach, and she has been as consistent as humanly possible with her pills, which when taken properly are just as effective as condoms. What does the pit think though? Would you guys make her get a pregnancy test or just trust the nursemom?
What's the pit's opinion on sex while partially clothed, or even "costumes"? I personally think it can be really, really sexy haha Recently, I was at my girlfriend's house and she went to take a shower. When she came back, she had dressed herself in nothing but a bra and a skirt that was a couple inches above knee-length (no panties). It was probably the sexiest sex we've ever had. She also recently got a job at a resturaunt that has these really cute outfits (nothing slutty) and I was talking about how sexy she looked in it and she said maybe it could be used in our next session for a little fun.

We've never really done roleplaying or anything like that, but in my opinion sex while partially clothed is pretty fun haha

EDIT: Oh, my girlfriend was wondering if there were any positions where she could actually see a little more easily me penetrating her. We figured maybe if she was sitting on the bathroom counter, leaning back a little? Dunno. Seemed kinda odd to me, but if she wants to have a better view, who am I to deny it?
So prom night was bomb. A bit of nice dancing and socializing (and my GOD did my lady look sexy in her dress =]

Then a very nice ending to the night. A sweet romantic session, followed by a little playful lovey dovey, followed by one of the craziest sweatiest sessions we've ever had XD
Taking my lady to prom tonight. Nice dinner, fun and dancing, then back to her place for the night.

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Mine are there but tight. Not loose or saggy. Also not nasty looking like porn stars. I never understood why porn stars vaginas were so ugly.

Probably because they're used up?

But my girlfriend's vagina looks fine to me. I've never really had any reservations about it. Even when eating her out the first time it didn't really gross me out. I might be kinda weird for this, but I actually kinda think her vagina's kinda cute XP
haha No problem. I hope your period gets better. I can't say I know how it feels, but I've spent alot of time with my lady curled up in a ball unable to function from the cramps. So I know it's not fun =/
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Ok, finally got that OBGYN visit. Just got back from it actually. Left slightly disappointed but satisfied.

I originally wanted the shot. I remember one of our females in here recommended it to me. Just stick me, and forget it for 3 months. My kinda birth control. Unfortunately, I was denied and rejected again under the circumstances that I was "too skinny, I could break you in two" as she so eloquently put it. It deeply compromises your bone density in a negative way, so I guess I can understand. If I recall though, the female user (her name escapes me) was also quite a skinny gal. Oh well..

I also remember a couple fellows and one lady in here mention a pill that purposely takes away your period. No periods for the whole year, basically. I inquired about this and the woman told me basically exactly what I told that fellow. You need at least 4 periods a year; such a pill does not exist and a doctor would not prescribe such a thing. Shame. I wanted no periods. She put me on Loestrin for 3 months and said after those 3 months she could switch me to Seasonique which allows me 4 periods a year. I can deal with that. Im quite curious now then what it was these people were being prescribed. All I can think of is perhaps it was infact a misunderstanding on their end.

Sorry long. Just rambling about my visit. Sharing info!

One of those fellows was probably me. The pill my girlfriend got put on was Loestrin...24? Something like that. And now, she's been put on Yaz. She told me she's taking it full, no breaks. Maybe she has a shitty gyno?

edit: After reading what Colohue said, maybe you just have a shitty gyno XP If all these girls can go that long without a period, I guess it's okay. Maybe your doctor's information is outdated? New things are always being discovered and not everybody jumps on board immediately (or at all).
I think I've finally gotten mine to orgasm. It took awhile and was one of our "multi session" sessions XP After a helluva alot of foreplay, then doing it in missionary for awhile, we did that one position...dunno what it's called but we're both sitting up, bassically hugging eachother really close. She seemed to get alot of pleasure out of that, plus I was using my mouth to stimulate her breasts. After awhile she screamed and practically doubled over. I asked if I'd hurt her and she more or less described what you guys have said about what women do when they orgasm. So I'm happy.
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It's the exact same with us. She's been my first everything and I'm hers. We've had a lot of fun and awkwardness discovering all these things with each other, we're open with each other... I mean, today we had a huge talk about some personal issues, she started crying, I almost did (lol) and we solved it through communication and now we feel even closer. All this stuff and all the 'first times' with her have made this all extremely special, and, assuming things keep going this well, I have no doubts we'll be together for life. I've had other girlfriends before... but no one has just been so perfect and suited to the person that 'I' am. We just 'click', and it's amazing.

EDIT: Also, she loves giving head and has a huge sex drive, so I could never complain there.

Mine's kinda the same haha When we're around people she's very modest and reserved about it, but when we're alone she's completely comfortable and open, and, quite frankly a complete beast
^^ Been a year together and no scare yet. Maybe we're due
Loving girlfriends and communicating ftw

Anyway, mine doesn't really deep throat. But considering she's my first in everything as far as I'm concerned she does pretty damn well anyway haha And I'm her first in everything so I don't really expect her to be an expert in everything.

What're ya'll opinions about those sorts of relationships? Perfectly content with what you've got, not knowing if there's something better, or would you rather fish around looking for best in bed and all that? Honestly, me and my girlfriend are completely happy together. It's been an awkward and fun journey discovering all these things with eachother, and it just makes everything kinda more special, at least so we feel. We've discovered what the other likes, and we've become open about our desires and what drives us crazy. I'd hate to have to start over with that everytime. But I'd like to hear other's opinions and why.
I'll ask her to keep one of her legs on the ground for a little support at first then. Gracias.
Any ideas on how it might be made easier?
So the lady suggested that in our next session, I try pinning her up against the wall. You know, her legs wrapped around me and I'm using the wall to hold her up? I was just curious if it's as easy as they make it look, or if this is gonna be too much work XP She's really not heavy at all, but...I'm really not that strong XP
I've fingered her during her period numerous times. The first couple times I was kinda like "this is kinda weird", but it's really not that bad. It doesn't feel any different, you just gotta be careful not to get mess anywhere. Quite frankly, if the lady's in need of a little loving, I'll gladly give, especially if it keeps her out of her pms demon mood
Me and my girlfriend bite/scratch all the time. When I'm on top, she scratches my back, and when she's on top, she scratches my chest. And she loves it when I bite her. I usually just bite her shoulder because I don't want to leave huge hickeys where people can see them haha When I'm giving her oral, instead of going straight for it, I'll do a lot of teasing, and she loves it when I bite the inside of her thighs. It's pretty fun, she's got amazing legs XP
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xylophone, why not ask her to go on the pill? Or the implant, even better. Taking the morning after pill serisouly screws with her menstrual cycle, as the others have said.

Oh, trust me, that's not something I was seriously considering. It was just a thought. Didn't know much about it, so I figured I'd ask. She had been on the pill for a few months, but it made her seriously depressed, so we're going to look into maybe a different type of pill, or even an IUD.

And both me and my girlfriend actually really get off on getting eachother all worked up and sweaty XP
So how effective is the plan b pill exactly if you've completely unloaded in her? It hasn't happened haha But I was just thinking, what if someone were to have sex like, once a day without any sort of protection, and then just pop the pill after each time? Would she still be completely safe from getting pregnant?