Some real good work there .
Sharp tools to ya.........keep up the excellent work.
Can be difficult remove. The studs are pressed into the body by a machine. Put some old machine screws in the studs.. screw them in as far as they will go. Place a piece of plywood on the guitar body and use a crowbar to remove.
Good job so far........

Why only one pickup?

Just asking.
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Sorry ain't been on in a while, Busy Busy I'm afraid.
But I thought I should warn you that I am starting a couple of new builds.
The reason I have posted on the tail of this thread is because the proposed pictures of the builds are in this thread.
Two Brian Jones Teardrops, one solid and one hollow, both 6 string.
Starting them next Sunday.
Will start a build thread for them.
Wish me sharp tools.
This is shaping up to be a nice build. keep the pics coming.

Sharp tools to ya.

as an's my first tele build.
Sometimes things don't go to plan.
Sometimes we have to adapt the plan.
Sometimes there is no plan.
But it's all part of the big plan.

Sharp tools to ya.
As usual quality work........and as usual ......I like.

sharp tools to ya
As usual a quality build from a quality builder.

Me, I like it.

Glad you're back on it.

Sharp tools to Ya!!
I agree LeviMan........makes no difference.......Preperation and dust free is the key.

Read one of the many finishing threads......they are good and will guide you on your quest for a great finish.
Looking good so far.

Less background more guitar....haha

Sharp tools to ya!
All impressive stuff.
Can't wait to see the finished products.

Sharp tools to ya!
looking good so far.........i've never made a bass guitar.....i really should one day.

Looking forward to seeing the paint job.

sharp tools to ya
stop the buzz get it soldered on. you can do know you want too.
lots of good info on this thread.........stuff that i didn't know , but do now.
Many thanks to the excellent UG knowledgeable people above.
Why do we feed trolls??????
It only gets us frustrated and the troll laughing.

Don't feed trolls.
Following with interest. Quality workmanship so far. I'm impressed.

Sharp tools to Ya!
Looking good. think i've seen this type of shape before.......

Oh yea one of mine my second build . Even got the same tuners.

Sharp tools to ya.
Lovely job on the neck, be proud.

Sharp tools to ya.

My Tele build
Lovely timber. Wish you could get stuff like that im Scotland.

Sharp tools to ya.

My tele build
Looking real nice so far. Have a go at the fret work as others have said its not that difficult. All you need a a true straight edge. Dont go mad though and spend a fortune on one from S Mac's. Just buy a steell rule from your local hardware store. The files on the other hand are a good investment.
Sharp tools to ya.

My Tele build
Good luck with your build. I've just finished mine and it was well worth the effort.
If you need any advice......just ask, the guys on here know their stuff and are not shy at expressing their opinions and offering tips.

Mind and post a build thread so we can all see what you create.
There is only one question in my head..............WHY?
Down to your own taste. Personally i prefer white pearloid like i used on my thinline build.
Good luck with your build, you should have a go at making your own body and neck. Lots of satisfaction to be had.
You want a tip.......................PLANNING is everything...........but enjoy the process.

Sharp tools to ya.
I used Stevie Via designed pick ups in mine, well the white one. The Evolution an the bridge and the Breed in the neck. They sound real good.
Have attached the thread link of builds.
OMG...........look like you have decided what to add to my build list........yum yum me like thanks divinorum69.
The people on this site are the best..........cheers
Hey Man, sorry to hear your retiring. Your explorers are awesome and your help valuable. The way I keep it fresh is to build different guitars, open a book and say that one next! Then there is the added incentive of tackling something new each time.
Respect your decision and understand your reasoning.
As Always..........

Sharp Tools To Ya..............Dessi
Quote by Wisthekiller
The only bad thing about this build is that the finished pics aren't of good camera quality.

As stated the pics were taken with my phone so quality is not too good. I will take some better ones when the weather dries up a bit and re post.
Many thanks for the kind comments.

I am planning a small rebuild on one of my previous builds. Details to follow.......then its on to the Brian Jones Teardrop guitars............yip 2 guitars. One solid and one hollow build.
Pics are on the thread, page 2 me thinks. But keep the comments coming, we all like to know what you guys think of our efforts.

More candy.................

Inlaid in the headstock are Four silver engraved letters D S S S.
Just incase you can't make it out. All pictures by telephone.
well Ladies and Gentlemen..........the 1969 Thinline is complete......well all except the buffing and polishing........which will be done in 6 weeks.

Pictures.....................well if you insist......

The front.............

Right Gandalf i'm comming to your house. I mean you keep finding quality timber under there...for free.....haha!

Looking like a quality build though...........can't wait to see the designer "F" hole you have in mind.......

Sorry....maybe i need new glasses but I cannot see the words "Vintage....or......... edges up on three sides"
Must phone specsavers.......provided of course i can interperate the underlying meanings of subliminal text and work out the real phone number........
Hi Guys,
Planning my next builds and need an answer or two.
This is the planned build.........

I would like to fit two different matched sets of P90s as roughly colour coded.

White set....Gibson P90 6.4 neck and 7.0 in bridge positions
Black set .....Wilikinson P90 8.5 neck and 9.2 in bridge positions.

I would also like to fit two simple on/off slider switches for each pickup circut and retain the pickup 3way selector.

Can this be done.......well i suppose anything is possible. What i should ask is......

Do you see any problems with doing this?
Could all the pickups work at the same time via the 3way selector switch?
Ie. both neck
Both bridge

My aim is to have a guitar with differing voices through differing combinations of switching.

Ok, now its your turn, Opinions, options, pro, neg, examples, diagrams.

And Thanks
Quote by GABarrie
that's a modern style tele bridge, he's after a vintage style one, with the edges up on 3 sides

Where does it say that?
Why dont you just fit a single hunbucker like this one......?

The only thing you have to do is swap and solder in........easy.
if you hit them with a hammer you will damage them. Drop in a little super glue and clamp till set. Do this only if you cannot afford a professional to sort it for you. Remember...a little super glue.