alright so im in need of some advice and i do not know who else to turn to.

so my problem is the apparent connection with a recovering bulemic giving a blow job.

the bulemia, lasting for about a year and a half, was so severe that it ended up really ****ing up my health in all sorts of ways.

but i did not see this coming.
you see, giving head was no problem for me before this happened.
but when im sucking on my boyfriends dick and it gets really deep in my mouth, he pushes my head down farther so i can suck harder and it gets all down my throat and whatnot.

i guarentee ill get mocked for this, but because of the bulemia my gag reflex is very sensitive and it grew used to vomiting quickly with a small everytime im giving him a blowjob and he tries to get his penis inside my throat i feel like its going to make me puke and ive even had to swallow my throwup a couple times cause i actually did a little bit. so im forced to give him a shitty blowjob sucking only near the tip so i dont throw up.

i really want to pleasure him better but this is becoming a real problem and i dont want to tell him because its pretty humiliating.

i know this is something thats really easy to comment back sarcastically and i know ill be made fun of alot for this but id really appreciate some good advice here cause i dont know wat to do. please help.
ahhhh nirvana

and yes, panic at the disco
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I'm definitely going to say not Pink Floyd, contrary to those who said so. I went to bed while listening to some Pink Floyd, and about 20 minutes in, my unconscious notices a slightly increasing volume with the repetition of "Is there anybody out there?" Of course, I didn't notice it enough to realize what was coming next. I nearly woke up yelling just as I heard "Is there anybody... OUT THERE?

I was very startled.

HOLY CRAP ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was getting paid $10 an hour for watching these two kids. and most of the time the mother was right upstairs sleeping!
so when they had to start cutting back on expenses, i was one of them.
i explained that they were charging too much anyways and that $5 would be just fine..but they insisted. former rich folk going down in the recession..a pride thing that has now left me with an empty wallet and a reason to stay at the dreaded market basket. ugh.
the kids were angels too! : (
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Come on guys! surprised no one has mentioned this one...Its kind of like an A chord, but with more character


wow! never discovered that one before. its incredible! so soothing
id really love to learn something fingerpicked, but nothing is really coming to mind. something along the lines of blackbird (paul mccartney) or dont think twice its all right (bob dylan), those are some of my favorite songs to play.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciateed
You know you wanna.

thats so much fun to do
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Show me where I said I dislike yoga or expressed that it's fruity. I never said it had no benefits, that would be stupid. You're clearly retarded if you think you know me based off two forum posts on the internet. Thanks for sharing your ignorance though.

Your ignorance is staggering.

Nice stereotyping though. I wasn't aware you knew me personally or how my relationships are with others.
Not everyone who tries and loves yoga makes said commitment. You're full of crap.

okay, you should really just stop it at this point.

no ones buying it, sorry.

because its now that your just searching for little quirks and wording into what im saying to twist it around to try to make me sound stupid and to boost your ego.

everyone knows thats every person who will "ry and love yoga"wont
commit, okay? your pointing out the obvious and its quite pathetic that you still try to prove a point that you have zero knowledge of. did u not catch when i said, "possibility"?

in my first post all i was trying to do was educate people on how wonderful in MY opinon yoga is. i didnt ask for a unnecarsary and childish argument.
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Someone's awful haughty.

I don't need to practice yoga to call you out on a BS claim.

Not everyone who practices yoga undergoes a complete lifestyle change. Open mindedness has nothing to do with it you arrogant prick.

and its the mindless, shallow people like you who could actually benefit from yoga.
maybe youd overcome your insecurity, find peace withith yourself, and start treating people better.

& your right, it isnt possible that everyones undergoes a lifestyle change. but if you try it and love it, then you make a commitment to understand all its aspects, there is a possibility, but, again, this is something youd know nothing about.
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Yeah I started when I realized I was stressed out all the time about stupid things and after a little while I was really relaxed all of the time. It made me a better runner too.

yess same here!!
just a few sun salutations (a series of poses that flow toegether) and i can run wayy farther..and i feel so much more in tune with nature.
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What a crock of shit

Yoga alone will not make you open minded, drive you to eat better, make you compassionate or empathetic, or change your worldly view, etc.

I don't practice yoga, I stretch fairly frequently and I've always been very flexible.

hmm. ignorance. youve never practiced yoga, so you cant say that.

& it will not make you do those things, but it can inspire you. its a lifestyle change, and if you were open minded enough to attempt it youd understand.
yoga is my passion, and has dramatically improved my life. (note the username)

that video is a mockery and puts a shame to yogas ancient origins.
that isnt what it is like in the least!!

i highly recommend you give it a chance. youll feel cleansed, honestly.

its many benefits include: paying more attention to your breathing which is vital to overall health, keep yourself more calm and toegether during stressfull situations, having an open mind and an open heart, feeling lighter and freer, have better posture which improves your core and makes you taller, becoming more flexible and balanced, being more compassionate and empathetic, making better eating choices, being more in tune with your body and appreciating the fact that you are alive, becoming fitter and toned, and just feeling overall enlightened. all this plus its great exercise.

this is the truth, not shallow ignorance which is what you encoutered.

**ALSO, doing it with your girlfriend will most definetley imrpove your sex life. watching eachother beautifully move into the poses will definetley turn you on, some are very sexual. and being more flexible helps in the bedroom as well!

yoga is universal, for everyone. try it and i know youll love it. practice regualarly and youll reap its lifelong benefits.
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I'm a BIG fan of Cadd9, gorgeous

theres such something so sad and beautiful about it.

its a movable barre chord that sounds gorgeous on any fret. completley just mellows you out.

& if you know travis fingerpicking that sounds cool while moving it a few whole steps.
the most romantic thing you could do, coming from a girl?
compose something with your own lyrics, and have her name in the chorus
she'd adore you, trust me.
"anyone else but you" by the moldy peaches. (featured in the movie juno!)
it just switches from G and Cmaj7 (2 fingers, simple) the whole way through, an easy strumming pattern as well.
first song i ever learned!
hahahaa!! well of course i will.
hi, im sophia, im 15 and from new hampshire. i play bass and rhythm, and i can also do vocals (kinda). what town in MA do you live in?
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Well, depending on where in New Hampshire you are, it could be 3 hours, or it could be 8 hours.. Hahaha.

awwwe. i cant stand being trapped in the middle of nowhere any longer! suburbia is nothing but a vicious oppurtunity snatcher. this is one of many.
new hampshire, hahaha. im not sure how far away it is though?
heey, im sophia & also fifteen. i live in NH, and i can provide rhythm, bass, and vocals. definetley sounds like my kinda music, your influences are mine, so thats pretty sick. so yea, just get back to meee
hey, im a bassist, i live in NH. ??
hey! im a dedicated bassist, fast learner and coorperative. i live in NH, which isnt too far of a drive.
come on, guys. there has to be SOMEONE in new england!
dude the EXACT same thing happened to me a few months back. it was my second time getting caught and I got my guitar, bass, and lessons taken away for a month and a half! your rage is dead on, my friend. it shows how pathetically ignorant parents are, because it IS practically the only thing that gets our minds off of stupid decisions! they just want to put us through agony because they have no empathy whatsoever. i was a far better player before getting suspended from guitar and i still feel so behind! parents should promote healthy obsessions like music if they truely want us to forget about getting high. this is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL punishment.
hahaha yea sorry i didnt realize that im oblivious
hey, i live in NH which isnt too far away.
i play bass and rhythm.
vocals too.
im 15, but im a girl...
everyone i know is lazy and uninspired, so in my ambitions ive resorted to the web
i play bass and rhythm, i also do vocals and songwriting
im 15 and i live in NH (also a girl)
looking for fellow musicians in the new england area to possibly start a band?
preferably close to my age group

please let me know if you are intrested
hmm, im 15, i do some vocals, i live right next door in NH.
problem is im a girl..unless you dont mind.
but do you need a bassist?
i play bass and rhythm..i can do vocals as well if needed.
i live in NH, not too far away
problem is, im a girl..and im 15 which isnt too too young.
hey everyone!

im sure that many of you watched the celebration of legend micheal jacksons life today on tv. im also positive that many of you, like myself, shed a few tears.

well i absolutley loved the intrumental that john mayer did of "human nature"
i want to learn it, badly!

so will somebody pleease try to tab that!! it would be greatly appreciated
ive only been playing for a year so i havent really gotten into the whole play by ear thing