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With my Basswood '51, it had a humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck. I was using the bridge pickup on that. for me, that guitar had a great balance to it. the '51 had the low end I needed but didnt have the highs I needed until I swapped the stock saddles with fender bent steel saddles. then the treble started coming out a bit more.

With my strat, I built that strat out of parts laying around. it's been my secret weapon ever since. the strat is a one piece alder body, so it's a little different than basswood but still close enough. I put a duncan designed scorcher in the bridge, which is a single coil sized humbucker and cheap equivilant to the duncan hot rails. my middle and neck pickups are from a squier bullet strat. I've tried other pickups in those two spots, but i get a great tone I like out of the squier pickups, so they've been in ever since. I don't know if you are running all single coils in your strat copy, but a humbucker in the bridge could be a nice improvement.

I've played various basswood guitars. some have that sound right out of the box, some dont. sometimes, it's just a matter of pickups, or saddles, maybe the bridge block. depends on the sound you are looking for. maybe it can be manipulated through your tone controls or your amps eq settings. it just depends.

I was looking at either getting the strat or LP kit, but now I'm edging towards the strat. There's just so many things you can do to them. Thank you for getting me intrigued =]
I think with the set up I'm using it would be able to spark up any dullness if there was any, so I'm thinking I might do it.

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I have a basswood Ibanez JTK1 and, eq'd right it sounds fine. I used to use it as a back up but these days I have it tuned to C standard and, other than a little soldering work (not the fault of the wood) it's responsive and bright enough and isn't overly dull in the slightest.

Having looked at that kit I reckon it should work pretty well. Although upgrading the electronics seems a given. Better pots and pickups could reap dividends!

The thing that sparks the questions is that if I was to build for myself just as a trial or whatnot, it would remain in standard tuning, so any flaws in the tone would be more open to hear. I recently set my other guitars up for drop tunings, but I don't have a guitar for standard that is permanent. I'm just using an old cheapy strat copy, but it's doing a great job. But it's always good to know that basswood isn't as bad as people I know tend to make it out to be.
Thanks =]
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well ibanez giutars are made of basswood even thier prestige models so i guess quality wood is what your hoping for here

and i think basswodd is a somewhat dull so amaple neck could brighten that up a bit
but i no expert on wood

I see your point. I watched a video on YouTube of a review of an Ibanez RG2550z Prestige, and it sounds good. But the concern arises because the place that I would be getting the kit off is rather local, and the pictures on the site don't seem too crash hot. there's a picture in amongst them of the lower horn, and to me it just reminds me a lot of the texture of balsa wood.

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listen to "Acrylic Superman"

it was done with a squier '51. basswood body, maple neck, maple fretboard. 100% stock.

Not only does the song sound great, but I'm diggin the tone. I have a strat copy, which is made of basswood, but the tone I get from it through my pedal tends to make up for all of the qualities it lacks. It has a bright high end, but a dull low end, which my pedal accounts for. When I use it with a true bypass, I can hear the dullness of the low end, and the rather tinny sound of the high end. Does your strat get the same sort of thing?
Hello there.
I found a site on the web that is selling kit guitars (body, neck, hardware, etc) dirt cheap, seeming it comes with everything you need to make a fully functional guitar. At the moment I'm considering buying a kit to paint, build, but most importantly, fix the thing up, and if I see it fit, possibly sell it.
The hardware it comes with looks pretty raggedy and cheap, so I'm keen on upgrading the hardware.
The one thing I'm caught on is the wood the body is made of: basswood. I've researched about the tonality of the wood in general, and I understand that every guitar is different, but still, I wouldn't want to build it, upgrade it and sell it if it gets a dodgy sound out of it.
So, now to my point. The wood looks pretty dodgy, and I shouldn't judge, but how would the wood roughly sound after I attach the maple neck? Could it possibly sound bright, dull or tinny?
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... and most people say they have more of a passive character.

Just to complicate things more, Seymour Duncan are now offering their Blackout preamp as a module that you install in place of a volume pot, so you can get the high output and clarity from any standard humbucker pickup (or so they claim).

I'll look into putting a single Blackout into my LTD and if I'm happy with it, try it in the Rhoads.

I wonder how it would go if you put one of these preamp volume pots on an EMG to try and get something close to a Blackout?
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While you can play blues with active I think that some nice passives would sound better and allow you to keep the coil split option.

The only active pickups im aware of with "coil splitting" functions are the EMG 81TW and 89 but they are really 2 pickups in each housing and it swaps between them.

If you are set on blackouts you would be using the pots that come with them so you would lose the push-pull feature anyway.

Thanks for that =]
I put a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in a Jackson Rhoads I have, and though the pickup itself sounds good, comparing my guitars with passive pickups with a mate's guitar which uses an EMG 81 and 85 on a 9 volt system, I would go with the actives just for the clarity and the tone.
I used his guitar through my pedal and amp, so I got a fair idea of what the guitar I'm building will sound like, and the passives don't get anywhere close to the sound the actives produce. This is just my opinion though.
One thing I'm pretty bummed about is that there isn't a guitar shop close to where I live that has the Blackouts in it, so I can't really try before I buy. :/

What would you do if you were in my position?
I'm curious as to whether it would work if I was to swap out the pickups in my LTD-251FM (which are the standard pickups in the guitar) with Seymour Duncan Blackouts?
The reason I'm asking is because the pickups that are in the guitar are coil splitting, and I don't know how you change pickups for coil splitters (i.e, do I need specific pickups, do I not attach a wire during installation.).
I'm not completely happy with the sound the pickups get. I find they're majorly bass-y until I split the coils, even then they're not overly bright.
I play things from metal to blues, but for both genres, they can't get the right tone. It's as if they're all bass.
I'm in process of making my own Telecaster, but as I said, I play metal and blues, so it'll be outfitted with EMG's, but I want to get a different sound than the EMG's, but I prefer active pickups.
Can anyone help?
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Ok fair enough, Jams are worth 5 days practise in themselves, great for your timing and phrasing hey. What sort of music you into?

It's on 2 nights every month, but it's so awesome when it's on, just to see the range of talent and genres people play...
At the jam, we mainly play blues, but with different people come different genres, so each genre gets it's own set, so that part is good...
When I'm there, I usually play blues, but about 10 of my friends and I play metal, but we play different subgenres of metal, like we usually play Hand of Blood, by Bullet For my Valentine but next time we're playing Awaken the Dreamers, by All Shall Perish..
With the blues though, it's great, they're just simple songs, but everyone has a turn at having a solo in every song, its awesome. One of the people that goes there who I'v befriended, I swear he puts everything he has into it, in my opinion, he plays better than hendrix, and Hedrix was a god to me, he's nuts...
I love that place, I made a MySpace about it, if you want the url, just ask...
Sorry, I got carried away, I mainly play Metal, stuff like Metallica, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, stuff like that, What about you?
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Cool man, you considered taking lessons again at some point? I took them at the start of this year and they helped incredibly. Really helped with technique and understanding basic theory. Even if its just for a few lessons i'd suggest for anyone do it.

I'v thought about going back to them, but around where I live the only lessons available are blues and country stuff, so they dont keep me really excited about it, but I can read a fair bit of theory but I can't stay concentrated for very long, because it isn't my sort of music...
My music teacher at school is helping me alot with theory, and I have a jam session on twice a month and I'v become very good friends with the people there and they teach me things like how to see patterns in their solo's with different genres, so that's in a way my lessons, but I dont really rely on them...
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Thanks, and to answer your earlier question I do alternate picking, as it gives more control to dynamics and tone IMO, but anyway is good for you. You don't sound like a beginner but I'll just put this out there. Make sure you have alternate picking down before you move onto economy picking. Alternate picking gives you a much stronger sense of rythmn than economy when you're beginning to play.

I've been playing for about five years now, but I still class myself as a beginner because I'v had lessons, and I know scales and keys and all that stuff, and now I teach myself... But when it comes to techniques and different methods, I can play them but I dont know what they are, and when I find out how you're really meant to do them, I mentally discard everything I'v learnt, so it takes me ages to learn one thing, but I pick up songs easy and all I do now is alternate pick, but about this time last year I was playing everything down strokes so I picked up on alternate picking, but UG is helping me alot because there are people everywhere that help me learn, so yer...
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Wow, you can get Slanderous at full speed? I still haven't even gotten Fade to Black full-speed. Nice job . How did you work on your accuracy? Please tell me how you've trained your accuracy like that

You're welcome
Please check your friend requests

I love Machine Head, so that helped
and I followed everyone's advice: Playing it slowly and speeding it up, it really helped, Yourself and Elden G20 give good advice, because I just keep going at it at full speed, but yer, slowing it down helps and synchronising my hands by doing random songs helps me, and I got my alternate picking going good
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@cam67p: You don't have to apologise, i don't mind if people post other questions in my thread . I don't have any advice on your picking, other than that you should work on your accuracy, and if Slipknot is too fast, play slower stuff.

I had another question.. What should I do if I play so fast for a while that it drops my accuracy? How do I fix my accuracy, then?

thanks, and thanks for the advice,
iv been working on my accuracy alot and I can get Slanderous at full speed now so I'm pleased with that,
I'll work on playing slower stuff like Bullet For My Valentine again, and my speed is slowly picking up, I can get the first half of the solo for Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot so've been dabbling into the solos for their new stuff like Gematria, and my fingering was letting me down so your advice helps because I've been trying and trying to get them and losing my mind, so yeah,
thanks again
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Personally, I prefer strict alternate picking to economy picking. I like the more rhythmic feel that strict alternate gives me, compared with economy picking, and I dont like how dependant economy picking is on how the notes are grouped on different strings. To me, it should be about the beat, not how the notes are grouped on the strings.
That said there are many great players who primarily eco-pick, so either works - it's mostly a matter of preference.

awesome, for some reason I like seeing other people's opinion of their picking
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I'm afraid the only answer is practise for getting your alternate picking up to speed, start VERY slow with a metronome (around 40-60bpm) and don't speed up until you can play it perfectly every time. Also the create thread button is on the top left of the screen on the main forum page (eg. Technique forum, Musicians Talk). You'll find it underneath the control panel button. Just follow the prompts.

ok awesome, thanks for the advice, just out of curiosity what style of picking do you use?
i still dont know how to post threads so sorry about this interrupting your thread,
it was going to be about what style of picking you think would be best for playing metal,
so far iv gotten away with alternate picking but i recently been working on the song Slanderous by Machine Head and I cant get it, so im thinking of switching to economy picking but i cant get into the habit of it...
i used to play lots of things like Gojira and BFMV and alternate picking works alright with them but now my brother has dragged me into Slipknot which i used to play alot of but this time im tryin to get some of Mick Thomson's solos, but my alternate picking isn't working,
so I thought I'd see what other people think about it, also if someone could tell me how to post threads that would be awesome =]
sorry again