Romania's is pretty cool! As is Russia's.
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No idea if they're the best or not, but that line is made by Western Digital, and they're generally considered to be one of the best hard drive manufacturers out there. You shouldn't have any problems using one of their drives.

Hey guys I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

I'm looking to get an external hardrive (1TB should be fine) and have done a little searching but wanted to check with you guys. It seems like the My Passport brand is easily the most popular. Is it the best though?
I can't remember the name of the episode but the one where it looks like aliens have invaded some lady's house but it turned out it was some american astronauts that traveled to a planet of giants. Crazy. Also the ones with the dolls in the trash can.

Edit: Found it!
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I think he actually IS saying that

I just looked it up and apparently one of the sound engineers was eating his doughnuts while they were recording
It's not like it's really hidden but I always here van zant say "my box of doughnuts goddam" around 4:10
German! But if you can, learn Russian instead. It's the best language.
I love watching tennis (especially doubles) and I love watching baseball. The strategy behind baseball is what I love so much (and the white sox!).
Anyone saying brass needs to listen to this (which is just one small example):

For me its bass clarinet. I don't mind Bb or A clarinet and I love Contrabass clarinet but I just don't like the timbre of bass clarinet.
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Probably when I really started getting into classical music, when I heard works like "The Planets suite", "Alpine Symphony" and "New World symphony". I have since then heard much, much more that still impresses me.

Simon Barere's perfomance of this Chopin piece still baffles me:

All of those pieces I feel the same about. I actually just went to listen to Alpensinfonie last night. Such a moving piece.

This is a great recording of the climax "On the Summit"

Also the first time I heard the end of Mahler's 2nd symphony I felt, well I can't even remember I was just blown away.

Stepping out of classical, when I first heard Stevie Ray Vaughan I was blown away by his musicality (and general awesomeness).
When it gets to the parts about driving in extreme weather and taking care of flat tires and engine problems or whatever it really is helpful. So i would say pay attention.

Honestly, I wonder if people actually passed drivers ed because no one seems to know how to deal with a four way stop.
A guy I know created a standing desk treadmill so he walks while he does work. He ends up walking a few miles everyday
Not being from Britain, I thought this thread was about this guy:

Needless to say i was really confused when I started reading
Yep, i've played trombone for quite a while and am studying it at college so its no problem for me.
This is no contest.

Aladdin - Friend Like Me

Edit: Anything from Aladdin is awesome.

Edit: Oh god, I forgot about the angels from blink
Swiss or very sharp cheddar
I don't know of any but I'm sure they probably are some. I, however, think your best bet would be to just look at existing scores to see what others have done. Then you can figure out the trends for different styles and figure out how you want to do yours.
I would suggest doing what you were told to do. No reason to not take every precaution so you don't have to go back again and pay to have it fixed.
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I fell asleep in geometry once and my teacher threw a marker at me. It freaked me out and the class thought it was hilarious.

Holy crap, I had a geometry teacher that did that Name?
Ohhhhh good. Its about time. I thought it was something more important based on the post above mine.
What the hell is happening?
Since the taste you experience has a lot to do with smell too, I'd loose taste. Might still be able to enjoy some food.
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I hate to say /thread but...


Nope, /thread
Great Khali in torture rack! Hilarious!!!!!
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Something I've thought of before but never tried... will "burning" songs to a virtual CDRW remove the DRM from the file?

Yep, then you just have to add the songs back from the virtual cdrw and get rid of the old duplicates. Thats one of the workarounds I read about.
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TS, don't sync it. Just copy the files onto your phone. Alternatively don't by from iTunes...

too late for that haha! Some of the music was bought in O6! They stopped putting the DRM on stuff since 2009 though, so I still buy it from them.

But thanks for the insight from both of you!
As big as all the talk amongst my friends was before prom, everyone stopped talking about it like 2 days after. Really not a big deal if you go or don't.
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Obviously I read the original post. My itunes library has DRM protection AND YET I still copied it to my phone and it plays.

Okay my bad then. Sorry for not trusting you, I've just read so many times of people having problems with that.
I like him too, but I mean he's been here since 96 and only won 2 championships. Although I agree I would like to see Sheamus in some main events. I can see Christian staying but Show I'm not too sure about. Besides the feud with Henry he won't be tag teaming with Kane because I doubt Kane is gonna stay. Just my opinion though. I don't want to see any of them reitre, Show is one of my favorites.
Well after digging around on apples website I found out they don't offer the DRM removal for all songs making any attempt to get them onto a non apple product a major pain in the ass. Typical.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the Usos. I like them so I guess I wouldn't mind if they had a push.

What I'm worried about is Mark Henry winning WHC. I think he is gonna be in the title push maybe win it, then Kane and Big Show will return and try to stop him. I have a feeling Kane, Show, Henry, and Christian will all retire by Wrestlemania. Then they will need more big guys like Zeke
How about those new tag team champions! I'm glad the title is with another group but I don't see what they are going to do with Bourne and kingston because outside of Mctunga there is not really a tag team division. Unless truth and miz get together that is
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I am currently using my Android adding stuff. Use the USB cable that came with it, enable USB storage mode and add your songs.

I know but it won't let me copy songs with the DRM protection. read original post
Hey pit,

So because alot of the songs I purchased (about 200) from Itunes where from when they still had DRM on them I can't sync them to an android phone with any apps unless I burn them all on a cd and then put them back on itunes. I really don't have the time or want to do this.

Itunes say they will upgrade your library for 30 cents a song but when I go the Itunes store and then go to Itunesplus, it only shows like 65 of the songs and some are from a diferent machine (ie my brothers laptop, same account but different machine) and are not mine. So does anyone know why ItunesPlus will not upgrade all of my purchased songs from my library? I know there are workarounds but as much as I don't like Apple I would rather just pay to have my songs upgraded.