You wear the guitar to far down, therefore you have to bend your wrist more to access the fretboard.
Also dont get one with a hardtail bridge If you get one with a floyd you won't be able to tune between drop c and standard
Get a guitar with active EMG pickups both metallica and bring me the horizon uses them
ESP ltd mh-350, h-350, ec 401, m 300
ESP ltd MH-350 or MH-1000 depending on your budget
Chrome hardware is hardware (tuners, bridge) made of chrome
I once put a set of 10s on on a classical guitar... It broke
The guitar sound is a bit fuzzy
Can of hairspray + lighter: then you kill them with fire
I waited for an ESP/LTD mh-401 for one and a half month. When i got it, it was broken so i sent it back. I got my money back and ordered another one only to find out that this guitar had massive finish damage, so i decided to go for the mh-1000. After ordering the mh-1000 i had to wait for more than 1 month for it to arrive
Ordered the first one in early January --> got it in late Mars
If you mix sawdust with glue you might be able to apply it to the sides and make it stick
The chord G consists of the noted G,B and D. As long as you play those three notes, you play the G chord. It does not matter if you play the b string as B or D.
Just use your pinky more :P Unless you have used it before it vill be in the same state as a non guitar players finger.
I kind of barre the tenth tenth fret, but when i play on the e string i angle my finger to mute the b string and then when playing the b string i angle my finger to block the e string. It's kind of a rolling motion.
Neck or (maybe) middle pickup If you do have a footswitch for your amp, try to put your TS9 on little or minimum drive in front of the amp. If you dont have a footswitch you will have to use yous TS9 for the solo :P
you should use all of your fingers not just your index, middle and pinky fingers.
Also i think the tab is wrong :P I believe it's

i= Index finger m= middle finger r= Ring finger p= pinky finger
Buy a tele with two humbucker slots, then replace the pickups with EMGs and sell the old ones.
If she likes metal make sure to get her a guitar with humbuckers and not a stratocaster (maybe you could go with a strat with 2 single coils and 1 humbucker) My first guitar was a stratocaster, i got tiered of it pretty fast. Don't buy an acoustic guitar unless she really wants to learn acoustic. otherwise she will stop playing guitar forever because acoustic guitar is really boring. When u buy an amplifier try it first if you can to see witch one that have most gain. thats good for metal.
I don't think the guitar will be a problem. If she's 8 years old and never played a guitar before its not a huge problem if the guitar doesn't sound like a pro guitar.
When i was like 8 or nine years my parents gave me an acoustic guitar. I didn't like to play cords and shit like D and A. So i quit playing guitar until i was 13 when i went to a local music store and bought an electric guitar and started playing sons i liked. I have always liked rock music.
If you want to get your daughter interested in playing guitar don't make her play boring stuff. Find out what she wants to play (like her favorite song).
I think one of the worst things u can do is to give her a bad teacher and make her learn stuff she don't want to learn.