Well I'm out for the night, BYE GUYS! if anyone comes with an idea for Otakon please let me know

This is what my hair looks like, I don't wanna buy a wig so if anyone finds anything to match my hair.
This with ears, collar,tail,black shorts,black tantop
KNEE HIGHS! and converse?
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Who said it already hasn't? >__>

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Go naked and send me pics, Ariana.

You would Bean
but but but >______________> my cat stuff is in FL atm !!!!

Oh and I need idea that are cheap or costumes I can make myself XD
Hey haven't been here in FOREVER miss you guys!!! XD

I'm going to Otakon, What should I dress up as!?!?!?
Sorry no Birthday blow job LOL
just got my tonsils out!

xoxox ariana

Heres a Hello Kitty Vibrator..

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Shred isn't a person, he's an Aussie.




BBL whose line is it anyways is on.
Okay good. I like him as a person
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shred is just acting like a stereotypical tsundere.

I remember people in this thread talking about eden of the east...

Eden Of the East was REALLY GOOD but i think it could of had more action and romance and be a bigger series then it was.
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Rurouni Kenshin and Inuyasha.
Wait, not swords? Never mind.
That takes out a lot of action, unless you want like boxing or something

There's a reason for quotes

NO action more like guns and maybe swords but kinda like Eden of the East.

Is Flame of Recca any good? It sounds like it could be good or really horrible!

And its okay if you don' t like me shred.
Oohh okay Thanks.

Yeah I"m new and stuff but I was just making sure.I don't think anyone in here is an idiot at all so.
I like you guys.
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It's a movie, you idiot.

I just downloaded a $15 dubstep sample pack. Why? 'Cause I want my track to be awesome, and I plan on making more dubstep anyway.

I hope you werent calling me an idiot I like witches and I thought it was some cool

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I dunno, maybe if S3 is any good I'll feel motivated to watch it.
For now more Strike Witches.

Whats strike witches?

IS there an anime thats action and romance but like not with swords and tenticles and stuff like that?
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Sorry no blow job just got tonsils out.
But I can't wait to watch it!
I love converses! And accidently got a size too small...Now i cant wear my new ones often or I get blisters.
I stick to the old ones that are ripped and written on.
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I knew you liked it rough, but not that rough!

by enjoying the beautiful music

Well I like it rough when You start to be a jerk......

makeup sex is the best though.... =
HaHaHAH yea well I'm going to use my mighty tits and srangle you untill your balls fall off :P
My boyfriend talking about anime and watching porn and talking about tits..
is Durarura any good? I've herd about it but never watched it
hey ken look in your messages on here
hey guys. Ha i went over Soap's house..sorry no Me and kKen attemped to watch the very first episodes of failed. But..hmm.
Um i'm a lefty but i do it with my right....
is that bad?
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lol I changed my gf's Facebook to Pirate English. I might change it to Japanese

I would just like to say screw you, because i thought it was some gay ass glitch.
sorry no sex for you. HA

**** shakespeare...i haven't been on due to theater stuff.
Sorry pic is unavaible.
Ha.. Ok. were in the <friend zone>

Hes reading... Mirai Nikki
He was just going to look. Yea.... But hes cool...
So im in trig an our teacher accidently signed us up for the computer lab.
This kid sitting next to me is about to read manga.
He is the only person in this class that is acutally cool
Hey soap umm i can't get a hold of you.
and meboo is acting up


bi polar people arve VERY difficult people to live with
ummm i'll tiny chat later prob. going to watch movie
hellloni just woke up.
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So has anyone watched the first episode of Angel Beats yet?

I watched it and i'm just as confused as the person in

But i like it. looks like its going to be a good show.