is there a difference in sound the thicker the picks?
Which kind of pick should you get? One of my friends had a light gauge pick, then it broke real fast. Does it really matter, or should I use my fingers to strum?
bending is easy, just move your finger to that fret without taking it off the fretboard.
left handed? i think you may have to custom order for that.
i've heard you can just tap the strings and it makes noise. is that true?
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there is something called tab request

it will be a while before someone comes up with one...
the 6th string will buzz way too much. i play drop d and it still does, but usually i use normal tuning.
I've been banned! I mean, I'm using a shared computer and can't go on YT.
talent show? if you don't have a vocalist, try playing simple songs by jimi hendrix or something. the wind cries mary (by hendrix) is simple to play on the guitar.
There's a lot of acoustics under $1000 that aren't used, but just find one that you like. I look in music stores like Sam Ash, but I don't know if that's nationwide.
I listened to their CD "We Were Dead Before The Ship Sank", and I think they are an awesome band, but I need feedback from other people so I can determine if MM really does rock out.
Real songs? Try to get tabs of your favorite songs, and practice daily. That's what i do.
I have an acoustic guitar, but it came with an amp. I need to know, what things can you do with an electric, but not with an acoustic/electric guitar?