First few times I sang Karaoke I sang some RHCP (Scar Tissue and By The Way). Not too hard to sing. Then most recently I did "I Am the Walrus" by the Beatles. I had a strong buzz and wanted to do something that most people wouldn't know.

I can enjoy Karaoke, but I think I'd much more enjoy singing while playing in a band.
So a girl I like apparently knows I like her, and told my friend that she wouldn't want to lose me as a friend. Which I found strange, because we were never close friends or anything, just little nonsensical joking on facebook posts and lately a few txts about video games. Should I just give up and move on?
I posted here a few weeks back about a girl I really like who was recently dumped (2 months ago) by her long-term boyfriend (a few years).

This last Friday, I was invited by a few friends to see a movie, so I decided its been a decent amount of time to finally ask this girl out. Invited her to see the movie with us, and she was actually excited to go. Didn't even ask who else was going besides me before saying she would go. This is all via txt btw...

So we all go to the movie, talk a little bit, and enjoy the show. Now we were at a theater that was kind of far from home for her, so I ended up having her follow me back to a place she knows where she can get home from. In all this it escaped me to at least attempt to plan another time to go out with her. So when she txted me when she got home (I asked her too) I invited her then to get out again, said we could playing golf. She didn't get back to me until morning, seemed interested in going back out.

However, she said she might not be able to go out again within the next week or two because of finals with school and graduation and all that fun stuff. It seemed like a reasonable excuse, right? I have this raging battle in my head where part of me says "if she was really interested she would make time," and the other part says "she's just responsible with school work and needs to get shit done."

I really really REALLY like this girl, and have for over a year. Now that's she is single and from what I believe a little ready to get back out there, I want to play this perfectly.

Why all the negativity? Doesn't hurt to give it a shot, but at this time of your life don't make it a priority. Get in a band, enjoy having a good time writing a music and playing gigs and if it happens it happens. But at least have SOME kind of realistic backup!
The Pit isn't exactly the place to ask either. GG&A would be the best. Either way, look at used anywhere else...
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Alright so update. It's almost been a week since she broke up with me, and I'm doing great! I'm beginning to feel really happy again, like I was before we broke up. For the three weeks before we broke up, I had fixed myself, and made myself be happy. Before that, I was not happy with myself, which was part of the reason I drove her away. One of my coworkers was talking to her, and he got her to open up a little bit. She said that it definitely was not me, and that it was all her and that school was, and is, putting a whole crap ton of pressure on her.

Good to here. Still, try to focus on yourself for a while. Do things you enjoy, get out with friends, pick that guitar up more frequently, and just overall enjoy making everything about YOU
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I am in need of advice. So...I've been seeing this girl for around a month now and things are going pretty well. We hang out often, we flirt, and we have plenty of moments when people ask us like, "are you guys dating?" and we end up just looking at each other and smiling. I'm fairly certain she likes me back, and I think I should make a move. Should I tell her I like her? Or is it a little too early in the relationship? (I mean, we haven't even kissed yet. She's really shy and I know she'll never kiss me first though, so maybe I should just kiss her before telling her?)

I'm kind of confused on what to do here guys. Should I make a move yet or no? And what kind of move do you guys think I should make if I do?

You've been seeing her a month and haven't kissed or made SOME kind of move?!? Well for fucks sake, what's the hold up? Get to it! Next time you go out just go for it. I really can't give you any step-by-step directions, just when you feel the time is right (which should have been about a few weeks ago).
Is the Westboro Baptist Church going to be there as well?
Ugh, this thread just reminds me of another reason I can't wait to move out of my parent's house. I'm 21, and can't keep hard liquor around because my 17yr old brother who is always looking for a way to get some sort of buzz, will find his hands on it.

At least he doesn't like beer, so I can keep some of that around. I suppose I'll grab one for the end of the night

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Spoke to a girl I've met about once before.. A bit of talking and joking about a few things, she mentioned that she was moving to a house, which happened to be near my place. When I said there was some talk about going over for coffee cause there's just her and her dog etc.

Then I got her number.

We spoke a bit more, teased a bit, and I had to go.

Don't really know where I should from here, text? Phone? Arrange something?

Or wait till tomorrow as I should maybe see her at driving school?

Arrange something. Wait and see if you see her at driving school, these things are better in person.
Fresh cut glass, cinnamon buns first thing in the morning, coffee, buffalo wings.
I've come to enjoy Blue Moon, and Shock Top (especially the Raspberry Wheat). Also, Sam Adams is good, love the seasonal ones like the winter lager, christmas ale, and summer ale (lemony). This summer I'm gonna head over to the Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY (1 1/2 hr drive) and see what's good. Trying to try some more varieties.
2 Broke Girls. Hate it so f**king much...

I like Breaking Bad, but couldn't really get into it. I can enjoy it, but don't feel like watching it...I dont know...
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Stop letting yourself worry about it. It's her, not you. Focus on other girls and self improvement. Hang with friends, have fun without her. If you tell yourself it's not a big deal, it won't be.

This. Just do your best to occupy your mind with more activities, start a new hobby, hang with friends, anything that keeps you busy. Focus on YOU!
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I never, ever thought I'd post in here, but here I am. I need a bit of advice from some strangers on the internet, because I feel bad constantly asking my friends all the time. I don't want to be that one-note kind of friend who only ever talks about one thing.

In any case, I just asked out my female best friend, because I have been developing a crush on her that just got to be too overwhelming. She said yes! Apparently she has felt the same way as I have, and I feel spectacular about this.

However, I have not been on a first date in nearly seven years now, and I need advice on exactly where to go. I was thinking that dinner is a must, and no movie or anything because I'd really like us to be able to speak, but I'm not sure about anything else. I'm incredibly nervous, which is stupid, because we both already know each other really well. I just can't help but be nervous.

You could still do a movie, but instead of a theater, rent/buy something to watch at home. This way you can talk without disrupting others.

Maybe just go for a walk?
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*wall o' mush*

If you like Hometown girl that much, maybe it would be best to talk to your friend (her ex) before going too far with her.

Meanwhile, I don't see any reason not to have a little fun with Liverpool girl while you're there.

Keep in mind I didn't read anything in those two links, so my context is off
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Her dick in a box.

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Um No.

If she was the type of woman to respect boundaries, she'd stop you when she saw what your intentions were. A woman who allows and reciprocates that kind of flirting is not going to break up with her boyfriend because of her morals being conflicted. What you'll get at best most of the time is her cheating on her boyfriend with you. Once that's over, a hurricane of shit will slowly enter your horizon and the outcome can be any.

If you want this girl and you're not liking your current girlfriend, break up with her and be direct with the other girl. Trying to keep a gf through the transition is a sleazy move and if you're already thinking of other women, she's obviously not worth keeping, and you dragging her along a dying relationship isn't fair to her.

With the other girl, don't be malevolent with your game plan. It's as easy as letting her know you've noticed her and want to pursue something with her. Ask her to let you know when she's single and voila, seed is planted. Worst case scenario, she doesn't deem you worth the trouble of dumping her man, and you end up single. You got your answer and you've gotten rid of a crutch of a relationship. Hardly seems so bad, does it?

Just because she doesn't respect boundaries doesn't mean he shouldn't.

Definitely should break-up with current gf, seeing as you don't care for her. I didn't mention it because I thought it was obvious you were going to anyway. But you never directly tell a girl you're interested in her, that's like rule #1. Makes you look desperate, and it's unattractive.

Keep up the flirting, and step it up a notch. Let it become known to her you're now single and available, tell someone you work with you're single, and word of mouth carries the news to her. Really, if she had the kind of interest in you that you have in her, she would end her current relatioship for you.
fapping, playing guitar, fapping, going for drives, fapping, fapping, fapping...
She could be misleading you and it may be something stupid? Girls do that....

Maybe she has a penis?
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All right... I work with this blonde chick. I have a little crush on her, she seems great and flirts with me all the time, comes into work when I'm on shift and she knows it, but insists she doesn't have a crush on me (to other people, I haven't asked).

It gets a little more complicated because we're both taken. My relationship is getting a little stale. I mean I want my girl to be happy but she's insanely jealous and I find myself constantly wanting to chase other girls. I don't know what the status is of hers but I can't imagine it's good because she listed a ton of attributes he doesn't have that I do, that she likes in a guy. My best friend also works with us and he says she complains a lot about her relationship.

Here's where things get sketchy. I don't work with her again for a while but I can't stop thinking about her and everybody else sees the connection between us (more so from her end, I haven't quite received "She's your significant other" jokes yet like she has). What do I do? Just ask her out? I don't really wanna do that because of the other guy but if she's trading up to a better model, I'd like to be it.

If she's in a relationship, just stick with the flirting. I don't know what your flirting consists of, but make it a little more physical. I've been a nice little thing to do is something like *grab hand gently* "wow, I like this nail polish, *yada yada yada*".

You have to show that you are interested in her, and if she is definitely interested in you, she would break up with her current boyfriend if she liked you more.

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I need some other opinions on something that doesn't involve me, but my roommate.

So he's in a relationship with a girl. He's in college, she's out of college and has a job and lives on her own. So because of this they see eachother about 3-4 times a week, which I think is pretty good considering they live apart. Now, in those 3-4 days/nights that they don't see eachother, they call eachother about, from what I can tell, atleast 2 times/day. Me and my other roommate have joked with him for a while about how needy she is and how whipped he is, but lately we've really tried to get him to see what's wrong with it.

So this is why I want some other opinions to see what others think about it. I think it's unhealthy for them to call eachother EVERY day, even when she is just going to bed they talk on the phone, and this is along with constant texting. And the phone conversations last hours on end.

Now, you may wonder why this bothers me. Well, it sort of affects me because times when we are drinking and having fun, he goes in his room for like 2 hours and dissapears for the night. So it's frustrating because then we try to tell him it's not good, and he defends himself and it's really annoying.

So yea, just want some opinions on whether you agree with me or not.

Depends on the couple. Some people are just meant to spend that much time talking with each other. It just works for them. Honestly it wouldn't work for me, I don't like spending that much time with other people.

Then, there's these 2 co-workers of mine. They are married, live together, work together, and basically spend their time together 24/7. Sounds absolutely horrendous right? I don't get it either, but they're happy and keep it professional.
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If this kid writes "friend" on the cake I swear.......

It's basically inviting yourself to the friendzone. Your friend is an idiot. Just stick to "prom." Honestly, I don't know about the whole cake idea, but I guess it's fine. Why not ask in person?
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Idk maybe it's up to the individual female or something

Yea this too

Some girls honestly don't care about the money or looks. I mean most do (even though they say they don't), but as long as you aren't like disfigured or living in the gutter I would say there's a chance. Girls are just attracted to confidence and financial stability.
Probably from the transport from retail to your home. Typically the retailer isn't going to shit about this, it left them in fine condition. Expensive and fragile items you should get insurance on for the shipping.

But if it works perfectly fine then just live with it. Maybe you can somehow get the retailer to send you replacement parts for what's necessary, or maybe a claim with FedEx for what's needed to fix it up.
Yea the average guy. Average looks, average job, average pay, average life. Comes down to confidence, good personality, maybe some alcohol (maybe a lot of alcohol). And implants can be attractive, to me it's all about proportions. I hate overly large breasts, just doesn't look natural. I'd rather have a girl with almost no breasts than tremendous obviously fake ones larger than her head.
I just did lol.

3hrs until I fly out, and the wife gets a positive reading on a pregnancy test.

Talk about everything fucking happening at once. . .

Sounds like one of those depressing movies that I still don't understand why girls like them.

That's got to really suck....hard. Best of luck to you!
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So like, are you an actual teacher where the age gap is much different? Or are you a TA at uni and she's just a student who's close to your age? Because those are very different things.

She's actually a year older than me. I work as an x-ray tech in a hospital where she is a student x-ray tech. So by working in the same department part of my job is teaching the student techs. In a way it's pretty cool, because we see new students every year, we have a nice flow of people, and some cute girls

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no is no. Don't keep in constant contact with her. Give her time and space to do her own thing because that is what she needs. Meanwhile carry on with your life doing your own thing.

How long was she with the last bf? If over a year then write her name and number on a calendar X number of weeks away then forget about her until then. X= one week per month she was with her bf max 12 weeks. At the marked time call her out of the blue and see if she wants to catch up.

Sometimes you'll meet an awesome girl and the timing isn't right or some other circumstance will just keep you from being together. Welcome to life.

I thought this was directed at me, saw it wasn't, then realized it applied toward me anyway

I make sure I don't really keep in constant contact with her. The only real contact is if she comments on something of mine on Facebook, and it's silly nonsense, not actual conversation (which is that sense of humor I love).

She graduates in May, then finishes her clinical portion of school in like July. I suppose give it until at least June/July and as 20Tigers said, call her out of the blue to catch up
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8 year relationship? Wow I think you should give it some time 1. so you're not a rebound and 2. because she might just think you're being friendly so you don't want her to see you as a friend if you want to make it romantic.

I don't think I have to worry about the friend thing. I've never been the one to start talking to her with "how are things" or really talk to her much at all for that matter. Our only real interactions are typically over Facebook commenting over something stupid and joking around. Kind of in a way that she sees me as a source of good feelings (she seems happy at those times).

Maybe that's not the best. Being a rebound is one of my concerns, but at the same time I feel that her next boyfriend or whatever isn't necessarily going to be a rebound. Doesn't always work that way, I think it depends on the type of person (both the recently-dumped and the new-boyfriend/girlfriend).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that one of my all-time favorite things to do is to just get in my car and drive with some of my favorite music. I post on Facebook all the time that I'm "going for a drive." A few days ago, she posts that she wants summer to be here for long drives listening to Metallica. Coincidence? Probably definitely. But it's just another one of those things that make me feel I NEED her in my life.
What's up RT?

So a little over a year ago I met a girl. At every moment she seemed to be perfect for me. Enjoys the same music, similar sense of humor, loves Star Wars (win right there!), into video games such as Legend of Zelda (perfect, right?!?), and cute as a button (not to mention a terrific ass! )

What was the problem? She had a boyfriend. That, and she was a student and I was a "teacher" so it would be some ethical issue anyway.

But alas! About a month-and-half-ago, he broke up with her. Something about having to go back overseas or whatever, I don't really know. Anyway, hallelujah! Now, they've been together for 8 years (or so I've been told). I'm not sure how long it takes for a girl like her to get over a break-up like this, but as soon as I found out (2 weeks ago) I started talking her up through Facebook more, and texted her for a while (talked about Mustangs and Camaros, and her school).

One of our mutual friends has talked to her a little more, and she still feels off about it. So I feel my best bet is to get her out in a group. Do that once or twice, and try to invite her out to a private event.

So RT, this is a girl that I've had a thing for for quite a while, and I really feel she would be the one. I'm going to return here often to make sure I play this right. I tried to get her to come out tomorrow night with a group of people, but she has classes. Anyway, I think the next time there's some group activity going on I'll make sure to invite her along (or better to have one of our mutual friends do it so I don't seem desperate?)

Or even, would it be any better to just go ask her out flat out? Or maybe get another mutual friend of ours to help set up some kind of double date?

I thought there was a rule against asking the Pit for medical advise?
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Why not just buy a switch craft or something and wire it to the PCB with a shielded wire? I'd be surprised if that did work.

That sounds good. I just don't know what part EXACTLY I would need. Too tired now to track it down on google. Maybe I can email Bugera tomorrow. There's so many different varietys of a single piece. double circuit/single circuit, insulated/non-insulated bushings, long/standard bushings, etc...

Not going to read through a million pages for this problem, so here it goes:

Have a Bugera 6262-212 (combo) and the input jack is completely busted. Problem is, the jack is PCB mounted, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a shop around here that can repair the problem. Has anyone experienced this? The input is very loose and refuses to give me a sound other than a loud incoherent buzz.

Also, NEVER buying a Bugera again.
Yea it's a PCB mounted. Stupid Bugera...never again! I've tried google searching a few different places and one is a good 4-5hr drive away. And I don't want to bring it there to find out I have to come back another time or something. Too far. Cheaper than a new amp? Yes. But what if by some chance he can't fix it or whatever. Plus he doesn't do weekends and I don't want to take a day or two off of work for this.

I'll continue to try to find a repair, but I've gone at least a month now with no amp and I'm so close to just buying a replacement. Ughhh...

EDIT: Budget. I really don't want to spend more than $1k. Looking to play anything from Green Day/RHCP to Avenged Sevenfold/Metallica in terms of tone. Wide range, I know.
Whatsup GG&A?

I have a Bugera 6262-212 Amplifier, and the input jack is busted. Connection is very loose and has to be in one specific spot for me to get a solid sound. Brought it to a local shop who couldn't fix it, and Guitar Center who couldn't fix. The repair-man at GC told me they don't carry the part necessary, but that I should be able to contact Behringer/Bugera to get a replacement part.

Anyway, I'm going to crack it open later to look at it a little more to see if there's a fix I can do without a replacement part. Try to keep it simple. Has anyone had this problem with this amp, or a similar problem with a different amp?

If I can't get this fixed I'm looking at getting a new amp. I took at test-drive of the Blackstar HT Club 50 Half-stack at the local shop, and thought it had great tone! Read a review on UG a little earlier and it got a 9/10. So far sounds like a good idea. I know my Bugera is a little more Hi-gain, but the most of what I play falls along the sounds of Foo Fighters and a little lighter/a little heavier distortion. Throw in some Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica. I think the Blackstar will be able to full-fill my needs with the addition of a decent distortion pedal.

What does GG&A think?

Of course, if I can get the amp fixed I won't be buying a new amo.
I go to the ER on average 2-3 times a day. I mean it seems easier than it is. Or I'm just making it out to be like its the hardest thing to do lol. And I don't really have the time to just stop and talk. I guess just make a few quick-chats and then get her number or ask her out to talk more.
Hello RT.

Will I ever find a girlfriend? Seems as if every girl I'm interested in could care less about me. My most recent attempt is a shut-in with anxiety problems. Waste of my time. And every girl that likes me, I either find unattractive or obnoxious.

Anyway, I'm going to try to start something with this girl who works in the ER of the hospital I work at. Really cute and always gives me a smile. My problem? We never formally met. I feel like it would be awkward to just out-of-nowhere introduce myself. Then again, I'm socially awkward anyway. Is it just as simple as "Hi I'm Stephen?" the next time I see her? Why must I be do clueless?
3 that I can think of that I'm about 89% sure on.
Three girls that I'm interested in, here is what is going on with each one:

1) Girl that works at the drive-in theather in my neighborhood. Is an ex-gf of one of my friends, but I asked him about it and he said it's fine by him for me to pursue. Anyway, got her phone number, we txt here and there (I try not to txt her, and let her initiate the conversations).

I've been to the drive-in once with the same friend, and talked to her a bit while she wasn't busy, then went back to my car. The next weekend, SHE asked ME to go to the drive-in, talked to her a bit, then she left early to go to a movie with someone (don't know who, she just said a friend, to see some chick-flick). Also, she's trying to get a job at the hospital I work at. She says we can hang out when she has free time, but she never tells me when. Should I give up?

2) I used to work with this girl at a grocery store. Recently ran into her at a gas station and we chatted for a few minutes. She now works at a tanning salon. I still have her number (from when we would txt each other to cover shifts and stuff, a bunch of us cashiers had each others' numbers). Should I just call her sometime to ask her out? Or go to her at work (I have no clue when she works) to ask her out in person?

3) This girl was a year behind me in high school, and we were kind-of friends during homework hall. I'm actually pretty sure she asked me out back then, and idiot me said no *facepalm*. We've chatted a bit over facebook, and I have her number now. She's about to come back home from Texas (school), so I was planning on calling her to ask her out. I've tried txting her a few times in the past, one time had a good conversation, sometimes she never responds...

sooo, yea.

And this girl who apparently has a crush on me, and is a student in the hopital I'm at in my department. The girls I work with keep telling me to go out with her, despite me telling them I'm not interested in her that way. And her being a student would make it unethical.
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thx! and it was in person

so how did you react? Just curious...
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A new car?

Rich bastard >.>

Under $40k a year is rich? Sweet!