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pinheadslts75 Fair enough.  I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong because we both have experience with them and the quality of cleans is very subjective, but I've always felt the Windsor cleans are very lack luster, even moreso than the 6505+. That's why I said if the cleans are important, the Valveking might be worth a look.  

gotta agree with this. if we are talking band volume then the Windsor does get a little dirty.  on a budget a Valveking head may be a better option. it has 2 channels and seperate EQ for each which again may prove to be very helpful. 
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If I block the trem on a Floyd does it allow me to change tunings? 

yes. if the trem is blocked from moving in either direction then you can change tunings. 
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Not really...honestly DOD stuff wasn't that great.

except their chorus pedals. i run the FX65 and have since it was a brand new pedal. never needed another chorus pedal since.  OP pretty sure that pedal will work fine with your guitar. have played through one (though years ago) and don't recall any tonal issues. 
putting the buffer at the end matter little or not at all. unless you are running really long cables then having even 1 buffered pedal should keep things going. the only issue with multiple bufferes is tha they might not react to each other favorably. also keep in mind that many amps have a buffered fx loop . as mentioned the big muff doesn't have issues with buffers.  you may want to try your phaser at the beginning of the line (after wah)
well for starters giving us a better idea of what you consider a "good" metal tone would help.  also how are you setting your amp up? 
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Thanks for the help. I made some choices:

I think this is the right one, since I want something to sound good at lower to medium volumes and not be too loud.

Still can't decide between guitars:

I like both guitars, but you said that I should grab Ibanez, one thing that bothers me is that guitar has whammy bar and I heard that thing is not very beginner friendly. Is it even any useful if you are playing rhythm parts most of the time?

I would like to see your opinion about amp and those 2 guitars.

amp looks ok. Ibanez is a good beginner guitar. Never heard of other brand but it looks ok
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On the internet (as anywhere, really) voices of reason are usually drowned out by masses of believers in whatever is the belief system of the day

So yes, rw fretboards not only feel different when playing, they are also so bad they are fatiguing when soloing, they give a much darker richer sound* to a guitar and gitar makers would never even think of using cheap woods for their guitars.

* Little known fact, you can actually see how RW sounds simply by looking at its dark rich colour, contrast this with the bright colour of maple, and it gets clear why maple sounds bright and rw dark....

Or those who may be wrong stick to there belief and present it as fact to challenge all us "wrong" believers.
What you need now is stuff that works. Sounding like Metallica comes later and will cost more than your budget. I'd look at the Orange crush amps and Ibanez guitars in your budget. You will need a tuner if amp doesn't have one built in. You can get free phone apps for that
well this keep going in circles.  i certainly didn't need the internet to understand that different fretboard material do have an effect on my playing even if it is to a small degree. i think my 40+ years of playing was good enough for me to get that all by myself.  if it made no difference at all then guitar makers would use the cheapest wood available for then and they'd all be the same. and yet that isn't the case. again i'll say that it bothers me little when going from one to another however it does take a bit of adjustment. 
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I see you have completely missed the point of the good advice I just gave you on this thread.

If you had any idea what my original reply eluded to, you'd realise that what we think about your particular EQ settings is utterly irrelevant to answering your original question.

Being spoonfed what your exact EQ settings should be is stupid. No person's two rigs and working environments such as room acoustics are going to sound the same and your positioning relative to the cabinet is not going to be the exact same. Giving an extremely vague rundown on what environment you're in helps no one either.

How reflective are the walls of this room? How many pieces of furniture are inside the room that are influencing which frequencies get reflected and absorbed? What are your exacting personal tastes? How hard do you pluck the strings? In what exact location do you pluck the strings along the string's length? Do you pluck the strings 2mm closer to the neck pickup than the bridge pickup or vice versa? The EQ settings that are going to suit you the most are going to vary depending on a combination of all of these aforementioned factors and many more. You cannot expect a community of guitar forum members to know what EQ settings you 'ought' to be using use based on your exact circumstances and personal tastes. Its all far too subjective and there's far too many variables to count.

It even states this information in the forum rules.

Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen didn't go on a guitar forum to ask a group of anonymous people what their ideal EQ settings should be. They used their ears.

You as a musician should be approaching this the same way.

take this to heart. i'd also have to wonder why you are only pushing the high end with the EQ as that will do very little for you 
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monwobobbo One tube has a brownish tint to the glass at the bottom. Does that sound blown? Only had the damn thing a month though!!

yeah that usually is a sign. tubes are finicky and sometimes they last for years and other times they go fast. 
that would work fine. ohms need to match and wattage needs to be same or higher (higher is very preferable) 
may be just a fuse but that would be best case on it. have you checked to see if any of the tubes look blown? you'll have to replace fuses to know for sure if a visual inspection doesn't do it.  also could be transformer. sorry none of that sounds vey good. hope for the best prepare for the worst
everyone loves to sell for more than they paid but often that isn't a realistic goal (unless you got it for a total steal to being with)  getting what you paid back is usually considered a decent deal. 
i have ebony, maple and rosewood fretboards  on my guitars. i will say that the ebony does feel different than the rosewood. personally it doesn't really bother me any way i go. it may take a few seconds to adjust if going from one to another but playing wise i don't have any issues. 
those may likely be branded for different places so they would print it on instead of making part of the piece. looks fine to me. 
a budget would help.  there are a few small amp heads that might work like Peavey Valveking. 
you'd have to track one down but Polytone was used by many jazz guitarists for their great cleans and portability. 
need to show us pix for an answer.  Hondo was for the most part a low end brand made in Korea before they got the hang of it. most have plywood bodies and are mediocre quality at best. 
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Well I'd disagree with you. I think they are more than capable of holding their own with anything else in their price range. People just hate on them because it's the cool thing to do.

well i have no need to worry about being "cool". Line 6 has many great products. their low end amps aren't among them. the Fender Mustang series is good at clean tones and does ok with rock and hard rock. not so much for metal (much like their tube counterparts). Peavey VIP series is really good for hard rock and metal but mediocre at cleaner tones.  it's really a matter of finding the amp that suites your needs best. you may have to compromise on some things, nature of the beast.  as for Line 6 spiders sorry but they just plain haven't kept up with the competition for overall quality. i can't think of one style that i would choose a spider for in terms of being the best at it. 
ok looked your guitar up and it has the tuners facing down. it will depend on where the screw holes are on the neck for what you need. they may not line up regardless as some are not direct replacements for all tuners. i would look into that.

did you try what i suggested for the nut? it doesn't seem likely that the tuners are the issue with such a new guitar. the stock tuners appear to be decent. 
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H4T3BR33D3R I'm pretty sure it's the tuners. The factory nut is pretty good and the strings are fairly recent. I'm aware I need 6 in line, but I need right handed, or whatever, tuners but there barely are any of those. I'm also not sure how it works regarding any pins or screw needed for the tuners.

has your guitar been to a tech for a good setup?  you can't always tell from just looking at a nut if it is "good" often it just isn't cut quite right and the strings bind. a simple test for this is to tune your guitar, play for a bit and when you hear it out of tune stop. reach up behind the nut and push on each string just a little. if you hear a plink sound then you will know the string is binding at the nut. this can happen at the bridge as well. 

right handed tuners? what are you talking about? 
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As it has been stated, the MGs are bad, sure you can get usable tone, but at that price point, you could get something much better, like the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2.  The tones are better, and the amp is more versatile than the MG.  You can use the bass mode to make your guitar sound like a bass and lay down bass tracks to give recordings some bottom end.  There is also an acoustic mode to emulate an acoustic guitar.  Plus, I don't know what your preferred genre is, but it can do quite a bit.  For blues and rock, I liked the Budda model. Of course, for metal, there is the 6505 model.  

agree. the Boss Kitana is also a solid option. of course at the bottom end of any amp series there are pros and cons as well as compromises. you can't expect miracles in terms of tone and flexibility. 
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i am pig boy

quick someone call Tony Iommi  for a Sabbath riff to go with this. who needs Iron Man when you could have Pig Boy
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I am at a low on this. I have just started trying to play guitar and am learning how to do better vocals(I listen to Metal). But... I don't feel like I'm even motivated to do it, it's almost like a chore.... even though I really want to do it. I got all my necessary materials, so now all I need is a drive. How come do I not have a drive? It's strange because I really want to be a part of this scene(whatever you would like to call it). I want to be on stage one day, despite my horrible anxiety. I want to write music and put on performances  that will change people's lives(I have a natural talent at writing). I have much I would love to say. I want the EXPERIENCE of touring and having bandmates I can call family and friends. I can easily imagine myself on stage, and with the thought alone, I feel the euphoria pumping in my brain. I can't even really explain it. I guess what I am trying to say is... is that I don't believe I am in the right mindset and want to know how to be..

wanting it in your head and actually doing it are worlds apart. no one can motivate you but you.  getting a band together and making it work is a tough thing to do. lot of headaches and most don't get very far in terms of fame and fortune.  fear of failing is likely your issue. no balls no glory. 
pics of the whole guitar would help. those serial numbers are stamped so it's possible it just didn't make a consistent impression. 
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So true. I think anyone who has been playing for a number of years (like me) has made the same mistake. The mistake of thinking that if they only had a certain guitar and amp combo like their current favorite guitar player and learned to play the same notes of a certain song they will sound just like them. I spent way to much money and wasted too many years learning that it just doesn't happen. That is why there are so many posts like "How can I get a sound like (insert guitar hero name)?". Even if you played your favorite guitar players rig in person you won't sound like them. Doesn't happen. 

so true. of course it doesn't help that gear advertising is often based on the idea that if you do buy their products that you will sound like the stars that use them (and often endorse them). 
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@sony.thepony You asked the wrong crowd. These guys are likely to recommend stuff you definitely don’t need at your level and they’ll let their biases strongly influence their opinions.  Good advice will give you some options and let you make better-informed decisions.

You want an amp for home practice that will provide some genre-specific presets. Let’s discuss some options that keep that goal at the forefront.

As much crap as people give it (and I have too at times), the Line 6 Spider series (I’d check out the V) does EXACTLY what you want. The downside is that Internet forum tone specialists will say you have a crappy amp. And they’re not wrong...from their perspective. Those amps don’t have the best tone and wouldn’t be a great choice for some gigs, but it sounds good enough and again, does exactly what you want. If you’re going to let internet negativity affect you (which is absolutely understandable imo), then it may not be the best choice as you’ll start to regret your choice.

The Boss Katana line is also a solid option, though it’s easier to quickly access a lot of presets on the Spiders. Blackstar would also get the job done to be honest.

You might also consider that even if you do get something like those that are fairly cheap, there will likely come a time when you want to upgrade. Some will argue that you may as well just get something “better” right off the bat. Not a horrible argument, but consider that by waiting you’re more likely to develop a better idea of what you actually want. Like what if you buy a nice Marshall and later wish you’d have gotten a Mesa? Furthermore, you’re almost certain to upgrade more than once anyway. You opened that door by reading a forum in the first place.

So while there are some potential downsides, the amps I (and some others) have mentioned do what you’re asking for.

Really so as one of "these guys" where exactly is my biased advice that doesn't answer the posters needs?  Line 6 gets crap over their low end stuff. why because there are better options. there are any number of modelling amps on the market that would suite the OPs needs and many were mentioned. calling out some of the most respected members of the forum isn't the way to make your "advice" seem so much better. most of what you said has already been stated so you could at least try to have a fresh perspective. at the top of this forum section are stickies which include sections on how best to get useful advice and how to give said advice. i wrote it with the input of many of "these guys". perhaps you should do a little homework before you start talking about the "wrong crowd" the OP and others here should be thrilled to get advice from guys who have been through all this and know there stuff. the goal is to help players especially new ones to avoid the pitfall we fell in. 
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monwobobbo I've tried Black 100(emulates ENGL RB100), 1979 british high gain( Marshall JMP Plexi 1979) and I've also tried '04 Insane 5153 V2 ( Peavey 5150) with varying success.... I am a bit lost TBH

welcome to the wonderful world of tone chasing.  ok i had to listen to video on my phone as i'm at work and youtube is blocked. you don't need a high gain amp for that at all. what you do need is some delay and to use your neck pickup for the section you asked about.  a JCM 800 sim would likely do the trick and you don't need tons of gain. add in the delay and you should be there. 
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Yes, it's all virtual effects, but I'm trying to copy what I  see  people doing on videos with real effects. He says he uses a tube factor boosted by a TS, so I  guessed the  distortion was coming from the T Factor instead of  the amp, when I put a tube drive after  the TS and in  front of the amp  with  gain in the amp I get a noise all the time even  using  a gate, any ideas on what to change?

ok well  i'd bet that a portion of the distortion is coming from the amp for starters. piling distortion into distortion before the amp results in what you got. what amp are you using?  when stacking boosts you need to lay off the distortion and let each step do a portion of the job. 

honestly i would see what i can get out of amp sims to try and get close to that tone. i have yet to use a set up like you have that actually duplicates how pedals interact with each other all that accurately. 
i hope you are talking a virtual tubescreamer as doing what you suggest with a real one would likely sound like ass.  yes most of the distortion would come from an amp not the pedal. 
sounds like a nut issue provided as Tony said the guitar strings have been stretched and are properly tuned.  next time you play check the tuning play a bit and check again. if out of tune then push a little on the strings above the nut. if you hear a plink sound then you know the strings are catching on the nut.
this type of question gets asked a lot but there isn't a definitive answer. sorry but no one can give you sure fire settings etc that will give you that sound no matter where you are. your amp should be capable and i'd throw the TS in front. take some time and twiddle knobs until you get close. chances are you will never be able to duplicate the tone exactly. even the band themselves don't get the exact tone live. 
Better picture or at least tell us name on headstock
no video or soundclip will kinda make an answer impossible
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Because he’s asking if he can connect a guitar amp to a bass amp, not a guitar to a bass amp

that's what i get for looking at this stuff right after i got up. oops my bad. 
are you talking pickups as magnets doesn't make much sense? 
agathis is associated with cheap guitars so gets a bad rep. like any wood if you get a good piece the it's likely no worse than any other wood. it's also pawned off as mahogany often which it really isn't. again that gives it a bad rap. if your guitar sounds good and plays well what it's made out of isn't a big deal.