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Let me make it clear, I am biased in favour of maple necks. But I've played a few rosewood necks and they play fine. I just prefer the maple. I have a couple of guitars with rosewood fingerboard.

To me it is not important who uses pau Ferro, just like it is not important who plays a thin neck as I like a big neck, to me the pay Ferro guitar did not feel right. It was very dry and sticky. Reminded me of darlin picks. Was it a bad guitar or a characteristic of the wood? Honestly, I don't know, but all I know is that it was disappointing!

umm... ok just mentioned the SRV strat as that is one that many strat fans have already tried. i find that often rosewood boards (especially on strats) do seem to be a little sticky especially if you are used to maple boards. the pau ferro boards i have played don't seem any different than rosewood to me at least. 
only tried the maple neck Player series and agree that i liked it. have nothing against pau ferro though. SRV sig has that. i to have a Standard (95) that got some upgrades and is my #1 strat (even over my 88 Strat Plus Deluxe). if you find a good one hten they are just as good as any other strat out there. i'm very tempted to get one of the Player series over a US one at this point. 
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Don't confuse intentional slang with inability to articulate, old man.

don't over estimate how smart you think you are.  i'll ignore the old man crack and consider the source. 
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I promise my knowledge of grammar and spelling exceeds your own, fam.

don't make promises you can't keep. 
as i recall the Crow thing was just a generic hard rock tone with a bunch of reverb on it. not exactly a style as it was just noodling. not familiar with the other movie enough to remember that part. 
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No. The Player series is quite a bit better. The pickups in the new Players series are way better. If anything, I think that the Standard prices will go down.

this is likely going to be the case. as mentioned used Standards are a dime a dozen already and i'm sure a fair number of owners will want to upgrade to the new model. Standards have been a great go to guitar for bar bands since they came out and likely will continue to do so for some years to come. in terms of an investment guitar it's never going to be one. 
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this makes it even sadder tbh

why. i'm a fair bit older than most here. so what. 
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whatchu guardin fam, yer virginity?

aha i knew those kids weren't mine. wife must have lied.  great spelling skills you have. you obviously have mistaken me for the average Pit denizen. not a virgin and haven't been since long before you were born. 
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wow that was clever. 
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Wow so if he was gay that’d make him not a real man or something. Your conception of masculinity is outdated and problematic dawg.

different generation i guess. of course if you take any of this seriously that is problematic as well.  i didn't start with the gay stuff first. i mean if he likes it in the rear by a boy band that's up to him (as long as he take s it like a man) 
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ohhhh..... im scared.  more likely you'll bend over and have all the members of the BackStreet Boys give it to you good. and i'm sure you'll like it.  
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show me your man card

sounds a little gay don't you think. 
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figures that you would know where they are. 
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2 minutes later

the imagery of this sequence of posts is hilarious

no more hilarious than your initial post.  and i don't recall asking for your opinion either. 
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no one asked for your opinion, faggot.

not a faggot just ask your mother. 
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no one asked for your opinion, faggot.

your mom didn't have any complaints the other day
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imagine thinking this doesnt slap

imagine you should be slapped for that  . of course it's catchy that is what pop music is. 
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more like NSUCK

I'm a Brian boy for life

betchu i could beat you up even if you had one thousand knives

i'll take that bet any day. i do security for a living and don't need even one knife. 
ok interesting. i can't watch the video so could you describe what sounds you are trying to get. (i know clean but how clean and how distorted) .  have to ask why you run your bass at 2 that seems aweful low. now the other thing is that when going for unity i start with the volume at 12 o'clock. can't see any reason to be running either of those amps at between 5-8. seems like the signal going in is to low and you are cranking the amp because of it.  i play a lot of older metal and hard rock and have never had my amp anywhere near 8 even in a band situation. 
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any guy who says stuff like this is probably very insecure

secure enough to know that boy bands represent the lowest form of pop music  and are meant for 12 year old girls. 
any guy who answered this can drop off his man card at the door.  
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monwobobbo It is set 8-9 o'clock on the pedal

ok then where is the distortion set?  how bout just saying where all the knobs are set so we are on the same page 
ok where is the volume set for the pedal? 
cheap, no name, china. all you need to know. it's crap. may work fine to begin with but when it wears out in 6 months of use you'll be unhappy. keep in mind that even letgit reviews are done when hte product is received. gotta wonder how many are still happy down the road. the addage you get what you pay for applies here. 
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T00DEEPBLUE Was it the  Infinium?  Supposedly they're better now with the Infinium line.

while Bugera has improved some they still come under the heading of you get what you pay for. they are cheap copies of popular amps that if working correctly do a decent job of sounding like what they copy. the issue so far has been that they aren't as reliable as they could be. some have no issues others have had some bad ones as TOODEEPBLUE has mentioned. as a spare they could be fine but i'd hesitate to get one as my main amp. 
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monwobobbo Cajundaddy Thank you both for your prompt comments My Amps is a VOXAC15 and a Marshall DSL40C. Both of them I use them on the 1st channel ( I use them as the clean sound and all the dirt from the drive). The VOX is set clean. The Marshall is set as clean as a Marshall  gets

I have the same issue with both amps. Now regarding the gain I have the gain on the pedal at 9 o'clock. I do not thinks is a high gain pedal or my settings are high gain. Anyway, the result I want to achieve is similar to this: ;t=298s if that helps. By the way I have set also my pups low to have less output. Could this be also an issue? For example the neck pickup is below the cover surface.

at work so can't watch the video . below the retaining ring seems to low to me. how close to unity is the pedal and amp? by this i mean volume difference between pedal on and off through amp. unity is the same volume. 
well what is the rest of your setup like. if your amp isn't really very clean  sounding to begin with you can only do so much. exactly how clean are you trying to get vs the distorted sound. 
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Thanks Soxtar. I have a Squier Strat that I have GFS plans for too. Is the GFS hardware (tuners, trem) any better than corroded Squier stuff?

i would certainly hope so  . the quality will likely be a step higher and a suitable replacement on the cheap
Damn $165 for an MG not a deal at all
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yes that's why. ahem.

they are the absolute bottom of the line starter guitar that fender offers. i kinda doubt they bother with the serial number info due to what they are. as a total beginner guitar they are ok but most will outgrow them after a few months of playing. 
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monwobobbo  Which one is a non floating tremolo, the cheaply ones? I guess whatever has the 2 long springs on the back is not good?

not a particular bridge but rather a setup method. non floating means the trem can't be pulled up as the back of the bridge rests on the body of the guitar. if the guitar is rear routed for pull ups then this gets a little tougher but can still be done. 
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So I'm back to plying guitar after a few years.  Back in the day I had a cheap Ibanez with a very basic whammy bar, I think like the ones in the strats or maybe way more basic; I don't remember if it was such a pia to play on a different tune, or maybe I just didn't care to change the tune for different songs.

Anyway,  now I have a nice guitar with a floyd rose,  I love the system and I appreciate that it always seems to be in tune but tuning the guitar to D standard or a different pitch, or even using a different gauge will bring the whole thing out of tune.

So, are Stratocaster tremolo more versatile for different setups?   Basically I want to re tune my guitar for D standard to play Conquer or Die and a few other songs that are not on E standard, should I get a completely different guitar that will do it all, and that guitar must have a fixed bridge?  Thanks!

they all require some degree of setup when drastically changing tunings or string gauge. nature of the beast. non floating trems work better for this but aren't always perfect without adjustment. 
no better or worse to play than any other guitar as far as shredding goes. classical position when sitting. the neck angle may be a big different that what you are used to but you should be able to adjust with minimal effort. 
all i hear fx wise is a little reverb and perhaps some slap back delay. the rest is in the playing. 
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I don't think stairway was on the first album, and I would consider that tone to be farily representative of LZ guitar.  If not the tele, what was the main recording guitar?

stairway is on LZ4  and only the solo was done with the tele. the rest of that song was recorded with a fender 12. a pretty hefty percentage of tunes were recorded with the famous 59 LP. a Danelectro was used for certain things as well. aside from those a Gibson Switchmaster was used and a Strat. Jimmy wasn't always forthcoming about what he used and also was well known for layering guitars. the LZ guitar sound had far more to do with production than what guitars were used. 
not as much as i'd like to but yeah i still play. have been for almost 40 years so why would i stop. 
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As I am prone to saying, “Telecasters don’t sound like people who don’t own telecasters think they sound.”
As an example, what guitar did jimmy page use on the stairway to heaven solo (and prolly most of the zep studio stuff)

page used the Tele for the first album and occasionally in the studio afterwards but i'd hardly say he used it on "most" LZ stuff. Jimmy used a variety of guitars in the studio some of which may surprise fans that only see the LP. 
try a different chord for starters. a bad chord can really drain the tone. if not that then you may have an issue with your guitar. i highly suggest seeing if you can play another guitar through your amp (to eliminate the possibility of an amp issue) and see what happens. of course it may be a preamp tube issue as well.