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Thanks. Boot was a long time ago and tbh not really a factor. Boot camp is not a big thing, i think you'll find that the majority of service personel feel the same, especially since you know exactly why you're there and should be prepared. Its not doing the job itself that is difficult, i guess its just the transistion to something different that im struggling with. All good though. I apreciate the input, thank you sir. 

well going from civilian life to military is an adjustment. bet if you really think back you'll see what i mean. might seem like it was breeze now but back then i'm sure you had days that made you wonder what you were thinking for joining.  change sucks but if you keep an open mind you'll be fine. i changed careers at 54 and i survived just fine. takes some time but just move forward and a few years from now this will seem like a breeze as well. 
easiest thing to do is to think back to when you first went into boot camp. everything was different and you had to adjust. you are going from one dangerous job (well potentially) to another. follow your work instructions (orders) and pay strict attention. you blow it and you and your fellow workers could get hurt or killed (same as the military) 
so you tried pickups with "texas" in the name and are shocked they are different?  did you check the specs on any of those? not a big surprise if the specs differ that they will sound different.  also alnico vs ceramic will make a difference as well. 
Not the first to do this. Others have tried but from a commercial standpoint failed
A JSX controller will work but takes a bit of getting used to. As mentioned there are aftermarket switches as well
when your rent meets or exceeds the average monthly mortgage payment then you should buy a house. apartments are good for people that don't want real responsibility in terms of taking care of a house, yard etc.  houses are great as they afford you the chance to make it your own and not have to answer to anyone. of course all the headaches are yours to. if you don't need a bunch of room then an apartment usually makes more sense. 
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Not really. Cheap (and hell, even some expensive) Fenders use cheap flimsy PCBs and crappy components. They also commit the cardinal sin of electronics manufacture: things that get mechanical stress mounted on the pcb with no way to transfer the stress to the chassis.

Re: that video, smooth999, tube rattle is sort of inevitable in combos where the tubes are behind the speaker, but a consistent tube rattle amp to amp is somewhat concerning. That reverb circuit problem, though, that's a circuit design flaw.

i was talking about the US made ones not the SS imports.  overall those have a pretty good reputation in terms of failure. 
very nice enjoy. i'd be jammin I Don't Need No Doctor on that bad boy for sure
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Cajundaddy Thank you! unfortunatelY, those you mentined are above my budget.
A Micro dark with the Ppc108 would use all my money, so I can't buy anything more expensive than that.
But I don't know If I want just one channel.... I may want to change between CLEAN/DISTORTION, so I'm considering a good amp to go with a good pedal (like the Metal Muff)

dude don't waste your money because you feel you have to get something right now. better to save some more and have some patience than piss it away. metal muff is hardly considered a good pedal. the VIP1 is ok but only has an 8" speaker which sucks. look for at at least a VIP2 which has a 12" speaker.  what would a used Valveking go for in Brazil? 
well good luck with that amp  

ok there aren't any just put it here and it's all good settings. you will have to listen to some of the tones you want on the albums and go from there. most the the bands you listed will use a slightly distorted sound with a little boost for solos. this will be tough to dial in on your amp as they all used tube amps. the edge of breakup sound is the hardest to get with what you have. experiment and be realistic. 
don't know what you've been smoking but if you think you'll get anywhere near $200 for a G30r you need to send some my way cuz it must be really good stuff  

first gen Peavey Valveking's can be had in the $150-250 range so you might want to consider one of those. 
there will always be compromises when you talk "bedroom" volume. keep that in mind. i play through tube amps at my apartment and honestly they sound "better" at higher volumes. doesn't mean crazy loud but probably louder than the neighbors would like.  i make adjustments and live with certain things as it's just practice not Madison Square Garden. 
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monwobobbo yeah I think most of the bad stories online are overhyped and its such a small percentage for bassbreakers. I have heard fenders quality control on amps are not as good as before. but its probably such a small small percentage its not worth worrying about. if I buy from guitar center I can get a 5 year warranty on even used amps.

well there you go. yeah you'll hear about people bitching loudly more than all the happy ones. 
Fender makes really good amps so you should have no issues. as for tubes well they are inherently not as reliable as you may like. some will last for many years and others will crap out much sooner. no way to tell on that. having tubes go on you is part of the deal with tube amps. if you take care then they should last for a while however as i said sometimes they just go on you.  a new amp should have a warranty which is always good. if you buy used then that in no way prevents you from getting a lemon. the amp could go the day after you buy it or last forever it's always a crap shoot. this can be said of anything though. i wouldn't sweat it so much and just get the amp if you like it and enjoy. 
need more pictures. the nut and string trees aren't stock for sure. could be a MIM neck. serial number could be on back of neck as certain years had that. 
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I'm curious why my JB was able to produce those crunchy palm mutes but the 81 can't?
I never really assumed the open back would be a major issue?
I put the 81 in to better accomadate drop tuning, which imo clarity wise it has. But it just sounds so thin. It thickens up when I roll off the volume a touch or back the OD tone off some bug then I end up falling out of that pocket I want to be in.
The sustain drops off, the bite and the attack sound less aggressive and I generally feel like I'm back in the rock tone?

to much gain might be the answer. takes less than you might think to get what you want. keep in mind that when you listen to the songs you want to play on an album that there is bass adding to the sound you here. another thing is that when recording you use far less distortion than you might think. this helps with the clarity but gives a false impression when played back on an album. the JB is voiced a certain way  and the EMG another. you may have to tinker with your EQ mnore. also keep in mind that if you up the volume on the anp the dynamics change and you may need to tweek the EQ. 
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I was thinking of putting it in the loop to fine tune. I just need something to get that bass back so my palm mutes dont sound so thin and the overall tone has more weight.

Stacked od has managed to get me the drive I'd like it just needs to be shaped is what I'm hoping.

you need a closed back cab. all the EQ in the world won't matter if the amp is incapable of producing the low end you seek. 
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Thanks, I had the option to grab a fish n chips probably for around the 50$ mark but then I found what looks like a pretty sweet deal in sudbury.
I know there Joyo but lmk what you think?
Joyo 6 band EQ, joyo classic Chorus, Joyo Roll Boost, and Joyo noise gate all 4 for 100$.
If the EQ alone is a serviceable unit I'd be happy.
I can sell the Chorus as I'll never use it, I can sell the noise gate as I have the Boss one already and like it.
So even if I got 25$-30$ each for the other two I'd be getting the roll boost and eq for ~40-50$ Canadian.
Worth it?

i have the Joyo 6 - band EQ which isn't bad. it doesn't have a slider for increasing output like the MXR 10- band so it really is only good as an EQ.  used prices on thiose is in the $25 -40 range at best. 
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Idk if anyone asked.... but what Guitar are you using?

I’m asking because if you’re using lower output pick ups on a Strat or LP you’re not gonna get clarity under higher gain no matter what amp you’re using.

this is nonsense. sure a strat with single coil pickups won't be your best bet for modern metal but a LP with PAF style humbuckers will be fine. lower output pickups excell at clarity so i'm not sure what you are thinking. your amp does the heavy lifting along with perhaps an overdrive. you don't need high output pickups for the Brootz. 
part of your problem is that the VK doesn't have a really good bass response needed for playing a lot of modern metal especially down tuned stuff. an OD won't fix that. on the cheap you may want to look at Joyo or similar chinese knock off pedals. i know they do a version of the OCD that has gotten some good reviews from users. you may also want to try to find a Digitech Hardwire CM-2 overdrive as that has a separate bass control and has a higher gain mode as well. you may also want to find and  OD that has a built in clean boost. 
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I'd like to point out that Matt Heafy streams on twitch often and also mentions his LP is stock and shows it off on occasion. You can see it clear as day and it's bone stock. He hasn't even swapped out the dinky Epiphone switches. I'd also like to point out that there would be nothing stopping them for mentioning if they weren't stock or were a custom deal different than the regular guitar after their contract expires yet I can't find a single person that says so. 

depending on the language of the contract they may not be able to say anything even later.  non disclosure clauses are found in many business contracts and would allow them to be sued if thye break the agreement. also when they move on to the next endorsement they may not want to say anything as a new deal might not come if they did.  i do seem to remember that the fact that a star's guitar wasn't the same as a stock version has been mentioned a couple of times.  endorsements can be lucrative and good for a band.  who knows maybe some players do play actual bone stock versions of their sig guitars but i'd bet that the number is very few. 
gonna take a slightly different approach to this question.  if you do upgrades that potential buyers find desirable then you can get more for the guitar. the biggest  "if" though is that you  need to find a buyer that wants the exact upgrades you made and sees a "premium" value in it. you will be hard pressed to get your money back for the upgrades in any event. doin this tends to limit your potential buyers pool. at best someone may be willing to pay the top end of the current used market for a guitar do to upgrades. 
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I guess if you don't believe it, that settles it.

On the other hand, I'd be interested in knowing what, if anything, you think was done (aka "individual attention") to hers that is not done with a guitar off the line?
Nancy's been playing guitar nearly a half century, and it's likely that she'd rather have her favorite local tech tweak her guitar than to have to negotiate with someone at the Chinese factory 6500 miles away do something "special."   In person, the guitar looks pretty basic.

well that assumes that it was made in china which i'd bet isn't the case. but for the sake of discussion i'm not talking about what you mentioned. rather i'm talking about more hand time in on the guitars that are being sent to her. after all labor is one of the things that makes the US Gibson more expensive. just saying that i really doubt hers are just random off the line guitars. 
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I asked her that question when she and her sister were appearing at McCabes in Santa Monica.
Box stock (the pickups may have been swapped).

ok she "says" that but it doesn't mean that its true. swapped out pickups already means not stock . she may be compelled by contract to give that answer. regardless i doubt her's are off the rack and likely were given some individual attention not done with a guitar off the line. 
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Nancy Wilson of Heart doesn't have your issue.

while a good example on paper it's not likely her Epi's are off the shelf models. . 

nothing wrong with Epiphone and honestly they make some really nice guitars. their higher end LPs are nice and many of their semi-hollow models are excellent. 
low end Dean. as a first guitar or a cheap backup it should be ok. 
the red is germanium the blue is silicon. the germanium tends to be a little smother sounding while the silicon ihas more balls to it. making fuzz work in your setup is a bit of an art form and takes some work. i had a red fuzzface but didn't keep it. i currently have the Seymour Duncan Tweekfuzz and the Akai DR-3 which has 3 fuzz circuits for varying results. it does a good big muff imitation. 
pretty sure the original idea was that if you sell for $1000 and bought  for $700 that your profit would be 300 which is 30% of the retail price. 
have you considered there may be an issue with the tone pot or jacks with your wah?  i assume your wah is first in the chain?  have you checked the cables? 

as for a different wah i'd recommend a Morley Classic.  have you tried just the wah and the TS and just the Wah and the soul food? 
considering that there are likely more overdrive / distortion pedals on the market than any 3 other styles of pedals you can think of put together i'd say they aren't useless.  

the MXR is used to punch up  the sound some but isn't worth  much as a standalone in terms of producing gain. many use one to add a little umph and shape to a lead tone so it stands out more in a band mix. for that it's great. 
will be turning the reverb to max and throwing in some tremelo in his honor.  thanx for all the great guitar and may you catch the big wave to your final reward
the guitar is a tool the player determines what gets played. there really are no "better" guitars for what you mentioned just guitars that may work for you playing wise. any of the 3 that you mentioned would be just fine for what you mentioned. the real ? is which of those do you feel the best playing. what amp are you using? again this may play more into your needs than the actual guitar. i play blues / blues rock with a BC Rich Eagle all the time. BC Rich is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning those genres. it works for me though. 
1 year of playing isn't much at all so perhaps you need to temper your expectations. learning that you aren't as good as you thought should be viewed as a good thing. reevaluate and get better. guitar isn't an easy thing to get "good" at. i've been playing for 40 + years and still am just ok. most of the guitar issues can be fixed pretty easy so hang in there and learn the lesson. 
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Hi Steven, would an OD not be any good with the level up but gain down and using the tone dial to get the sound I am after. Would it still push too much feedback ? Cheers

Edit: gain a pretty much 0

well the results may not be what you want. the volume up gain down thing works best with a tube amp and often sounds like ass when done with a solid state amp. it's tough to make a small practice amp sound great to begin with. i'd see if i could try a TS style pedal with the amp before i bought one to see if i get what i want. 
well for starters have you tried to power these pedals without batteries to actually see if there is any perceivable difference? people say really isn't the best guide for that.  i don't really know if what you suggest would work or is worth the effort. 
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The Vypyr is not such a big upgrade over the line 6., other mentions in this thread are far better.
as for a guitar it will be a concern in the future, but I guarantee that through a decent tube amp his guitar is going to sound better than any high end guitar through the Vypyr.

disagree that the Vypyr is only a small upgrade. for metal it's one of the better modeling amps and they are affordable. the OP really doesn't have the budget for a tube amp and keep in mind that he isn't in the US or EU so doesn't have cheap access to that many amps used.  the OP also doesn't have or can afford a "high end" guitar so your point is kinda mote. using cheaper guitars through a modeling amp is affordable and just fine to play at home. 
i'd also look into a Peavey VIP /Vypyr series amp if you want metal.  as mentioned amp is the place to start but hen you will need to get a better guitar. what you have is very low end and won't really give you what you want. keep in mind that each item is a link in a chain and the chain is only as good as it's weakest link. also keep in mind tha the gear used to record any of the things you mentioned was high end stuff with some studio magic behind it. 
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not really the same as a power conditioner. although those are good for spikes it does nothing if voltage is lower. the power conditioner is designed to keep the power consistent