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I'd suggest stacking pedals and see what sounds you can come up with. From what I've seen a lead sound. is never the sole product of one pedal. You could try a compressor in there aswell, to even out the dynamics. Even a slight delay effect would help thicken the sound.

good ideas but i disagree with the idea that a lead sound is never one pedal. if you have a good rhythm sound with your amp then all it should take is an overdrive to kick that lead in. stuff like delay is nice but not essential. 

OP i dunno you seem to recognize that your amp does have limitations so if i were you i'd explore those and then find a pedal that allows you to make up what is missing.  i play a strat myself but have an amp that has a good drive channel (and a reasonable clean). i mean if the clean sound is where your head is at then you can only expect so much on the distorted side. also since you cover a ton of ground sonically you have to realize that there is no way you will nail all those tones. 
the isn't much if any of a market for "parts" from guitars like that. very few are trying to restore a platinum series BCR.  it's a beater guitar at this point and never will be more unless you spend stupid money. i'd call it relic'd and leave it at that. Guitar Fetish can supply you with cheap parts that will make it sound at least acceptable. 

on a side not BC Rich just got bought so hepefully the new owners will do right by the brand. 
have you tried adding an EQ pedal to your set up? some tonal tweeking might help. also thick and creamy needs to be better defined by your standards so that you might get better help. those kinds of descriptors aren't all that helpful 
at work so i don't have my manual handy but i believe there is one online. as i recall the amp has to be set a certain way for the footswitch to work properly.. if not then it may well be an internal connection. mine didn't come with the proper footswitch but rather one from a JSX. it works but did take some figuring out. 
5 watt amp means lousy cleans at high volume pretty simple. it was never meant to be a high gain amp but rather to be like a 60s plexi that could be used at home or in the studio.  just sticking an overdrive in front won't get you high gain sounds as that isn't the job of either thing used. 

new amp time if that is what you are after
i'll throw in my 2 cents on this as it's a little different.  first i'd use a pedal / amp for distortion as i've never really been happy with a multi-fx pedal for that (granted i've never used a really high end one like say axe-fx) . time based fx are usually great with a mult-fx unit so if i was going to use one it would be for that. programming options certainly give you more to work with than tap dancing on pedals. with all this in mind then perhaps a combination is the best bet. of course it all depends on how simple or complex your needs are.  i use pedals but only have 4 (ok  i confess that i to have a box full of them but only 4 go on the board usually). out of the 4 only the overdrive gets used fairly regularity with the other 3 getting kicked on or off here and there. otherwise i only use the channel switcher for my amp. i'm not playing songs that require multiple changes through though. i tend towards a 70s style when there was only a couple of pedals available. 
nope got rid of it a long time ago. my first was a 60s Japanese made piece of shit that had a telephone pole neck and action so high that slide players would complain. it's a wonder i learned anything on it.  you couldn't pay me to take that thing back. 

honestly at this point the longest held guitar i have i got about 12 years ago. doesn't get much use these days but i still have it.  i'm way more about the guitars that are rigth for me than nostalgia at this point. i've had my 2 main guitars for about 7 years now and so far i haven't found another guitar i liked more.  if and when i do i'll move on as i have been doing for about 40 years now. 
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monwobobbo im looking for a Sabbath tone

which one as depending on the album  that changes a fair bit at times.  what tuning are you using? 
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You guys talking about high gain amp or no, a good high gain amp isn’t necessarily needed in this case but it’s not a terrible idea. Gain can always be turned down.

I’d say keep it simple. Consider the new Marshall Studio Classic. It’s their newest incarnation of the JCM800 and reviews seem very positive so far. That with your cab of choice, a good boost pedal (anything tubescreamer-based), and a decent delay should get you going.

For guitars, you could do a Strat for the Yngwie stuff, though you could also do something with humbuckers. Really you’ll be fine with either as long as the guitar inspires you to play. Because you have some heavier leanings I’d probably steer you towards a good guitar with a humbucker in the bridge and that can coil split.

not really saying don't get a high gain amp so much as saying you don't need a ton of gain.  again for newer players they tend to gob on the gain. i did it back in the day myself kinda think we all do until we learn better. 

to those who are using you tube videos as examples keep in mind that those are very compressed and that effects the tone heard including the gain sound. if you've never recorded then you might not be aware that you use less gain than you might think when doing so. the recording process adds to it.  unfortunately we hear the end result and when trying to duplicate the tone that is heard end up using more gain than was really there when recorded. 
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I mean, I have an EHX Russian Big Muff...and 2 clones of it.  And have others on my GAS list.  (All of them have more tonal control than the original, though.)

One part of me lies to myself, justifying my multiple redundancies by saying that I really will put together discrete pedalboards for the different genres in which I dabble.

Including actual bedalboards (probably from Chemistry Designworks) and a Carl Martin Octaswitch devoted to each, no less!

of course you will you're just waiting for that last piece of the puzzle before you do it  . i can't even remember the last time i had my pedal board together (and it's small). i practice using a cheap chinese mini TS clone (Eno Music OD-9) and that is about it. occasionally i throw  in one of my Morley Whas. i have a whole box full of pedals myself that are getting a little dusty (even though the lid is on.)  but i'll put together my regular board and a Hendrix style board, yes sir... i will.....soon.....
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Kinda my point!  In all honesty, I have more than I need.  But that hasn’t really slowed me down.  Hell, if I’m honest, I’ve accelerated...

i hear you. i'm not doing anything at the moment so haven't bought anything but i still look and sooner or later something will pop up that  i can't resist whether i "need" it or not. i love looking and trying different gear. i'll try things i have no use for just to say i did. i'll try any guitar that i haven't even if it doesn't fit my needs at all just for the experience. 
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The key is the mids.  Scooping the mids sounds cool for metal rhythm, but kills the clarity of lead work.  If you add highs to try to cut through the mix, you wind up with "thin and awful".  Too much distortion also kills clarity and "purity".  Yngwie has less distortion and compression going than most people think.  A word I throw around is "articulate".  I like low output pickups, with moderate distortion and a fairly flat EQ.  Some amps just have "it".  I gigged soldano's for years, and they have a great upper-mid "something"/sweetness that just works.  Cranked plexi/800 is similar

similar to what i was saying. it's not about distortion which if there is to much ruins the tone and clarity.  newer players tend to gob on the distortion thinking it "helps" but more often it covers bad technique to a degree. when you try to play complex note patterns though it just sounds like shit. as always making sure your picking is up to snuff will help more than any amp or guitar. 
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I don't need multiple amps.  I have 2.

I don't need a bunch of redundant pedals.  I have dozens.

I don't need more than a few guitars.  I have...30(?).

c'mon now "need" has nothing to do with GAS. if we only got what we "needed" the whole industry would collapse and where's the fun in that  
nah i love to look and try new gear when i can. haven't bought anything new in like 6 years but looking is free. 
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No offense, but that actually won’t work- the mistake people make is thinking they can use the same rig as a guy playing theaters and areanas.
A typical player will never have the chance to use the sheer volume Malmsteen used in getting his early tone.
If you can play a plexi on 10, then lower output pickups and a DOD250 could work

For regular band and club volumes, I’d go with a setup that has more gain on tap.

And you would be wrong. That style relies on great note articulation. The more gain you add the more mush you get. You don't need a plexi but using less gain on a master volume amp will get you better results. Trust me I've been at this since the 80s. Guys tend to pile on the gain to cover bad picking technique.
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You just need enough gain
Early Malmsteen actually didn’t have that much gain, but his right hand was a machine

There’s plenty of amps today with gain up the Wazoo, so you have a lot of options

sorry but this isn't what you want. high gain isn't the key to a good neo classical shred tone at all. you need some gain but need to retain note clarity and articulation. a little gain and some sustain is the key. most important is your playing though. the ability to cleanly pick notes is really the most important thing. add in a little delay and you should be golden. 

as far as guitars go i'd fight the urge to get one that has high output pickups. something that has medium output pickups or low (Yngwie all the way)  will work better. 
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martmiguel repair is $25. but the only damage ive noticed is a blue wire that isnt connected to anything on the inside. im not sure if its just an extra wire or if it was disconnected from something

really???? a wire is hanging loose and you have to wonder about it. dude they don't just throw in extra wires that do nothing for shits and giggles. 
i'm thinking soemthing from Jet City  would do the trick. you may also want to look at a Marshall DSL 40c.  keep in mind that most Power Metal guitar players use a fair bit of gear so what you hear on an album isn't just an amp. one other amp you may want to look at is a Peavey JSX or an Ultra if you can find one. they have that smoother distortion sound found in much power metal. 
agree VK is the way to go. i can get a fair amount of different tones from mine. in terms of metal it doesn't do the modern stuff all that will even with an overdrive in front but if you want say Judas Priest or old Metallica then those are doable. 
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monwobobboI do plan to use it clean for my pedals, my previous amp didnt take them good and did not offer an effects loop, overall according to what pepole said I think I made a pretty decent buy

always good to be happy. i had a Bandit 65 way back in the mid 80s and it did the job along with my trusty Rat pedal. not as good as a tube amp but certainly got me through a few gigs. 
the Bandit has been around for a long time in various versions. it has a good rep as far as solid state amps go. as for whether it's "good" or not depends on what you expect out of it. as a clean platform for pedals it's pretty good. on it's own in terms of distortion sound well, meh it's ok but nothing to write home about. 
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monwobobbo I thought maybe that's what was going on. I just took the pickguard off, wish I had taken a picture. I'm starting to think the pickups are original to it the way it's wired. if not, the person who did it was quite professional.

might be but i know no older models used those pickups. if the guitar is newer then it's in pretty bad shape (well it is any ways) 
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monwobobbo this thing is confusing the crap out of me. It's definitely had replacement parts put on. Just out of curiosity, would you happen to know why it has the pickup selector and the mini toggle?

yeah the mini switch was to split the humbucker for that pseudo single coil sound.  not sure if will work with the current pickups. 
hmmm.... interesting. it appears that the neck and body is an older model and may be japanese or at least korean made. guessing the pickups aren't original. 
more info needed on this. how high is the gain set?  you may need to ease up on the bass as well. 
it's one of the recently made Kramers not one of the japanese made ones from the 80s-early 90s. pix would help
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I also have a family graveyard that dates back to the 1800's. Unfortunately, one of the graves has an ancestor of mine that fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Good to know I come from a family of fucking traitors.

don't be to hard on yourself. many fought in the confederate army (or the union for that matter) that had no real stake in the war just happened to be in the north or south. 
can't say i'm consumed with it or anything but it is interesting.  my dad's side of the family is fairly easy to trace back to the late 1700s as there is a cemetery that holds most of my ancestors  that came over from Scotland. of course sometimes family history can be a bit embarrassing as well. turns out there are two brances of ou family that came to the States back then. my side which were horse thieves and sentenced to either hang or go to the new world.   the other side were fairly well to do and settled down south running several large plantations (thus slave owners). the History of our clan is pretty interesting and i find that cool and well worth checking out (though our clan tartan is ugly as sin. i have a necktie but never wear it as it goes with nothing).                                                                                                                                      
well you can talk to an amp tech or even Boss and see what they say. chances are that it will cost more than it's worth to fix it though. sounds like something intrnally isn't switching channels properly which may be a bad solder point on the board or a section of the mother board is fried. either way it may be difficult to fix. 
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Well how about a specific pedal that made you a noticbly better player?

pedals can't make you a "better" player only you can do that. i hate seeing this as to many newer players get the idea that somehow that "magic" pedal will make them better overnight. doesn't happen that way. being inspired by a pedal is one thing but never confuse that with the idea that a pedal will somehow make you "better" 
well you need a wah pedal or it's a no go if you want to do that solo. 
sounds more like an eq issue than anything. this is why i greatly prefer to have separate clean and dirt channels on an amp (with eq for each channel). a good clean tone may not work as well with pedals as they often have an eq curve of their own. a good distortion or OD pedal will have eq options that can be tweeked to work with your amp settings but sometimes the amp needs to be tweeked as well. amps and pedals have to be set to work with each other and sometimes you have to compromise a little to get them all to play nice together. 
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I just use my phone.

while not the most precise method this works for home use. i downloaded the Boss tuner app on my phone and it works well enough to tune my guitar for practice. also nice to have for visits to Guitar Center or other music stores where guitars are oten less than in tune. 
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monwobobbo I belive that in the ending solo he uses a tube screamer to beef up the tone otherwise he also changes his toggle from lead to Rythem a couple times maybe that’s why it sounds like an overdrive pedal?

a couple of parts have a much thicker sound with a bite that wouldn't come from a pickup change  necessarily. i'd just experiment and see what works not really worth sweating it out. with a tube amp you'll get closer to the sound and it will be a bit easier. 
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Imonwobobbo I’ve been experimenting with my amp and after cranking the volume I find I get a much closer sound to the video without the use of any pedals, after listening closely it’s possible he’s using no pedals at all, just a cranked tube amp to get the growl would you say it’s pretty accurate to assume it’s just the use of a loud ass amp?

well yeah i mean that has been mentioned already. it sounds to me like in certain parts of that video he may have kicked in a pedal for added dirt and sustain but it's not overwhelming the sound. i tend to do that as well with my live setup. the basic distortion sound is done by the amp with an overdrive added for extra kick for lead playing or a heavier rhythm sound. it helps that i have a 3 channel amp for my main live setup though. 
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monwobobbo actually it does man, when you use your amps distortion and gain instead of pedals the boost does nothing because the amp compresses it to fit where its volume knob is at

umm.... not my amp. what amp are you using?  i use a boost to make things a bit louder and add some grit all the time.  are you using it properly? 
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monwobobbo oh I got you I’m also reading that there are 2 channels on the peavy classic lead and normal it seams the the pre gain controls how hard your pushing the amp and the post amp control works as a volume knob in this channel of that sounds correct? You may have already stated this in a different way I just wanted to see if this sounded right? So in my case to achieve the sound from the video I’m kinda chasing I would want to get that growl with the pre amp knob then control how loud I want the overall sound with the post amp knob correct?

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monwobobbo i'm using my amps distortion (sorry i forgot to add that part in)

changes nothing boost goes in front of amp 
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monwobobbo ok I usuall have my EQ set pretty strick on all my amps with treble at 4, bass on 7, and middle on 7 then my volume and gain is pretty fair game depending on my amps I have a master on my thrc that alows me to keep my tone when the volumes set high but I need it quieter, dose the ore gain work the same way as a master

not exactly and it depends on the amp. the classic 30 and my valveking don't have a master volume. it has volume and gain. you turn up the gain it gets more distorted. you know about the volume. with an actual master volume you set the regualr volume and gain and then set overall volume with the master. 

what i mean about changing eq is that when you start getting loud with an amp some frequencies become more apparent . this changes the dynamics of your tone. you may need more treble and less bass for instance because at louder volumes the bass come out more.