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monwobobbo ok I usuall have my EQ set pretty strick on all my amps with treble at 4, bass on 7, and middle on 7 then my volume and gain is pretty fair game depending on my amps I have a master on my thrc that alows me to keep my tone when the volumes set high but I need it quieter, dose the ore gain work the same way as a master

not exactly and it depends on the amp. the classic 30 and my valveking don't have a master volume. it has volume and gain. you turn up the gain it gets more distorted. you know about the volume. with an actual master volume you set the regualr volume and gain and then set overall volume with the master. 

what i mean about changing eq is that when you start getting loud with an amp some frequencies become more apparent . this changes the dynamics of your tone. you may need more treble and less bass for instance because at louder volumes the bass come out more. 
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monwobobbo awsome I’ll probly go with the peavy then! I live in a apartment and crank my model thrc10 pretty loud without issues obviously I’d have the classic set at about tv level. If that’s possible

yeah you can do it. i use a Peavey Valveking for practice and my neighbors haven't killed me yet.  be aware that the classic 30 can get very loud and be used in a band. just show some restraint. also be aware that your tone controls will need to be tinkered with if you turn up the volume to band levels. 
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monwobobbo also will it stay realitivly clean like genders tend too? I like how in the video it sounds rather broken up but still clean and not to fuzzy

the Classic 30 is a more beefy Fender style amp. yes it will stay kinda clean but with some hair on it. that is what that type of tone is all about. it is harder to get at lower volumes but you should be able to get something that works. 
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monwobobbo ok thanks! And I’m looking at the peavy 30 rn and what is the difference between pre amp and post amp gain

what part o the amp the gain is derived is the difference.  most amps these days are designed for preamp gain as that is easier to obtain and can be used at lower volumes. power amp gain  comes from the power tubes and that means pushing them hard which also translates into very loud. the amp behaves a little different but as i said most are using preamp gain at this point. preamp gain can be touchy to set when going for edge of breakup tones but with some effort you'll get it. 
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I'm getting into playing gigs, (Blues/Rock/Metal) and I got a booster pedal for my solos, but I don't have an effects loop on my amp, what should I do? (easiest way and most affordable)

boosts go in front of the amp not in the loop
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monwobobbo ok and in the video would you agree he’s using a fulltone octafuzz along with the amp to get that sound? Or is it simply the work of a amp on the verge of breaking up

in parts of the song he seems to be using something so i'll say yes. a big part of the sound is a cranked amp though. 
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skylerquinn51 monwobobbo I also belive he’s using a full tone octafuzz on fuzz to help get that tone

i'm not real familiar with his setup so it's possible. a tube amp is the way to go and wil take those types of pedals well. 
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monwobobbo would a blues jr get me there?

it would be a lot closer than a Mustang. you may want to look at a Peavey Classic 30 as an option.  one thing about that tone is that it comes from a cranked amp. obviously at home you'r probably not going to be able to do that.  you can reasonable close using preamp gain but it will take some time to dial in with reasonable expectations
modeling amps tend to have a tough time with the edge of breakup tones like the one found in the video. pedals won't make that any better. modeling amps are designed to work best with the internal fx and often don't do well with overdrive or distortion pedals.  if you want this type of tone then get a tube amp. 
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Yeah, “in theory”. Have you tried using the site search recently? It’s terrible. I’ve resorted to using Google and adding “ultimate guitar“ to my search terms to find anything on the forum.

well never said it would work just that it was an option and kinda the intention of the feature. 
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i used a DS-1 back in the 80s and had no issues with it even though i used hot pups (for the time) with it.  never tried wone with the hotter EMGs or anything like that though. you can always dial back the volume or distortion a bit to compensate. the DS-1 isn't a really high gain pedal and doesn't get you bass heavy tones if you are going for modern metal. 
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I mean, compressed tones are kind of what you expect for metal.

yeah agree. i think that the sound is built into the pedals gain structure to deliver metal sounds. why did you choose this pedal to begin with it doesn't sound like it is what you were going for. 
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i had a lengthy conversation with the powers that be when i was an elected mod on this topic. the bottom line was they wanted to keep conversations fresh and going vs resurrecting a thread that may be years old on the same topic. some exceptions could be made on a case by case basis. granted this in some ways defeats the idea of using the search bar. in theory you could use the search bar to find a topic which may already have your answer in it so no need to post again on topic. none of this is perfect and some rules have to be set. 
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I like the DSL as a legit low cost Marshall with tone.  The Concert amp actually came in many versions so the year built matters a lot.  Some were totally badass Fenders and some were just ok.  Some were kinda lame IMO.  

I personally really liked the vintage Concert amp from 1960-1964.  The Brownie versions were a lot like the Fender Bassman 4x10, and the Blackface 1964 was much like a Super Reverb sans verb.  Downright badass and unlikely found for $500.

Next came the "Rivera" models  from 1980-84 known as Concert II.  They were Mesa wannbes and they have a cult following but I never liked them.  The OD had none of that buttery smooth Mesa tone and the clean wasn't sparkly Fender either.  Swing and a miss IMO.

1993 saw a reissue of the Concert "Pro tube series" amp that is very similar to a Hot Rod Deluxe clean channel.  I have never played through one but it is a 40w 1x12 with good reviews.  If you like vintage Fender tone this is probably a good way to get there without dropping a ton of cash for an old vintage Brownie Concert.

early 60s Concerts were awesome as a clean platform or cranked super loud. i had a 4x10 back in the mid 80s (paid $200)  with a Rat running through it it really cooked. 
the MXR 10 band is a great unit. as far as a rack mounted EQ well yes they usually are better but do you really need something like that. 
well that depends on what you want out of an amp. the Fender Concert (provided we are talking tube amp) is a great clean platform but won't yield much in terms of distorted tones. the Marshall will have good distortion tones and the clean channel isn't bad.  really depends on what your needs are. 
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Yes I think the first upgrade I'm putting on is locking tuners. I'll have to find a roller nut do you know what brands are good or not? Thanks a lot

well there aren't a ton of options. i have an LSR on mine. not sure if wilkinson still makes their roller nut or not. i have an older version on my Strat plus again it works fine. 
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i bought one of those Pacers when it first came out back in 83. i was the first guy in my area that had a floyd rose trem (that's why i bought that guitar). honestly it wasn't that great. at the time sure nothing like it but within a couple of years there were plenty of guitars that i liked better. i'd go to a guitar shop and try a bunch to see what you like. if the Kramer can be had cheap then it may be worth putting some money into. it does feature an original schaller made FR and the pickups are also schaller. 
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Mostly hendirx style use of it so yes divebombs, and I prefer a trem that can be pulled back in order to make chords/notes go higher which from what I've seen isnt as easy on the stock standard bridges.

6 point will work fine for that. as already mentioned that is what Jimi used  and i use one a fair bit myself. a 6 point can be set to float so that you will get some pull up and you can dive bomb with them (EVH used a 6 point on the first VH album).  in order for this to work you need a properly cut nut and to make sure the strings are as straight as possible going through the nut. as i mentioned i use locking tuners (staggered so you don't need string trees) and have roller nut. works fine for Jimi. 
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I mean by definition a shorter scale should decrease the distance between the frets, which would help me out given I have a hard time stretching my smaller fingers/hand with the 25.5" scale that both have. Of course that could just be a lack of practice and maybe if I practice hours upon hours a day, I'd probably be able to stretch more, but why do that when a smaller scale is possible? And like I said, looks aren't everything, but I've gotten really tired of the standard Strat look (the Jackson is a Super Strat too). The Jaguar definitely provides something different and unique. I'm not the biggest fan of the Strat pickups either, 'cause I mean it's a cheap $200 Squier. It's a good bang for your buck, but $200 can only get you so far.

ok well i have short fingers to but play a Strat as well. i wouldn't think with what you are playing that long stretches would be required. i'm guessing that hand position may be the real issue. shorter scale doesn't really translate into much of a difference between frets though. it does mean less tension which makes bending easier but it also is associated with tuning issues. 24" scale would suck for any down tuning you may want to do. 
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I have a Squier Affinity Strat HSS and a Jackson JS32 Dinky.

ok what about those guitars don't you like and why do you figure that a 24" scale guitar will play better for you? 
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I bought a Warlock Bronze Series new in 2008 but it had the inline headstock.

ok just saying that bronze series dates back a ways. 
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Thanks. I plan on doing most of this later on so price isnt a major worry. Ill check these out because I do like the effect of floyds, and plus I'm putting it on a mexi standard so I wont get shamed on by gear heads and strat snobs  . I'll have to search for a supplier but I'm definitely going to keep it in mind! Ill probably end up needing one of those fancy nuts that keeps the guitar in tune, any recommendations for those?

what exactly are you doing trem wise when playing? i have a MIM with an LSR roller nut and locking tuners installed. it stays in tune fairly decently but you can't go totally apeshit with the trem. no need to replace the bridge if you aren't trying to do crazy dive bombs or other tricks that really require a Floyd. 
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I've played a Squier Jaguar but not a Fender, and the parts that I didn't like aren't on the models I'm comparing so I think I should be fine, everything else checked out good. I actually have this like 23" scale Martin classic guitar from when I was younger that I prefer to practice on 10x more, it's just so much more comfortable to play on. That leads me to my assumption that I'd enjoy a 24" scale over a 24.75" scale (not to mention I really didn't like the SG's and Les Pauls I've tried out).

well what electric guitar do you have now? 
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Yeah, entry level Warlock, what later became the Bronze Series. I'd say pre-2008

bronze series is a 90s guitar.  agree though entry level warlock. nothing special or even remotely valuable. 
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Yeah I gotcha. I consider playability and comfort above all things first and foremost, and so that's why I started by looking into short scale guitars. I mean, I guess when I'm looking for a shorter scale guitar with humbuckers, you'd ask yourself why I don't just get a Gibson, but I've tried SG's and Les Pauls in my price range and honestly just didn't like them. I just got a new amp and I'm really satisfied with it, so that's why I was looking to upgrade the guitar part next.

that's fine. let me ask you this Have you ever played an actual Fender Jaguar?  i guess it seems like you like the shape and a couple of bands you like use them but haven't actually played one. there are other guitars with 24.75 scale.  shorter scale doesn't really make playing easier per se. 
low end Warlock with widow style headstock.  made in china means it's probably  a post 2000 guitar and more likely a post 2010.  its'  one of the cheaper models. 
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Wait so the single coil that the Player Jaguar has isn't even like a "Jaguar" pickup? I thought that one at least was.

I mean, maybe I overemphasized the Metal I play. Like I said, Old School Metal, so I don't need 7 strings or crazy active pickups. And it doesn't even have to be ideal for Old School Metal either, I play just as much, maybe even a little more of noisy Garage and Psych Rock. Stuff like Ty Segall, who uses Mustangs and Jaguars from what I know. I've owned a Strat for a while and yeah, they may be versatile and all but I'm kinda bored of it. I wanted something different, and while looks aren't everything, the offset body of the Jaguar really caught my attention. I'm not that big of a guy either so the short scale really appealed to me. That's basically why I wanted a Jaguar over another Strat.

yeah the single coil pickup in that guitar is pretty much a straight up strat pickup. fender really doesn't make a cheap jaguar that has authentic pickups and electronics. without those it's just a body style with the name. it will work for what you want but what kind of guitar you use for  garage / psych type rock is far less important than the amp and fx. 

nothing wrong with wanting to be different  as long as it's what actually works for you. for instance  i play blues and blues rock with a BC Rich Eagle. not the first (or last)  guitar you think of for those styles.  the guitar works for me and actually does very well with those styles but BCR has a metal only rep these days. 
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Ah yeah I get what you're saying. That's why I don't want to drop the Player, it at least has some original Jaguar in it because it has that single-coil pickup. And trust me, I'm not one to place looks above other more important things. The color of the Player Series was just a real nice touch, I still prioritize playability and comfort way more.

well honestly the player isn't much like a jaguar either. it lacks the electronics and actual jaguar pickups which aren't the same as a strat or tele style single coil. the trem isn't good for much past light vibrato. not suitable for your average metal playing. 

why are you stuck on a jaguar when it seems that many other guitars would be more suitable for what you are playing? 
jaguar isn''t exactly the first thing i think of when i think metal   honestly once you take away the jaguar pickups and electronics it's just a guitar shape and not anything like the real thing sound wise. buying guitars for color is one of the worst ways to go. you don't play the color. 
start by playing a basic A chord. play a few basic riffs (songs depend on style of guitar) . noodle a bit and after a few minutes (often sooner) i'll know if the guitar is a yay or nay. 
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I guess modeling software would work. But when you pull together the cost of software, an interface and decent speakers/monitors....  Sure, you can get a decent sound with cheaper setups, like the Katana or the PODs, vypers, or some of those lunchbox amps and so on. But getting a really great sound takes like a grand for sure, and matching the tone in that video seems like it would take some cash to achieve. For sure you need some sort of cab with a decent speaker, and some sort of decent amp, and those two things together... well....

doesn't have to cost a grand but still not dirt cheap. depending on what tones you are trying to get it can be done at a more reasonable cost.  i can get some decent base tones from my Peavey Valveking and a TS style overdrive. with some work and a good ear you'd be surprised what you can accomplish. of course if the sound requires a bunch of fx then it can jack the cost up more . one thing not really mentioned is the actual recording process and how that effects the tone. when using distortion for recording you have to use less than you would think. due to saturation the finished result sounds more distorted than it actually was. often you hear note clarity but when you try to duplicate the tone live you try to get the finished sound which isn't actually what they used. it often doesn't sound right (note even in digital recording this happens). 
take a look at an Epiphone G400 (SG style) . it will certainly cover what you mentioned 
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