something. not sure what at all. haven't bought so much as a pack of strings in 5 years (i ended up with a big pile of string sets back then so i'v e had strings).  fairly pleased with the guitars that i have so i doubt it will be that this year. amps, well again i'm ok with what i have but it's a possibility. that leaves pedals and you can never have to many of those. kind of want a univibe pedal so that will be looked into. otherwise i dunno have to see what i stumble across. 
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I'm using a fender Champion 40 at home but for the gigs he is not powerful enough
I've a Schecter Hellraiser FR Sustainiac and a Gibson Les Paul Faded

I just wanted a metal rythm distorsion cause I have a 20$ pedal without any eq control, and a lot of noises too
I've heard that the MM could be used for a register from Pantera to Metallica 

I want 4 different sounds on my pedal board
Metal Rythm sound: the MM
"Brown Sound": I'm waiting for my Golden Plexi, I'll boost it with my Fender Malmsteen Overdrive
Blues sound: Plexi or Malmsteen at low level

The last one is the lead sound, and I don't really know where to go
I've read that Golden Plexi + Malmsteen OD with good eq and delay could make a good Malmsteen-like lead sound
But for the DT one I don't know at all

what you need is an amp that is worth a damn for metal. rather than spend all that money on pedals i'm surprised that you didn't go for a better amp. try finding a used series 1 Peavey Valveking .  your plexi pedal and overdrive will work great with that amp and give you what you want. 
what amp are you using?  you may need to tinker with your tone controls on amp and pedal as well as dial back the distortion to get something like what you want. 
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Wondering the specific mechanical function of the effects loop jack in back of amp. Why do some of my pedals sound better going into that, and others sound better going into regular output jack? Also noticed when switching off distortion pedal to go to clean, the tone is really quiet and weak sounding through effects loop. Is there a way to run through both effects loop AND regular jack, to get best of both worlds? Kind of a pain to bend amp over, unplug the jack and put it in front every time I use a different pedal.

overdrives and distortion pedals should not go in the loop but rather in front of the amp. time based fx work best in the loop so most tend to put them there. as for running fx though both yes it can be done but i think once you get things sorted you wouldn't want to. run your (if you have them) Wah, Overdrive or Distortion pedals though the front of the amp (some like a phaser or flanger there as well. time based fx like delay, chorus or things like a digital whammy) in the loop. EQ pedals can be use in either but that is a personal preference based on what you are tryiing to do. 
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A guitar that expensive is going to have a very limited market. That's not an indictment on whether or not it's worth it, just an observation on market forces. Such purchases are usually made by collectors or nostalgic professional musicians. If you really want to move it you're going to have to be prepared to haggle. Instruments are hard to move at any level & it is a buyer's market. Watch out for the scammers, as it will be a prime target.

agree. you should check e-bay to see what they have sold for recently and go from there. that is pricey and as mentioned will have a very limited pool of potential buyers. 
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EDIT: in the interests of full disclosure, this post in no way should suggest that i'm completely sensible and have never bought (or don't continue to want to buy) silly pedals which won't do what i want.

buy pedals that you don't really need   i mean who does that?  that's just crazy  . i certainly have never done that  

good point though. as i mentioned (as well as others) pedals really should be the icing on the cake. if the cake doesn't taste good to begin with then all the frosting in the world won't change that. in other words amp first then worry about pedals. 
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Thanks guys for the suggestions. Another question. What Wattage should i go for if my goal is to get something loud enough to play with a drummer? 

if tube then i agree 30 watts or better. modeling amps oir solid state on the other hand need a fair bit higher wattage to really be heard without unwanted distortion (not the good kind)
WOW you lucky bastard. not really a LP guy but i'd take a Gary Moore in a heartbeat. great price. enjoy. 
well what do you have now? first steep would be knowing that so advice on how to get that from  what you have  or what you need to add can be given. 
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monwobobbo that would mean i nee to get gig bags to put them in? they've only been sitting out on the rack since like 2 weeks now

ideally yes. 
ok that helps. i'd recommend an amp that gets some decent overdrive from the amp for that kind of tone. most of us put an overdrive in front of an amp that is already breaking up. while many have had success from just putting pedals in front of a clean amp i'm not one of them.  with that in mind i'd look at a Marshall DSL 40c in terms of an amp. this will give you options. it has a good clean channel that can be used with pedals for distortion and of course has drive channels as well for other flavours of distortion. 
Quote by twistedcon

Thanks for the response. Sound i am looking for essentially instrumental guitar type you know. I mean this might sound pretentious but something like "Summer Song" or something bluesy but with more warmth and overdrive. I don't if that helps paint a picture.

step in the right direction but still to vague to be really useful. you'll also need to decide whether you want natural overdrive from the amp you choose or to derive that from pedals. i know none of this seems simple but we like to give solid advice that will be really usefiul to you. there are tons of amps out there and more than tons of pedals. it can be rather daunting so telling us more info will help narrow down the ffield. 
well what type of sound (s) you are after is really what the basis for buying an amp should revolve around not pedals you don't even have.  the amp is the meat of your sound and pedals are just gravy. so i'd think hard about what you are after in terms of basic tones and then come back to this. 
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monwobobbo yes the guitar is wiped down after every play, and i also wash my hands before playing but i'm in a high humidity area which Malaysia is very well known for ; 0 the guitar was previously in a gig bag but now since i've got the second one , they sit out in the open on my rack

not leaving them out may be a good place to start. 
pickups may be to close to the strings which can deaden them . intonation may be off as well. 
don't take this wrong but perhaps you need to worry more about how you can buy more strings than how long they will last.  i'd ask myself why the strings are getting rusty before what kind of strings to use. do you wipe your strings down after every time you play?  is the guitar being stored properly? are you in a high humidity area? 
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Nuh uh

uh huh
rumour has it there are cell phones that don't have internet, just saying. 
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While i agree with you things did used to be differnt. However im not sure thats what we got going on here. It depends if its freindly widower old gentleman who had a misunderstanding or creepy old dude.

Im guessing the OP looked and acted more like ErikLensherr  seen here on his way to the ihop

well now i'm not sure if the OP can reach Erik Lensherr levels of creepiness ( i mean who can). agree though that much of it depends on how this was approached. i'm guessing somewhere in between. 
so lets see. we're supposed to believe Banjocal has actually read any of the works he mentioned and has access to female members Facebook accounts. sure i believe that  
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I mean, how would you feel if some random creeper dude at Denny's came up to give you a hug?

ummm... did you read what i said?  i clearly stated that this kind of behavior is unexceptable in today's world.  it would seem that the OP is an older guy (like myself) who grew up in a different time. things like what he mentioned were viewed very differently back in the day. 
it's not the 60s anymore. no more free love etc. now we all must be PC and respect  woman completely.  went to several classes at work on how to behave. basically you can't say or do anything that may be thought of as sexual harassment. this includes touching and trying to give unsolicited hugs. 
it's just a streak in the wood.  shouldn't be an issue
really only go on xmas but occasionally for easter. the mrs likes to go on those occasions so we do. i'm not particularity into organized religion. 
not to worried about online stuff. other aspects of life well that might be a different story. 
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monwobobbo Hmm... Is that a good thing? More rare?

as mentioned it's not a good thing. very possible those aren't original pickups either. the guitar has been modded  and has lost a fair bit of collectible appeal.  depending on whether the pickups are original  (and i'm fairly certain they aren't)  i'd say 40-50 % of what the guitar would sell for un modded.  that model really isn't all that sought after though at one time a few well known guitar players used them. 
i can't find one other example similar to yours. yours doesn't have the 6 way rotary switch and none have the mini toggles. also the volume / tone controls are different on all i saw pictured. 
very nice  . enjoy
well there is another option and that is to have it shipped back home.  i wouldn't just throw caution to the wind and just show up hoping that you can board the plane with your guitar. you might want to call the airline and state that you are a musician and you don't feel comfortable stowing your guitar (as it's rare, expensive etc i mean what do they know). perhaps you can make prior arrangements to avoid any issues when you get there. 
your amp is fine using the amp and cab modeling  with your amp would be useless.  now if you wanted to use a multi-fx pedal for practice etc as a standalone thing then sure amp and cab modeling will come in handy.  if you want to use one with your amp then i'd suggest you only used time based fx (delay, flange, phaser etc) in the fx loop of your amp. multi-fx units tend to not have great overdrive / distortion when used in front  of an amp. a separate pedal would work better. 
have you put the serial number into the checker?  

oops missed that on your post.  thinking it was a limited run 
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monwobobbo right thats good, to would i be able to go from guitar>EVH pedal>Return of effects loop 

yes that will bypass the preamp section
Quote by jsnpringle
I have a JCM2000 which by defualy has quite a bass-ey and scooped sound. 
Im thinking of getting the EVH 5150 iii pedal but putting the pedal into the front of the amp, will the pedal gain the same sound characteristics the the JCM's preamp has. If so could i use the pedal and go straight to the power amp and just use the pedal as the preamp.  

well no not really. your amps sound is a result of the entire signal chain so anything the preamp section brings would be lost if you bypass it. 
although it involves the strings coming off the headstock how bout locking tuners.  or you could cut the  pick guard in a way that you could unscrew the section with the pots and wiring but leave the rest on. 
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There aren't a lot of choice out there for left-handed adults, either.

There's really little reason for learning guitar left-handed (it's a bit like initiating a search for a left-handed pianos).

There are very few issues with teaching a child to play guitar right handed (lefty in other things or not) and a whole lot of benefits, including the ability to buy virtually every kind of guitar there is without difficulty.

modern guitar really has no disadvantage for the left hand player playing rightie.  honestly i found it far easier to learn chrds etc as i have better control over my left hand.  teaching my right hand to hold a pick was far easier.  since the whole play the opposite thing was originally based on classical and other heavy finger picking styles it doesn't really apply to modern styles. my finger picking skills aren't great but i can still do it (though i don't practice it as much as i should.) 
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The [a] after monwobobbo  stands for accurate.

For me, it stands for something else.

according to my wife it stands for "something else"    thanx for the kind words. i don't even know how i got the A as i don't have any tabs but i guess i'm special  
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Do multi-fx only have 3 effects (based on # of foot switches) that you can do at a time, or can you combine/group multiple effects for one particular switch. I'm trying to figure out the tonal range. I originally figured 1 wah, 1 looper, noise-gate, OD, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb (my amp has none), phaser, and myabe 2 others? I got 200 bucks I'm dying to spend.

BTW, everyone here is tremendous in helping me out! Thanks to all of you!

no you can do a bunch of fx. a decent multi-fx unit with be programmable and the switches you see actually go up and down through patches (where you program fx).  now you will have to take the time to do the programming but that will give you a lot of flexibility. in terms of features that is something you will have to look into. you may need a separate expression pedal to do the wah sound (and others requiring that type of foot control) . it may not have a built in looper so that would need to be checked as well. now your best bet on fx is to decide what you actually need vs just having a bunch of stuff.  personally on my live board i only have wah,overdrive, delay and phaser (pedals) as that is all i really need. 
digitech  Whammy pedal is what it sounds like to me
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I own an Ibanez RG421MOL with INF 3 & 4 pickups. I want to replace the bridge pup with something better. I play through my Fender Mustang I for practice and a BOSS GT-1 effects processor with my band. 

My budget is <100$, and  the sound I prefer is upper mids-trebly like the Countdown to Extinction album for both rhythm and lead (though I like the scooped Metallica rhythm sound too). I am not looking in the used market, I want new pickups in this range.

So far I've been thinking about the Seymour Duncan JBs and Invaders. I have a few questions:

Is it a bad idea to change only the bridge pickup? It's what I use most of the time, I don't have too many issues with my neck pickup.

I have a 5-way pickup selector, I'm probably going to get the pickup installed by a professional, but anything I need to keep in mind while choosing a pickup?

Is it a lot tougher to get a pickup installed in such a config? I have no experience in guitar electronics, should I try it?

aside from the Mustang are you going into an actual amp? if the answer is no then changing pickups isn't likely to get you much in the results dept. changing the eq settings will get you far better results