Banned for joining last year
(checks join date)
bcuz u just got laid

why is it that i am so bored of summer but i don't want to go to school?
sure everyone comes out of the closet someday

why are there smileys in ur sig?
yes i do have some cookies

Why is it that after about a month of freedom(summer) everyone gets bored of summer??
Quote by MH400

Hotmail as free Email?

ha also has free e-mail
Well I don't feel like creating a facebook but I'll just add it on my brothers facebook
i hope it helps man
no it isnt

have u ever noticed this is like the biggest thread right now and its been right after the forbidden tread since it started almost??
ok cut it, then u should take the hair u cut off and save it in a jar for like a year without anyone knowing
and then just put it on one or ur brothers or sisters or mom's or Dad's pillow's right bfor they go to sleep
Idk he must think we're smart or something

why don't u click my sig where it says
Quote by theGlitch
instead of suing for money... I'd sue for the right to commit a crime worthy of the 23yr sentence I had been charged with... or a series of crimes worth 23yrs...

This ^^
and also

bcuz we like to mess with girls

why do tits make guys horny?
since never most of them are mexican black and asian hahaha
Best-Street Dreams
someone who laughs at everything
a fruity basterd who where's sunglasses bcuz of the colored and underlined text
idk why he had too

so how often do u visit ur grandma?(inside joke from Sex Drive)
DISTRICT 9 GO SEE IT FOR ME!!! and then when u get back msg me a 300 page novel about exactly what happened in the movie
no he sucks

is Matt tuck awesome at guitar?
bring some hookers
Cover of You give love a bad name by Atreyu

what should my next question be?
damn he was old and famous that's pretty cool
i bet it will if ppl stop asking stupid questions

so can u think of some interesting or fun questions?
if theres too much design then i really don't want her touching me with them but if its like the first pic i'm okay but that's probably the most i would want it to be
yes very

why are we so bored?
never read it

what is it about?
this jazz concert at a sk8park but i sk8ed instead

last sk8park u went to??
Wow this is a very interesting subject but its way too boring to respond to
(excluding this post)
rootbeer pancakes

Favorite color?
no my hair is down to my sholdas and has been for like 4 years

would u want to tho?
banned bcuz i like medical drugs when i'm in pain
Well if its on my sk8board I sit in the middle of the street until i feel like getting up or until a car comes

whichever's first....
Idk I Don't Really Know

Have U Ever Shaved Ur Head?
aWESOME We have a mascott
so who's birthday was it??
I Jizzed in ur coffee is that good enough??

why is it that my community pulse says zero when I was on like all day yesterday??
Quote by fret_racer82
One of my best frineds died last night, while riding his moped. It was a head on collision.

I was at the scene not even a half hour after it happened. Seeing all those police and ambulences... I can't even put words to it. Its so unreal.

He was such a good friend. He lived everyday to the fullest. I couldn't even sleep last night, I was so devasted.

Has anyone else lost a close friend?

Dude i kno exactly how u feel my friend (who was like the older brother i wished i'd had) died from menengitis when he was 12 it was so sad bcuz he was acting perfectly normal the day b4 he died in fact the day b4 he died was probably the most fun i'd ever had hangin out with him
do her myself

r ur pictures timed perfectly?