Every trivium album, but then i've loved them, normally takes a week
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it really depends on you really. personally, i would say keep the c-1 and just do some upgrades.

you know? change out the pots and caps. use good wiring, all that jazz.

if you are satisfied with your c1 right now, its best to just hold off until you can pay cash.

That said the explorer will hold it's value much better as an investment
Not sure, never really thought about it because of loss of high note you'd get from a guitar set up in drop d compared to c.

However, you could just change tunings up or down for some of the songs so the're all the same?
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Just pick the eight, bend it to the 10th fret, release it to the 8th fret without picking, and then pick the 6

This, however i'd slide to the 6th out of personal preference
It won't crack if the strings are too big, only if you hammer them into the nut or something, genrally they just wont fit and sit high giving you tuning problems, you can file the nut but this may cause problems going back to lighter strings.

Why do you want a 70 for a low string anyway? you'd have to be tuning down to G/A for that really to be viable and then it'll still feel wrong on a six string.
3 or 4 days of not playing for strings to go rusty? thats bad crack
I technically live on the arctic ocean it just happens to be frozen =/ so really i don't live on a continent
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oooopss... i forgot to mention as well when i down tune my guitar to half a step i actually am able to keep up better...

like u said the slack in the string probably lets the pick slip easier so u can alternate pick faster instead of the tighter tension in a string on standard tuning...

if one of you dudes is with a guitar right now...try it out n lemme know...

Three guitars, one in E with 10's one in Eb with 10's and one in C# with 13's the one in e is the fastest to play followed by C# ...
It doesn't if anything it makes playing fast harder as the strings are slacker
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^ maybe you're just a shit teacher then

This, is more than likely the truth
You are aware it is incredibly hard to change the midsets of older people as they have lived their whole lives that way, don't be frustrated just accept/ignore it.
Hate to say it, but jazz isn't really about knowing licks etc, it's about "going with the flow" and improving whatever you feel is right... it's a wierd genre
Elixir strings may do the trick
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they are ragging on the salt content not the reaction caused by mixing sodium with water, gawd its like people dont know basic reading and trolling

They're directly saying sodium content, implying elemental sodium not NaCl or salt ( such a loose term) content
Sodium ions >.> not sodium gawd, it's like people don't know basic chemistry
Go bugera out of all of them + metalcore and deathcore died a long time ago ( just a hint if you're trying to "make it" in the music scene)
Ermmm, broken nose can't breath to quielty through it, and my teeth.

Oh and also gaining 2 stone since the beginning of college, but that isn't so bad
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not trolling, actually been wondering this for a while. And you have a fresh new thread so why not. Why would you want an extra string? In my region or w/e (St Louis=blues and shit) I have honestly never heard or seen this until I hopped on UG. What do you tune too? Wudnt drop tuning acheive the same thing?

Sorry, I could make a thread i know, just thought I would get direct and ask some one who wants one why.

Again, not trolling, simply curious, And i know how scales and tones blah blah work. Again just curious.

It allows for larger chords, you tune the high end up or tune the low end down, also they genrally work better for low tunings with a longer scale length. Also tuning down on a 6 string leaves you with less high notes at the other end, 7 strings just extends what you can physically play (they're also quite common in jazz aswell)

And in answer to op i'd say look at ibanez rg 7 strings or look at gibsons 7 string explorer ( i know it's all mahogany but apart from that it fits everything)
Make sure you look up the ml 2 aswell
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chapman ml-2

*runs away*

Actually a good call :P
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how did you find the xj frets?

Didn't bother me at all when i got used to them
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the reason im more set on a les paul shape is because im quite small. From other strat style guitars ive played i seemed to be reaching further to play lower frets which I found alot more awquard. I would love a SG but for this reason I'm not going to get one.

I'm not exactly big and strat style guitars are comfy for me...

However this may be due to scale length in which case all your choics should be dandy.

I'd personally choose the esp but i'm a touch biased ( i used to have an ec)
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I think you'll like this RG more...

Ibanez RGA32 - £330

- LoZ N and B pickups
- Thin Wizard II neck
- Gibralter standard bridge
- Mahogany body

Owning this guitar myself, i may have to say it isn't the most versatile in the price range, maybe an ibanez s or sa series, + you'll never worry about weight with them
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Wow, that's a pretty bold statement to make for every Windows user on the face of the earth. I, for one, have never ever had this problem.

Always seems, not always will... however if you must i'll rephrase.

Every windows computer i have used, has had this problem.

However it may not apply to all, especially those operating with better sound cards and processors.

Oh and still, for £300 you're going to be pushing it.
Btw typed that in wrong ^_^ axetec
Not that familar with "pot dealers" in all honesty :/ i use a company called axe tech a fair bit and they've never been a problem if you're uk
One problem that always seem to appear with windows computers is an annoying pop or crackle every now and then on recorded tracks.

And for £300 you'll really be pushing it
I'm no expert on prices tbf :/ sorry
Not a problem and i'd go with 500k pots aswell on that guitar
All i can say is, 50 watts is more than you'll ever truely need
Off the top of my head, i can't remember why

Just something i learnt when wiring my strat, however i've found a link ( the second post describes brilliantly)
Logarithmic or linear, it's basically how the pots react when you turn them,

Use logarithmic or log pots for volume, linear for tone
Also, check whether the pots are logarithmic or not
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Technically Hitler didn't kill anyone either; still extremely evil. I'm sure you didn't mean they weren't bad people, I just don't like people pointing out stupid technicalities like that.

And I think you're a worthless c*nt if you'd wear a shirt with a serial killer's face. They're interesting but wearing a shirt with their face is glorifying them.

Hitler fought in world war one, he probably killed a few people
Technically charles manson is not a serial killer?
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That man was so unbelievably ahead of his time; it's absolutely incredible.

As was Mendeleev, who i personally believe made a much bigger impact on science effecting day to day life
the rga32 and 42 are quite different electronically ...

Personally i'd go for the rga32 because of the stable tuning and the greater varient of tones available due to the tone knob and not the eq switch.

Edit: btw with ibanez their stock pickups aren't what i'd call great, so i wouldnt worry too much but the Lz's are good for metal
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NOOOOOOOOOO YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG!!! No but to be serious for a second, proper muting technique is to mute the strings lower than the ones you are actually playing with your palm. So the instant your pick is hitting the open A and fretted D, you palm is on top of your low E string.

Under heavy distortion you get sound as your hand moves to mute the strings... jeeez you profess as if theres only one way to mute

+ you can either mute left handed or palm mute.
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So it's not too much of a big deal if the low E resonates a little bit whilst playing an A5?

Open strings will always resonate when the same note is played elsewhere, theres a trick you can do with a tuning fork and folded pieces of paper to make sure your guitar is exactly in tune :P

You can always mute it if you wish but it's not vital, if it's loudly noticeable though you'll need to be working on your technique as the effect isn't massive
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Thanks for clearing things up a bit. It's the open E resonating that bugs me, I'm not hitting the E at all. Like when you leave an electric guitar on resting when its plugged in with distortion, that kind of noise. Granted it's only for a millisecond..

Otherwise my thumb is behind the neck at all times except vibrato and bending.

Your e will always resonance in harmony to the e in the A5 chord if your intonation is right, thats just a property of waves