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I don't think stainless steel frets are a must for most guitars.
I think that one of the issues in these forums comes from the lack of first-hand information, the repetition of posted misinformation that has no basis in fact and the use of random YouTube videos to "prove" a point, with many of those videos not particularly scientifically done.

"Most custom builders...?" There may be cases where stainless frets are a $200-400 upcharge, but I haven't seen it. Please feel free to post that information (website?).

As I mentioned earlier, stainless frets have been an option from local builders like Carvin and Suhr with Carvin having charged $40 extra for them 20 years ago (I just found a build sheet for one of my guitars). Kiesel (was Carvin) is apparently using them standard on their $1099 (base price) Osiris headless. Haven't checked other models. Agile will put stainless frets on your semi-custom or custom guitar for a $35 upcharge, and that's on a $300-400 guitar. I rechecked with Gary Brawer (tech in San Francisco) and they don't charge extra for working with stainless frets, and that includes PLEK runs.

I appreciate that you don't have wear on your guitar. Neal Schon, on the other hand, over the same 3 1/2 year period, may have already done two refrets (the aforementioned tech in SF does his work) on his most-used guitars. Your idea of regular and active playing and Neal's could vary. I haven't heard how fast he's wearing frets on his PRS guitars.

I hate to be negative, but I doubt that most guitarists that ask on forums if stainless steel frets affect the tone or cost or upgrade a guitar significantly play as much as Mr. Schon does. I wasn't comparing myself to him or any other artist that plays for a living. I just said regularly and actively, nowhere stated that I'm gigging and recording.

If those companies can afford with minimal upcharge, then good on them. Halo changed it to $100 (as custom as Agile or Kiesel), used to be $200 in many builders but I have to admit that my information wasn't 2018 fresh, so I'll give you that.
Prestige offering them? Yeah sure, maybe a division of the range. Obligatory for the whole range? Fuck no.
I have no idea how they're able to offer them on $1K guitars though.

Stainless steel requires a lot more work (depending on who you ask, I speak of hearing that they are much more difficult to deal with than regular fretwire), which makes the guitar eventually cost more. If it doesn't, then they probably have skipped some costs elsewhere or have a questionable profit on their guitars. However, I am not here to question how guitar manufacturers work, just pointing out the obvious. Most custom builders that I've seen or heard of charge an extra $200-400 for stainless steel frets. I mean, it isn't much when we are talking about a $4K guitar, but it is still a cost.

My guitar has "regular" Jescar frets. 3 ½ years of regular and active playing, there are zero dents to be seen, I would dare to say almost zero wear too. I polish them every now and then.
So the Katana allows the signal come through the speaker even when you use the headphone/rec output? I don't know the amp that well, so I'm gonna play this dumb card.
Dunno how it's there and it's been stated in this thread too, unless you're breaking rules or laws, it should be fine.
I live in a flat with many apartments and "quiet" time is from 7 or 8AM can't remember, but until 10PM. Whatever happens between those hours should and is fine, unless it's absolutely obnoxious (like earthquakes and 120dB or smth). I have a 20 watt tube amp and a 2x12 cab, run the volume between 1 and 2, get my distortion from pedals. It could get loud, but then it'd be too loud for me as well.

So, if you have a similar rule, go by that and refer to that rule whenever your neighbor is being a weener. If you don't have rules, there should be some sort of general law about it. If there isn't, then your neighbor can stick his fingers in his ears, because there's nothing to protect him.
Black Arts Toneworks Ritual is probably my favourite, though it's a bit on the trebley side for doom metal, but killer.
Just those two amps? Savage any day.
Anything else in the similar budget range? Options are endless, need to be more specific about the sound you're going for. Tight? Not specific enough.

And just because an amp, any amp, is used a lot, shouldn't mean that you are unimpressed by that amp. Try it with your fingers, your picks, your guitar and rest of your signal chain before jumping into conclusions. This might also mean that you will or will not like the Savage or the Powerball. Hell, I did this and I ended up not liking a Marshall Silver Jubilee, even though I thought that it's the Marshall that I like.
While I do agree with you a bit, I think that as he is BUILDING this, it'd be pretty hard to sell.. for much more than the sum of its parts anyways. And that's what would happen with a trem or hardtail, doesn't matter. I would hope that since he is building this, he should make it exactly as he wants it to be.
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Sakke That's interesting, so what would you get for the money?

Personally? I have so different taste, it wouldn't be great to recommend that
But yeah, as I said, don't go for it just because it's a bargain. Doesn't matter if it's authentic or not, there are still tons of better guitars, opinion heavily emphasized, in the same price range. You could even get a Kiesel with that kind of dough... 

But if that is your budget, could you please tell me what you're currently playing through (amp), what other genres you might like and your location.
For your budget, I would go out and try a bunch of different guitars, cause Ibanez, Jackson and ESP/LTD respectively have wildly different neck carves. 
The feel of the neck is 100% most important. If you don't like it, you won't play it.
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Sakke But have you seen the offering that I linked? $1700 is a bargain dont you think?

Compared to the normal price? Of course

But compared to guitars in said price category or similar/even better specs? Not by a long shot.
As it was said above, The KH2 is just an overpriced ESP MII.

If you really want EMGs and FR, you're in for a treat.

There are multiple guitar makers that have that combination in their guitars, prices starting (on good ones IMO) from £450 / €500 / $600 upwards (or if lucky, downwards) on the used market. You can go for ESP/LTD, Schecter, Ibanez, Charvel, Jackson and more. 
If you're not picky and can accept passive pickups, your possibilities are basically endless...
so please specify budget / location / used or brand spanking new / genre / amp you currently have.
BADGAS hillin 

I would avoid them based on what I said, not a very well-known manufacturer and could find little to no information and some of the information I found contradicted each other.
Some are after the spike that JB offers, great with some amps and as said, guitars.. horrible with some (opinion included).

I've personally never found a drastic EQing on a pickup appealing. I get that from my amp, if I need it.

So in short, I don't like the JB. I've tried in MANY different guitars through MANY different amps. From mahogany explorers to alder modern strats... to Marshalls, Peaveys, Kochs and beyond (tube amps, of course). But it is my opinion and I am entitled to it and it is in no way shape or form the truth.

But I'm glad that you got it to work for you!
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Sure Danny, I'll try to find one of them in the local market.

Is a Wharfedale WGR40C any good? I found someone selling it in a promising price, but can't find much information about this model online. As far as I know Wharfedale is a Hi-Fi manufacturer right?

First congrats on the new guitar!

I would steer away from the Wharfedale... It's not really only because it isn't a renowned manufacturer, but a quick google search got me info that it's either a tube amp or hybrid amp... So..

Your location would help a lot in giving suggestions to match your region's prices and stuff.
I actually bought a Jet City 20HV a while ago. Had never tried them, heard good and bad about them.. and I like it. Great pedal platform! (even though I cringe while saying those words in one sentence).
So, my suggestion would be that + Friedman BE-OD + a nice used cab. Would definitely get you AiC tones WITHOUT a boost. Other pedals, like wah, are important for AiC tone though, but I'm talking about the core, bare bones distortion tone. The cleans on the Jet City are nice, they are British-flavoured, but not  Marshall IMHO
Don't like "signature" amps yet they would have the tone you want?
Give me a break, man....
Remember to use words like transparent, warm, cozy, silky, natural, glassy, tight, clarity...
Oh a fuzz? Well, I mean raunchy, growling, fuzzy, gnarly,...
TheLazer Oh really? I remembered it being more than just a linear boost, but eh.. I don't think it's that useless, didn't compress that much when I tried with a 4x12 at proper volume. Guess my ears heard a mid-hump because of the volume increase, I wasn't as trained back then as I'm now. 

Anyways, I'm not really sure what TS wants cause more mids equals to me more presence in the band/mix and that doesn't equal dark in my mind. When I think of a darker sound I think of a haunting rhythm guitar that has less mids on purpose so that vocals/lead instrument cuts through better.
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jacrane74 Tubes make ultimately a minimal difference compared to pedals, guitars, speakers, amp settings, etc. There is a difference when swapping tubes, but I would not expect it to be night and day. Further, people typically change out the preamp tubes to hear the most change, power tubes not so much.

If you want a real, manageable difference, get an overdrive pedal. The Tubescreamer is probably exactly what you need. It will kick your amp up a notch and boost midrange.

He apparently has the big IRT amp, which has a built-in boost that gives a similar effect to a tube screamer.
I feel slightly disappointed that this answer wasn't here.

"To Floyd or not to Floyd?" -> "Yes, Pink Floyd"

Also, recommended metal guitars are just bullshit. A lot of them have non-FR models or even better, you can play metal with pretty much anything. Metal is more down to the amp/pickups/distortion box than a guitar shape.

However, I would go for a 2-point trem with locking tuners and an amazing nut. Won't be a pain with tunings (that much) and I don't need divebombs or squeals anyways, just a bit more than subtle vibrato is enough for me 95% of the time.
And one thing that comes to buying guitars.. if the neck doesn't instantly feel great or if it gives you pain after 10 mins of playing, don't bother. Neck is the most important part of the instrument in terms of playability and feel, which ultimately make you play the damn thing in the first place
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Used: Line 6 M9 or M13 can be had $300 and under. Same with HD500, 400, 300, etc. if you want something with an expression pedal.
TC Electronic Nova System.
Boss GT10 or ME80

Highly recommend the Nova System. It's absolutely brilliant. I use it myself as a multi-effect and a MIDI controller for my Tech 21 preamp. The delays are especially pretty
Damn dannyalcatraz has been on point so much that I have nothing to contribute  
Just goes to show that there are amazing people on this forum!
T00DEEPBLUE and speakers, kind of. I mean, I really like the Black Shadow (C90) that Mesas have. But here across the pond there is no way I'm gonna pay the difference. Just to demonstrate, a Lonestar cab with my desired speakers is 998€ on Thomann. Yeeeaaaah, nope
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Yea, was gonna see if I could get them to maybe go down 50 bucks for it. I think 100 might be stretch but I'll see since I've seen them online in the 900s. Also, is the CU22 a singlecut or their other superstrat type? Every PRS I've tried has been really good with a really nice neck, but I'm not sure if it's gonna give me that "les Paul growl" if like either. Also the offset in cost which is about 500-600 bucks may not be worth it?

Eh, I wouldn't call a Custom 22 a super strat.. more like just a doublecut. Custom 22 and 24 are the PRS models, the ones that started it basically with the Santana model and such. I mean, the first PRS guitar was a double cutaway version of the Gibson Les Paul Special IIRC.
PRS Guitars don't have that LP growl, at least not with the stock pickups... 
I know what you mean, I had a LP Studio at one point. I think PRS Guitars much smoother sounding, I would like a Custom 22 right now, it would suit my style well. The offset in cost is worth every dime, they are that much better compared to the Gibson Studio range. PRS is also known for far better QC standard than Gibson of late.

But as I said, when you find a guitar that speaks to you.. GET.THAT.GUITAR. End of.
Well, as others have said, get THAT ONE. There are gems and worms among all production guitars, the amount of gems varies highly..
I had a 2013 (think) LP Studio that was an absolute gem and people said nasty things about that year LPs.
Since it's that old though, I don't think it would be low to try to get it for cheaper. I know it's a store, but that guitar would go honestly 850€ used tops here in Finland.
I've not tried the new SC245s, but if USA PRS quality (tried a CU22) is anything to go for, they're ridiculously good guitars. The Tremonti SE model is not a good comparison to the SC245 though, AFAIK.
According to Mr. Åkerfeldt himself, he doesn't know any theory. There's your answer.
I don't want to be mean, but if you just own a Micro Terror and had a pretty poor solid state amp before that and base your own experience on that difference, you're gonna have a bad time.

To give some insight of my own experience, aside from plugging into many other tube amps, I have owned a Marshall DSL401 combo and a Laney VH100R head, so, I think I have some experience on them.
I do prefer the way tubes react to picking dynamics and effects pedals than what solid state amplifiers do. That being said, I would always take the "dull" solid state clean and put some modulation on it than the easily cracking tube clean. I prefer my cleans pristine, I don't want any break up there. Of course you can get pristine cleans with tube amps, even John Petrucci does, but not at the levels I can play at (bedroom levels) on affordable tube heads.
I've also plugged into many solid state and modeling amps, some of them were great for many things and some of them weren't.

These days I use a Tech 21 Sansamp PSA 1.1, with a solid state power amp, for mainly 3 sounds: "Fender" clean, "Marshall" crunch and "Mesa" distortion. I'm pretty happy to have this kind of sound at bedroom levels and would have no problem gigging with this setup either.
Well, I would go for a Revv Generator with a Mesa Cab, but then you'd have to look for a used cab at least unless you can score the head used.
To me, like many guitarists out there I'm sure, a guitar is just a tool to express myself.
I had a few cheap guitars and then finally upgraded to a nice one, the world changed, I was finally able to play what was in my head.
Then I upgraded to the best there is, a custom made specifically to my needs, to suit my style and so on. Neck sculpted to my hand and my feel, and so on.
I haven't looked back since. Do I desire other guitars? Hell yeah, mine's a 22 fret hardtail with HSH configuration, I wouldn't mind a Duesenberg Starplayer.
But what I need for my songwriting needs is a nice 12-string acoustic.
I would try it and see what aspects you like about it. Kiesel have an amazing return policy. If you like the neck shape and otherwise the feel, just change some specs to what you would like. I will do this on a CS6 or CS3 once I have the cash to pull the trigger. 
That guitar looks nice. I like things that are nice. Nice! Have fun with the geetar!
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Well, I'm a newbie, and I came here to ask for advice from people who know more than me. I can think of plenty of times I've seen grossly overpriced products and even entire brands that are grossly overpriced and/or overrated (at least IMO). And given how people gush over Yamaha, I needed to verify.

It doesn't help when people give the cheap Pacificas and the Charvels both 5-star ratings. That does not make sense at all to me. If the Charvel is much better, then there is no way a Pacifica is a 5-star guitar. It drives me crazy how people lack the ability to rate sensibly.

In other news, I wish I could personally murder forum spammers. And yet, it appears I cannot even report their posts.

Of course they can both be 5 stars, given how good they are in their own price category.
However, they do not compare well. The Pacifica is an inferior guitar to the San Dimas, the difference is huge.

I would go for a real strat, maybe if you don't want a humbucker, go for 3 single coils. No matter how well the coil-split is done (some manufacturers do really well, like PRS comes first to mind), it still won't sound like a strat. If you like single-coil sound, that's what you need.
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NGD at early october, that one you have posted, what model is it?

It is a UV777, made in '99 Japan.
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Yet, anyone got idea if white rg7421 is still produced?
According to this site, they have it in black, white and walnut flat finishes.

Btw, going used could be the best thing you can do with this beasty. Many people upgrade the pickups cause it's a good guitar. Now, I am not saying that you need to upgrade the pickups, good amp comes first, but when someone else has installed them, they won't get the same value out of them as when they bought the guitar and pickups as new. At least I don't buy from those guys who think that a used guitar with aftermarket pickups is worth way more than the stock guitar brand new. Also, you might stumble upon a RG7621, which is an even better guitar IMHO.
Black is sort of boring unless it's like this one

The RG 7421 is a fine guitar and the neck is pretty much fine as well, you'll adapt to it just great, I'm sure.
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Does the interface work as a sound card for the pc? And will I be able to hear sounds from the pc and guitar at the same time (from the same speakers? I don't have an amplifier)

Your sound will come from your speaker source that you choose. I have two active monitors here and sound will come from them, naturally.
As far as an interface goes, I would recommend M-Audio M-Track, had no problems with it and have had it for a year. Focusrite and Presonus have great simple interfaces as well.
A good attenuator could be a thing, like Fryette Power Station.

You could also loan your JCA to the other guitarist...
It's your guitar, you can do whatever you want with it, especially if it's your first and stuff.

Personal opinion, no, not worth it at all.
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Thanks dude... I am looking for E-II horizon but that jackson was listed locally with an attractive price.. made in Japan so I thought it may be a hunt.. seems like it is not !

I already have Ibanez RG which I am thinking of upgrading to Prestige.. but this is a different call Now I am trying to find something for heavy metal and I feel like ESP and Jackson are damn cool in this..

So I think I am back to original focus.. E-II Horizon

With that new price tag, I'd rather go for a Caparison.. Horus, Dellinger or even TAT.
Aren't they pretty damn far from each other in price? Yeah they are, DKMG retailed around 750 euros if I recall correctly and E II Horizon is shooting around 2000 euros. Dude, you can't compare them. But to answer your question... Other has EMGs, other comes with Seymour Duncan or EMGs. The other has a Jackson licensed FR, the other an original Floyd Rose. The Jackson has been built with a set price point, which will affect the woods of choice and the amount of hand labour, with the ESP, this hasn't been much of a problem. Thus, ESP E-II is gonna be pretty far in quality as well, but it's at least double the price. Not really a fair comparison...
Now, Jackson used to have SL-3 that was made in Japan still in 2000s, but Jackson used to make a lot of really good quality guitars in Japan for a long time.

If you really want Japanese craftsmanship, you could check FGN, Caparison and Ibanez. Some names are escaping my mind right now, I know..