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Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche-Escape the Fate

Mogwai - Stanley Kubrick ?
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I can't sleep without a blanket covering my feet.

I have to check both the closet and the half-bathroom in my room for intruders/monsters before I go to bed.

Whenever I hear a strange noise in the night I always arm myself with a very heavy, blunt object randomly chosen from my room.

When I get nervous I bite the inside of my lip.

Sometimes I'll feel "unclean" after taking a shit, so I'll actually take a shower even if I've already showered that day.

What would you do if you actually came across some(thing)/(one)?
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assuming you're telling the truth.. you are not the only one

I don't either.
After Supermassive Black Hole was in Twilight, I stopped listening to them as often. The Resistance just has a completely different feel to it. Anyone say they've sold out?
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I say "ow" for inanimate objects.

Like, a glass will fall, and I'll go "ow" by reflex, even though I am not hurt.

Sometimes, I apologize to inanimate objects. I'll bump into a table or something, and automatically say, "Oh! Sorry."
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Anyone notice how the link odoesn't actually work?

It just came up with a 404. I saw it before, when it was working. Wiki has a death date on his page now, so I'm thinking it's legit.
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Animal Collective - In the Flowers


Borderline - Brad Sucks