Thanks for the advice.. I was a little lost at setup and we noodled for a good hour playing with it without really understanding what we are doing. Any particular tubescreamer you recommend?
Oh, I wanted to mention, that when the amp is adjusted for being as clean as possible, it doesn't actually sound all that bad. I was pleasantly surprised. The dirty sound is wicked. I now need to figure out how to actually play the damn guitar.
Quote by trashedlostfdup
sweet! post some pics for us

Will do boss, gimmie a few.
Quote by dropdeadjarrett
+1 to the 6505 1x12 combo, hard to go wrong there.

Also could go for the Peavy 6505 mini head and get a cab of your choosing.

Check out craigslist.. I just got my 6505 combo for $500 Canadian
Quote by dementiacaptain
What model Ibanez? I'm going to go ahead and say that the ReverbMate is not going to do the metal sounds you want dude.

Oh for sure, I'm not talking about getting it instead of the 6505. I'm just thinking about picking it up in addition to.
Yeah, you can play at as slow as 1/4th speed. I also bought the used amp today, made sure to test it out for electrical issues. It's a little dusty, but seems in good working order. September can't come soon enough!
Well, I know that it's in good shape, if that helps.
Okay, well, I'll just use the free ones. GuitarPro helps tremendously with being able to slow things down to a noob speed
Heya folks,

I have an opportunity to pick up an inexpensive ibanez and amp from a family member who bought it, and then never used it. If your familiar with my newbie budget thread, I'm still doing that. But, this is kind of in addition. The problem is that I'm not sure what to offer. I know it hasn't been played much, and though dusty, and in need of some servicing, has been kept in good shape.

SA Series Ibanez
S/N w630869

Amp is a Traynor ReverbMate 40 (which appears to be out of production now).

I've gathered the S/N indicates it was the 869th guitar made at the World Factory in 2003.

Any help you guys could offer would be appreciated.
Quote by dementiacaptain
It's hard to say exactly where to draw the line when it comes to pricey guitars. I've found that my golden range is <$1200, used. At that price point I can purchase most any guitar I'd want and it will be top knotch in terms of playibility and sounds. I may not always have the prettiest and most glamorous finish, but that's not all that important.

I would definitely recommend looking all up and down the range of prices. Ibanez is one of those companies that doesn't just offer guitars by degrees, as I like to call it. In different price ranges there are guitars that you can't get in other price ranges, at least off the shelf.

I've actually been MOST tempted by the newer Premium line, because of some of the wild finishes and preferable options. The fact that they are cheaper than Prestige guitars is just a bonus.

I'll definitely take this to heart. See which ones feel the best and not really worry about the premium-ness of it if they're all high quality.

Quote by DarthV
The Premiums are pretty decent guitars, same with the Iron Labels but neither are going to have the same level of fit & finish that a Prestige does. I'm actually thinking about picking up one of the iron label RGDs this fall.

The Iron Labels are pretty too. I wants.

I've also just picked up Guitar Pro 6 and have started downloading tabs that I want to learn. I'm actually a bit surprised in that I thought that the In Flames tabs would be more complicated than they are. If you slow them down to sloth speed, they're not all that scary.

Are the free tabs you can get just fine, or is there some good sense in getting the tab subscription (lifetime or otherwise) from UG?
Quote by dannyalcatraz
Perfect rigs exist for some, but not many. And some are cheap...most aren't, though.

Hell- I'm starting to think about getting a splitter to run a clean amp and distorted amp simultaneously...

Yeah, but we all know you have the GAS problem.. CLEARLY I'll be immune to such wants and desires....

Quote by Arby911
I think there's a point being missed in all this "you can get AMAZING gear with that budget" conversation.

Amazing gear is gear that does what you want it to amazingly well. It has NOTHING to do with the price.

Yes, you can purchase more expensive amplifiers, but for what you've stated is your preference and at this point in your learning curve, not a one of them would be a 'better' purchase than the inexpensive combo you're looking at. It will be "amazing" gear because it will do what you've asked. At some point your tastes MAY change and you would then need to look at something else, but for now it's unnecessary and counterproductive.

It's merely a bonus that it's inexpensive, not a driving factor.

As to guitars, dspellman is right, a variax guitar WILL be more versatile, I don't think there's any question there. Will it help you learn faster and play better? Nope. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get one (although it's my opinion that one of the mistakes new players often make is wanting "everything", which ends up with them in the weeds playing with settings rather than learning to play the guitar) but only if it's what appeals to YOU, not because of some nebulous feature that you might want at some unspecified time in the future.

And a good guitar is a good guitar. Just because there are others that are also good doesn't diminish that.

In the end, the only person that's got to be happy with your purchase is you.

Okay, so there have been a crapload of replies since yesterday. I've been waffling on my decisions based on the "perfect ideal" suggested by several people. It all seems like good, sound advice (get the pun.. get it? hahaha.. god..).

Your comments kind of brought be back down to earth. For now, I think I should stop trying to get something that will fit all purposes for me indefinitely. Knowing that the guitar has a great kind of range is awesome. But, it's also relatively low complexity, and I think will suit a myriad of purposes.

I think it was dspellman who brought up the point of versatility being stunted by the 6505 combo. That seems absolutely true. Initially, I started looking at the amps which could give me the high gain sound I want, but also let me play around on the other stuff and what I found was that "the perfect setup" either doesn't exist, or is prohibitively expensive.

So, I agonized yesterday and the day before. Trying to learn more and more about the different amp options.

This post has helped bring me back to reality. Getting a good Ibanez with 3 pickups, a 5 way blade, and a cheaper 6505 combo will suit me fine, let me learn, and most importantly, give me that metal shred sound I'm after.

The fact that it's less expensive than the alternative should be a boon. I can always invest three or four grand into an amp setup in the future, assuming I don't fall further down the metal trail. I think that a $900 (at retail) amp, and a $2000 Ibanez is probably overkill for a beginner anyway.. But I'm pretty sure I'll be happy with it.

Quote by dementiacaptain
Steve, to answer your earlier question regarding the Ibanez you posted (I believe it was a Premium model, as opposed to a Prestige) from what I understand those are also pretty awesome guitars. They are made in Indonesia instead of Japan, so there is an argument to be made that build quality might not be quite as good, but I haven't played them personally and won't comment on those specific guitars in that regard.

Ibanez generally are high quality for any price range. It definitely gets better as you go up in cost, but even their low-end tends to be solid. If I liked the necks I'd have a bunch, but I don't really dig the super-flat profile.

This also helps tremendously. If they're high quality for any price range I'll have to take a look at the lower end models as well. I may still pick up the pricey one, but I have to wonder if there's a lot of variance in quality between the $1300 and $2200 price points. I suspect that the quality increase isn't directly correlated to the price increase, in which case I'll have more options.

I really just want a high quality guitar, with an amp that will be exciting to learn and play on. Perhaps if I can do that while saving $800 I should. I can always put that towards the inevitable "expensive mind-blowing-ridicuamp" fund.
Quote by dannyalcatraz

I just wanted to say, that's sexy as hell.
Quote by trashedlostfdup
i do have to agree on the fact that you have the budget for something awesome, and IMO you could do much better than a 6505+ combo.

i love all four of my ibby prestiges, but i paid from $380 - $600 on used models, if i had two grand to drop on a guitar i would be looking along the lines of suhr, etc.

as far as the amp goes, that is where i think you can do better IF YOU WANT TO. i have a 5150 blockletter and i love it, it is great for one thing (as it has been said that it is a one trick pony).

i personally would never own JUST a 5150 or 6505+ its too limited for my tastes anyway. if you want the 6505+ combo, that is fine, but i would go a different route or planning on getting something else in the near future.

/trashed opinion.

I do quite appreciate your opinions. What would you do on the amp front if you were to only get one amp? I could spring for a head + cab. Trying to convince the lady that I need more than one amp to learn on might be setting myself on a path through land mines though. I don't actually mind lowering the budget on the guitar for a better amp so long as between the lot of it I get something I'll be truly happy with.
Quote by dementiacaptain
Solid looking guitars. Fairly new I think, don't know if a ton of people have them, but I'd expect a great guitar barring any exceptions.

See the problem is that if I'm looking at the less costly models, I look at something like which is about half the cost of the one I was looking at.. But I have to wonder if I'd end up being disappointed with it.

Quote by DarthV
Yep, other than the bridge and no string tension bar behind the but on the 2550, it's just cosmetic differences. The 2550 has a fancier paint job and different fret board inlays.

The original Edge trem was one of the best licensed floyd rose bridges on the market. I still prefer the low profile (lo-pro and edge pro) versions, but that's just me :P My rg3570z has the edge zero with the zps and I don't find that it has the same feel as the guitars with the lo-pro and edge pro. Guess I could disable the ZPS unit and see if it's more similar. Both are, or can be in the edge zero's case, fully floating.

And if Efkay is still the distributor in Canada for Ibanez, anything not in stock will take quite a while to get it. Or at least that's been my experience over the years.

That is incredibly useful info. If it takes them forever to get something in, I might be well served to get something else. Realistically there's a bazillion guitars that would serve me well. I would like to avoid the floating trem for now.

Quote by erilianande
The store that I will probably be dealing with doesn't carry Peavey. I was looking at the amp idea and from what people are saying, the Marshall MG desain series have some pretty wide quality issues, so I think I'd avoid that. I do have a bit of trouble understanding what I need in an amp and I think testing them out is wise.

Are you doing the same thing as me? Sweet! Most of the major stores here don't sell Peavey so I have to go elsewhere for it. But, it looks like it's probably worth the effort. I'd REALLY like to know what an alternative high-gain amp would be though. So, if you find out, be sure to let me know!
Although they have this in stock:

From what I've been reading, the only major differences between the two are the bridge (this does not have a floating bridge) which might actually suit me better. I'd love to get your thoughts on the RG655 vs RG2550.
Quote by Arby911
That's a win!

In my opinion once you get beyond a given price point, most guitars are competent for most things and the primary determinant of whether it's the "right" one is how it feels to you. (Pickups are also important, but less so than 'feel' IMO.)

But there WILL be a noticeable difference between that strat and your Prestige (assuming you get it.)

Ibanez necks are generally pretty thin, which some love and others hate. I tend toward a thicker neck, but have never found reason to complain about how an Ibby Prestige feels and plays. Of the ~20 guitars I've got only a few are worth north of $1000, and there's not a one of them I'd be embarrassed to be on stage with so once you get more established and comfortable in your playing don't be afraid to check a LOT of different things out.

Once you get the Squier and your amp, go to and start following his lessons. He's a great teacher and you can at the least nail the basics from there.

I'm pretty damn excited, though I just found out that they don't actually have the model I want in stock so I wouldn't be able to actually give it a go. Would noodling with a similar Ibanez before ordering the Prestige in be worthwhile?

Quote by DarthV
I don't think I'd go as far as calling it a 1 trick pony. You can do modern voiced rock & hard rock. Gotta remember who was in on the design of the amp and he used it for years! The one big downfall is the lack of a great clean channel. When I had my 212 combo (and my current 5150 III), I honestly couldn't give a damn about the clean channel. 95% of the time, I'm doing metal rhythm or lead. Then again the III actually does have a pretty good clean channel, I just never use it But there are ways to help with cleans, different preamp tubes, chorus pedal etc

The main reason why a lot of people recommend the 6505 for metal is well... it's relatively cheap and tons of recording/touring metal bands use them. There's a reason for that! It's one of the main 2 or 3 sounds of modern metal :P And similarly, Ibanez Prestiges, specially used, are amazing guitars for the money. Neither are for everyone, that's why you go try everything under the sun and find what suits you best.

And you will notice a huge difference in the feel between a Squier and that RG2550 Prestige. Ibanez necks are thin, wide, flat and with very little finish. Which is what I like. That explains why I own 6 prestiges (plus 1 older MiJ made before they were called Prestige). It's kind of sad to see the Prestige line move away from the great bang for the buck price range here in Canada. Glad I got my Ibanez guitars used when the CAD was strong. Gotta love picking up mint rg1570 and rg2570 under $550 each!

Too bad you weren't in Edmonton now,

That's a nice guitar, for sure.

I'm pretty confident in the 6505 choice. And at half price, I'm not really risking much. I just have to be sure to plug a guitar into it and make sure to watch out for that buzzing.

Quote by Cathbard
As long as it isn't one of the really cheap Squiers it is probably a good thing. My main gigging guitar is a Squier Custom Tele. I replaced the pickups, tuners and bridge and the thing now rocks.

I'm not too sure if it's a good one or not. I don't have it in hand yet, and I suspect it to not be super great. However, I know that she bought it when she was 14, so about the year 2000.
Great news! A friend of mine is going to give me her old Squier Strat. I can noodle with that for a month or so and then give it to my sister when I get to Alberta! \m/ super win!
Quote by dannyalcatraz
I almost never recommend the stuff I expect everyone else will, even if it is perfect. I'll give it a "+1", but I won't suggest it myself unless there is an inexplicable lack of said suggestion. Instead, I tend to recommend lesser known stuff that my also be perfect. Or at least, good enough.

Well, I think there's good sense in recommending the perfect thing even if other people agree with you. Lesser known stuff that's also perfect works as well!

Quote by dementiacaptain
Spellman, You make a good point, but to be fair when a tool works...

I prefer playing metal with decidedly un-metal guitars in un-metal finishes, through an amp that is definitely a popular choice for metal, but not as popular as a 6505. I use weird pedals like the EHX B9 because fuck-yeah electric organs sound cool as hell over metal riffs. I'm sure there are others like me on the forum, but when someone wants a quick and simple solution for getting metal sounds (as so often is the case here) then we are almost obligated to recommend the tried-and-true because it works. If I recommended what I use, they would probably be pretty disappointed when they went to play the stuff and it wasn't "insta-heavy."

This makes a lot of sense to me. You have a lot of stuff that's tailored to how you want to do things. This probably would work well for other people, but the setup involved might be a trying experience.

Quote by trashedlostfdup
there is nothing wrong with a one trick pony if it does the trick you want.

For sure. However, how bad is the 6505 at non-metal stuff?

Quote by dannyalcatraz
There's lots of "metal" brands/guitars out there. Besides Ibanez guitars, Gibson/Epiphone, ESP/LTD, Dean, Fernandes, BC Rich, Schecter, Oktober, DBZ, Electra, Minarik and others can be found in the hands of metal gods.

Beyond that, many makers have guitars perfectly SUITED for metal, but that may defy the genre's aesthetic norms or just aren't that well known, like Reverend, Carvin, Godin.

And that's not even getting into the small makers, luthiers, and lesser-known brands that likewise put out killer stuff for metal guitarists: Bowes, Caparison, Ran, Skeversen, and..well...Killer.

I'll go look up a bunch of these. This is part of why I wanted to borrow your guys' experience. That being said, is there anything that the mentioned Ibanez is bad for, or wouldn't do for me? Is it the "ultimate guitar" by name only, or does it make good practical sense in the context of a metal/some other stuff perspective?
Quote by dspellman
You came here with $3500 to spend on some amazing gear.

Here at "Ultimate Guitar" the ultimate guitar (by consensus) is an Ibanez brand and the amp a 6505 combo.
Most of the guitars will be black.
Welcome to the herd. Change directions when the asshole in front of you does or the wolf might get you. That is all.

I was born in the 80s, does that count as Millennial?

Regardless, I came here wanting a Les Paul, and have been broadening my scope a bit. I haven't really got that much feedback about the Ibanez, though I suspect it's got that wide kind of range that appeals to me.

Are there any other guitars that can do a good job with metal, and have a wider range in what they're capable of than the Ibanez? I legitimately do not know.
Quote by dspellman
Good point. Here in LA, 4x12s (used) are going for $150-200. New cabinets are going for $800-1200 not because of their construction or the speakers inside them, but for the brand names screwed onto the fronts. I've tossed up three and four photos of the interiors of 4x12s at a time here and challenged folks to guess which are expensive, which inexpensive. Guitarists tend to listen with their eyes. Put an expensive cabinet brand next to an inexpensive cabinet brand, play both, and they will suddenly hear singing mids, tighter bottom and widely dispersed highs out of one and harshness, flubbiness and fizziness out of another. Guess which. Cover them up, hide the brands and characteristic colors, frames (designed to make the cabinets look "heavier duty" ala Orange), distinctive grill cloth patterns, and suddenly things become a lot more democratic.

I have no doubt about that. It's the same with a lot of things. I think the thing that it comes down to is reliability. I imagine a competent player can get a good sound out of the low end guitars with little effort. Whereas a bad player will get similar results out of any kind of machine. It's a tool really.

That being said, there is something in a quality product. Which usually costs a lot more. The increase in what you get out of the device is definitely not equivalent with the cost increase, but when you're rooted in the midrange I think you get the benefits of a higher quality machine at a lower price. I honestly don't believe a $2000 guitar is going to be significantly worse than a $5000 dollar guitar from the same manufacturer. There is a point on the low end where you do get significantly more quality for a modest increase in price though.

The same goes for guitars. Hide brand identification, scuff up a too-glossy finish here and there, smooth the fret ends and give each a good setup, and a blind test will be a lot more revealing of the players than the guitars themselves. We've had original '59 bursts finish toward the bottom of the pack and $200 Agiles at the top. For all that some players may claim that knowing they have an expensive guitar inspires them, the truth is that you can often get amazing playability and great sounds out of well-made guitars at all price levels.

Quote by dspellman
*These* forum members seem to like the 6505. Lots and lots of beginner metal players here who sit in their bedrooms. Go over to MLP and Phaez was the big amp choice for a long while. Lots and lots of older classic rock players on that one. And so on. I listened to a 6505 in person and decided it was a one-trick pony, and that if I ever wanted to get that particular sound, it was a choice. I never buy something expensive based on reviews, demo videos and articles. Under $100, maybe. Mostly I'll buy based on my chasing down the thing itself at NAMM (local to me), the LA Amp Show (local to me), one of the tens of guitar shows in the area or one of the several dozen guitar shops in the SoCal area. Lucky me.

That's fair. But, on the flip side, you're choosing to risk no more than $100 dollars on external factors. When you're only willing to risk $100, you're doing so with the idea that if it fails, you're not out much. Which is fine, but you've set your expectations up for failure. You also have the benefit of being able to listen to a wide range of things and know what you're looking for. If you were to remove that aspect, and have access only to reviews, demo videos, and articles, the scope changes significantly.

I agree with you though, it does seem like the 6505 is somewhat of a one trick pony. But, it does seem like it'd be great for the high-gain stuff I'm interested in. To me, the cleaner sounds that it does, seem serviceable from a learning perspective, but I can't rely on my own ability to tell that from a comparison point of view. To me, clean is clean, high gain is high gain. Despite the myriad of spectrum in between, I simply don't recognize them in the same way a trained ear would.

Knowing that it does the one trick that I care the most about very well means that it's a valuable purchase to me. Though it's true that if I were to get more into classic rock, I would have to re-evaluate the amp requirement. Probably the guitar too, although to me it seems like the nicer Ibanez with the 3 pickups can probably do an incredible range.. Which appeals to me.

I do not want to run a tube amp without speakers...
I do not want to run a tube amp without speakers...
I do not want to run a tube amp without speakers...

Got it!

I may find a way to get the guitar sooner rather than later, It's just more responsible for me to get the guitar mid September than now.
Quote by dannyalcatraz
Trust guys like Arby, Cathbard and a few others- whose names escape me but I'm sure some will post- for knowing who does quality electronics work. Some of them are just very experienced technicians, some are veteran DIYers, and some have actual training and job experience. They're the ones who opened my eyes.

I sure will. Take the good advice where it's offered.

Really, if an 80 dollar upgrade on my $300 discounted 6505 is significant, I should definitely do that.
Just a quick update on the actual topic of conversation.

I'm definitely getting the Peavey 6505+ combo, used, from a dude for about $500 CDN.

I'm starting to gravitate away from the Les Paul, and have been drooling over this for a few days:

I like that it has the 5 different pickup positions and I can't imagine that there's much if anything the guitar can't do. It's a little more expensive than the LP, but I think it's more flexible, and I wanna touch it real bad..

Even with the more expensive guitar, I'm coming in at around $900 under budget. So, if I go that route, it's a win. I'll be getting the amp on Sunday, but I have around a month and a half left to figure out the guitar. Obviously I'll noodle around with a lot of different models, but after going through review after review, and spec after spec, on paper, this one seems pretty solid.
Quote by DarthV
Well a lot of us here are older and can understand how other people would have different ideas than our own. And we're also a bunch of enablers for GAS lol

On the tech side, just like an Apple, BMW or Mini logos add to the cost of anything. Badges cost Not to say there's anything wrong with buying a Mesa/ENGL/Orange 4x12 cab. They are built overkill for road use. They also will use 'higher end' (more badge) speakers, so they have high price tags. For home use, are they going to sound twice as good as an Avatar or Traynor cab? Stock speaker(s) in the 6505 combos don't sound as good as a Vintage 30 and that's often something that's suggested as an upgrade.

As for a cab down the road, you can always disconnect the combo's internal speaker and use an external cab. And the usual, "NEVER run a tube amp without speakers attached" has to be given

Look at me with that quote function.. Getting there with the forum-fu.

So, I don't know what the GAS acronym is for.. Guitar.. Applied... ScienceOfRock? I don't know..

I love the idea of stuff that won't fall apart. I mean, if you dump a few grand into something, it would feel horrifically bad for it to just break.

Why don't you run a tube amp without speakers? (I mean, no sound is one thing, but I imagine there's a reason beyond that).
@dannyalcatraz That's a good point, I don't mind paying more for the stuff that shouldn't fail ever. I think that's worth the money.
@dementiacaptain aaahahaha, good choice sir!

@Arby911 That's some encouraging news. I just kind of expected that the time spent being awful was measured in years. I've braced for the worst. That being said, I'm going to relish in the learning of things. All of the cool new things I get to do as I become a metal-god, will be a good part of the reward.
Quote by dspellman
Apparently the choice you have to make is between one big purchase or a whole steaming pile of little ones.
I managed to rein things in on the keyboard front, thanks to Korg stuffing everything remotely imaginable into my current pair.
Electronics are catching up on the guitar end of things, but for a while it seemed as if death or a dumptruck were all that was going to save me from stringed instrument-induced homelessness.

Oh yes, we're going for the big purchase.. Ish.. I'm going a little modest on the amp. But, it'll be more than enough for me, for now.
@dannyalcatraz You're not wrong, but I feel like we should EXPECT good wiring from our products.. Even lower end stuff isn't exactly cheap. I legit lolled at that philips ad.

@Arby911 Maaan.. If I could not suck a tremendous amount in 5 months of practice, that'd be fantastic. Like, 5 months is basically no time.. Just a matter of really putting time into it I suppose. I figure I'll be able to practice no less than 2 hours a day, more ideally, but life has requirements. 5 months... exciting . Also, my lady's in to like.. kpop so I don't know that we're ever going to learn any of her tunes.. I'd love to be able to cover some of In Flames stuff eventually.. My god that would rule.

@luke.g.henderso That sounds reasonable. What do you reckon is the hardest to learn?
Hmm, it's interesting that the speaker replacement is so inexpensive. If that's the case, why are cabinets in the 800-1200 dollar range? If it's a wood box + 4x80 dollar speakers?

It might be something I'd look in to in the future. Though, from the reviews, demo videos, and articles I've read about the 6505, I think I'll be pretty happy with it stock. At least for a good while.

I've done a YouTube channel for totally unrelated stuff for about a year and a half now, so I have a bit of a thicker skin when it comes to that. I mean, if I were to get a lot of "you suck, get off the interwebz", I wouldn't be so worried about that. I think. But, I might do that, if only to see my own progress externally.

I'll definitely be getting real-people lessons, and guitar pro, and any other advice/help that I can find. I'm not stupid enough to think I can just play tabs and be able to get to where I want to be. Although.. Getting to where I want to be feels like a monumental task.

I'm hoping that with a good 5 years of study, practice, and improvement, I can be ready to play with some other people, in front of other people. That would be success to me. But, time is such an arbitrary number, I'm not sure if that's actually realistic.
Also, I just wanted to say, that you guys are awesome. Many of you get exactly where I'm coming from and have offered great suggestions, advice, and good conversation. It also seems like you guys kind of know each other. So either you guys have all been on here a long time, or have actually gone for drinks or something, but it's refreshing to meet quality people on the internet. Rare to see such a good community, and I'm very glad I get to be a part of it.

I was thinking about doing a YouTube series on my progress, like a weekly update video. I haven't done it yet, and I think it might be somewhat soul crushing, but it could also be helpful as a tool to get better. I know we're not meant to post any kind of advertisements or anything like that, so even if I did it, I wouldn't advertise. But, I wanted to know if you guys thought this would be a good idea from a theoretical standpoint.
@Arby911 I definitely will ask a ton of questions. About the jealousy comment, I was a little worried posting this kind of thing in a semi anonymous forum because I know that most people start off with a more modest budget. I hope (and am pretty sure) that I've been respectful about that kinda thing. I've received SO MUCH valueable advice here.

@luke.g.henderso & DarthV Hahahahaha Although I do know there's some politically fueled nonsense going on in the UK right now and the GBP rate is not awesome, we do pay another 12-15% on top of the cost. So, it's not super great from that perspective.

@Cathbard do you mean a replacement speaker for the 6505 or like a cabinet? Can you plug the combo into another cabinet?

@MacPark I feel like I've addressed this before, but the thing is that the money really isn't a concern. I don't have unlimited funds, but I've got enough that if I REALLY wanted to go buy a $5000 dollar gibson from the custom shop, I could. My budget is my budget because I've determined it's my budget. Again, I'm not the 14 year old kid starting out who has scraped this budget together mowing lawns (not that there's anything wrong with this, but it's not how I did it).

@DarthV You get my mentality entirely with the line of "All my MiJ Ibanez's, Ernie Balls, Fender, ESP, Kemper & evh 5150 III don't make me a better guitar player, but they put a huge smile on my face every time I pick one up and plug in!" 10000% this.

@dementiacaptain You get it too. I was watching a gear interview with one of the guys from Slipknot I think and he was mentioning about how you don't really NEED a lot of stuff. But, everything they have they have for a reason and is quality. It resonated with me.

@dannyalcatraz Your comment "Good gear doesn't make you better, but it sure as sin stays out of your way when you're on the road to improvement." made me smile. I KNOW I'm going to suck, really bad, for a while. But, I want to be damn sure it's 100% my suckitude. I can get better at that, I can't magically make the guitar better.

@Nolasludge Exactly. If someone is good enough to earn themselves a sponsorship and get all their gear for free. Awesome. But, until that point, each of us has to make due with what we got on any budget. In my particular case, I'm getting a generous severence package for leaving my company, and had a job lined up within a few hours of that phone call. So, I'm taking ~10% of that, and am picking up the guitar. I feel that decision will pay off in spades when I can shred
@Arby911 I'm about as sorted as I can be for an online discussion. Though, I am enjoying the chat, and it's definitely shaping where I'll be putting my dollars.

@DarthV Yeah, the CAD to USD discrepancy is RIDICULOUS, but t is what it is I guess. That prestige looks sexy as hell. I think right now I'd want to stay away from the Floyd Roses, I need to establish a baseline before I start screwing with stuff that affects the tuning. It would be easier if I had an ear for tuning, and then I could know when it's out a bit. As is, I only know when it's out by a wide margin.

That being said.. I'll be buying a house in the next couple of years, having an amp that can strip the paint from walls could be useful!

@dementiacaptain I think I'm going to pick the amp up used, the guitar I think will be new. The way I'm looking at it, in the even the used 6505 is busted, it's not really THAT much money to just buy a new one. The guitar though, I'm willing to pay more for new.
Here I am agonizing over the first real purchase... Apparently I don't NEED to stop.. Ever
@Everyone Well, that helps tremendously and sets me to ease a bit. The 6505 it is! I'm thinking I'll pick up the used one.. Which leaves about 3k for the actual guitar.. Which I won't spend, as there's really no sense in it. Solves the problem of the amp.. Although, if I go with a Jackson or something, I could buy the 6505 100w head and a 1, 2, or even 4x12 cabinet. I'm not sure if that's tremendously better or not.

@trashedlostfdup I'm taking a look at the Jackson's (ultimately I'll be trying them all out when I get there and expect my trip to take a good few hours). This one seems up my alley I like the big obvious fret markers. It has the Floyd Rose bridge, but I was under the impression that can make the guitar really hard to keep set up properly. would also fit the bill nicely, I think.

The USA jackson's seem quite pricey (3k+) and though it's probably worth it, that puts me in "uncomfortable" territory.

@luke.g.henderso The ESP LTD looks pretty.. I'll give that a shot as well. I suppose part of me has a bias against guitars that look like Les Pauls, as "why not just get a real LP?" but that mentality is incredibly short sighted and stupid. is soo pretty.

@dementiacaptain The Ibanez Prestige looks nice, there's only one model that would be in the range I can reasonably afford. How does the RG Prestige compare to something like the Jackson Soloists? To me, they appear to be quite similar, but I realize most of this is nuance.

@Arby911 I have to agree about the tuner. I don't like being limited strictly to Gibson, even though they're beautiful machines. I have to wonder what the min-etune feature adds to the machine in terms of cost. I think that if I still end up going Gibson, I'll get one without the tuner, just to save the money.
I was looking at high gain amps. Anyone have thoughts on the Hughes & Kettner? I'm not familiar with the brand, but there's quite a few good reviews on
@DarthV That's part of the problem, there's so much choice at the midrange price point. I have to imagine there's no REAL crap when you're paying 800-1000 dollars for a 1 speaker amp, but maybe there is.

@trashedlostfdup That's good to know. Kind of reinforces the no-real-bad-choice kind of point of view.

@luke.g.henderso Actually I was looking today mostly at the Jackson's and Ibanez to see what they offered that kind of offsets some of the things I'm a little wary about the LP (not a bolt on neck, heavy, lack of lower fret access). This didn't help my decision making process at all.. Because now, I want those too. Specifically this jumps out to me and costs a fraction of what I'm looking at with the LP. The thing about the LP though, is that it seems to offer a lot of flexibility in what it can do.

The kind of metal I tend to be into is mostly Melodic Death Metal, so stuff like In Flames, Soilwork, Into Eternity, Opeth, and I know there are a few LP's floating around this kind of space. Ultimately I don't know that it matters THAT much, and I have a fairly eclectic taste in music. I just felt that the LP would give the most versatility excepting Fender's Strat (which seems to be pretty damn versatile).

Something like this appeals too

Another part of what I wanted out of the Gibson was the min-etune thing. As silly as that sounds, it saves some amount of grief. Although I don't know how the clip on tuners work. The only ones I've ever used were ones I'd plug the patch cable into and maybe it was just that one that was annoying.

Checking out the amps, I LOVE how the Peavey 6505+ sounds. The fact that the 1x12 combo comes in at under a thousand bucks is super compelling, and really reduces what I have to spend to get the kind of sound I think I want.

So, with that in mind, I'd like to know if there are alternatives to the Peavey 6505 that might give a similar Metal sound? I have contacted the guy about the 6505+ 1x12 cab as it's a pretty good deal if it's true that he only played it a few times. In the event I can pick this up for cheap, and it's what I need, then I actually have a pretty ridiculous budget for the guitar portion.. I'm not sure if I can swing two guitars past the missus though. She knows it'll be expensive, but two might be pushing my luck.

In the event I can get two, a mexican strat and the Jackson might cover kind of both ends of the spectrum, something I've been attempting to do with the one Les Paul. If I can only get one, a real Gibson SG with p90s might be an option. Time to go work on the lady..
I think that's my concern. When I got my bass back in 2000, the little amp I got with it was pretty terrible. I'd like to make sure I have an instrument I'm excited to learn and being as affording the gear really isn't the concern anymore (but boy was it when I was 14), it's nice to know that quality has stepped up in all directions. WestCoast Guitars you say? I'll go look em up right now.
@DarthV That's good to know, I'll be buying the guitar in mid September, and will be moving out to Alberta mid-late November so I was hoping to have a few months of practice before I got there. There's a line of thinking where I could get the amp at a later time though. Maybe get some derpy starter amp for the couple months I'm here, but that seems wasteful, even if it were cheap.