i actually really like the look of it, its overpriced but really probably plays pretty well, this much hate seems a bit excessive.
theres guitars ive played with a nicer sound then strats but im most comfortable with one and its the most "enjoyable" to play for me
i have a MIM strat replaced the pick-ups, changed the bridge. I take it over an american standard strat any day. I play it till my fingers bleed and take great care of it, some other players dont like the feel but it is without a doubt the perfect guitar for me.
not a great singer, im a baritone with about one and a half octave range
pretty damn good i must say
dont own one, played it and it had a nice feel but people have told me they hated it. All up to opinion i guess, just like all guitars. Ive played nicer semi-hallows but overall I think the dot is pretty nice.
my strat plays great for blues, jazz, rock and lighter metal
Well.. you could find a teacher but if thats not your thing you should just practice maybe look up what you forgot online. If you want to get your speed ot technique back scales would be helpful. Mainly you should just practice though, you just need to make a commitment
Ive played a mexican strat and as long as you put it through a decent amp its amazing for its price, dont go with squire, I cant stand them. I dont know much about tele's so I cant help you there
Their new guitar ideas aren't great, but still i respect them for making a few incredibly good well designed and influential guitars. It doesn't change the fact that when i saw their new models i wanted to puke.
shouldnt this thread belong under the electric guitar section of this fourm?
Banned due to protein deficiency.
ice fishing.

Are you fond of the possum?
easy going person fail
fail fail
making sense fail
Point out how UG user above you failed at something

ie. Creative thread fail

Have fun
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i was listening to stick stickly then...all of a sudden i saw CRABCORE. then i got hooked. it made me laugh and feel good about myself everytime i listen to them =]

......... and a few months ago i came to the conclusion no one could like attack attack......

metal or prog?
hmmmm fried

Kirk Hammet or Dave Mustaine?
Kiss kiss
Dream theater
Pain of Salvation
Mindless self indugence
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I am that leper.

was your hormonal system effected? are you gonna have a babay with more then 16 fingers?
I ate 7 saltine crackers at the same time
So the other day I was thikin what if a lepper fingered a chick and his finger came off while inside her Snatch.... would it just sit in there or would it effect her hormonal system
banned for owning that other guy in a bannn style argument
banned for questioning my ways of pointing out reason
banned for being reasonable
what did you get it for? i plan to purchase a hellraiser myself
My family has quite a thing for music and some of my uncles have some nice guitars, they wanted to know the value of them, I was also curios.

69 Fender Stratocaster
73 Stratocaster
59 Gibson Acoustic "has no lettering on asde from gibson"
Fender jazzmaster "not sure of year between "65-70"
all my uncles happen to be old men so they have no idea how to find out on their own terms
I wouldnt say i listen to everything but i do cover quite a range:
Thrash Metal
Rock N Roll
Punk Rock
Power Metal
thats all off teh top of my head
Banned for being clueless
for metal id use an explorer over a telecaster, for indie or rock I would definatley go with a tele
For Whom the Bell Tolls is by far easiest me and my band play it all the time,, our lead guitarist makes it interesting and plays a solo but its not nessacry. If you play it how metallica does it quite easy. After that id reccomend trying enter sandman, easy song I learned it fairly fast. Solo my give you some grief but its allot easier then most metallica solos. Good luck with your band
HAH KNEW IT....... her piece of SH*T song had been stuck in my head for a week which really sucks when i listen to metal and prog.
thanks, my budget is at 1000$ at the moment but i can make more. Schecters seem to be the best choice after reading those replies. Thank you fior your input
does anyoen know of nice 7 strings otthers then schecters? im considering schecter but i want to explore and reaseacrh different types of 7 strings ebfor emaking sucha large investment
3 a not very well known band has some great riffs and melodies, anything from there album the end is begun... if it could be tabbed my someone it would be apprieciated
thanks ill be sure to check it out.... and G*dammit i lose
Looking for a new guitar... wanting a 7 string... i hear schecters are pretty good but only from one or two people... i want something powerful and good for metal