i have been playing for 3 years or so, and i want to be better. i would say the hardest song i can play is Now youve got something to die for-Lamb of God, or My fork in the road(your knife in my back) by Atreyu. I play mainly metal, but am up for different suggestions. i would like a song with a lot of finger movement for my left hand. i cant sweep pick, but if it has a little im sure i could take time to learn it. Thanks.
YO, would like to know if anyone could get me the Enough Is Enough Tab by Stick to your guns tab, the one on the site is not as complete as i would like it to be... thanks!
hey, fairly new to sweeping, my trouble is i cannot for the life of me get my right hand to do what it wants, ive been practicing for about 3weeks now, and my left hand can do nearly whatever i want it to(i just dont know that many arpeggios yet). RIGHT HAND, what can i do to improve my right hand technique besides practicing, any tips that would be able to help, or any videos that would help a beginner? trying to learn bleeding mascara right now :P
Hey, i got a Peavy vyper 75W modeling amp not too long ago and i was wondering if any one knew a good setting to make it sound more like some of Buckethead songs, Asylum of glass and the Redeem team, any info about it would help
thanks i will look up these songs ^_^
ac/dc is incredibly easy and im not that n00by at guitar
Hey im looking to get better at guitar, Im a rhythm guitarist, and i was wondering if anyone out there had any advice for songs that have an intermediate difficulty
ok ty, im a little new to this site if you cant tell haha
Hey, iM looking to get better at guitar and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for easy Metal(i know metal isnt always the easiest) or rock songs tyvm
we have 3 songs we are working on, recording, we dont have the best equipment but we are workin with what we got
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