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That's actually really really good! I love it!

The only thing I can say is that the louder guitar layer towards the end (0:52) is possibly a little too loud or too distorted.

Thanks! I have agree, the lower frequency of that guitar made my speakers shake a little bit too, I could have cut it out a little more I guess.

I made a cover of the Breaking Bad theme song, with only guitars. There are like 6 layers of guitars. What do you think? How does the mix sound?

Acoustic guitar is recorded with shure SM58, electric guitar directly into my audio interface.

Click here for the song

I just found the solution. I used the wiring from diagrom #8 in the manual, but ignore the tone controls. The guitar is fully muted at zero volume now.

Thanks for replying.
I used the pots that came with the EMG pickups, and those are 25k.
Hello UG,

I just installed a set of EMG's in my guitar (81/60). Everything works fine except that there is still sound (when playing) coming out of my amp while the volume controls are at zero.

I searched around at Google and apparently it is supposed to do this to prevent that the middle posion (both pickups) is muted when one of the pickups is at zero. I got the information from here. A solution is posted there, but I used the quick-connect system.

I used Diagram #7 in this manual:

My question is, how do I have to connect the electronics to completely mute the sound when the volume controls are at zero?