Related to the point of love being a social fabrication of our race I do think that has indeed been inflationated to the point of us being pressured into believing it but, this has nothing or very little to do with the argument at hand.

I don't think love and sex are the same, I believe that they are in fact linked, being that love might or might not be a response to the natural selection of you finding what you think is a decent partner, however, that being said, there is a very large diference between finding someone atractive and wanting to "spread their legs", as crunk would say, and finding someone that you just want to spend time with, that makes you happy.

Admitting that someones presence does indeed make you feel better and that her/his company during the day, without sex, does give you the wiggle jiggles I feel as this somewhat reinforces the idea of love existing.

You can however not give a crap about someone and still want to diddle them.

I would have to agree more upon Colohues side on this one, although I do understand crunks opinion, however, although much of our existence nurtures from debates calling someone a twat and acting like a jackass doesn't really help, does it ?

Also, please bear in mind that when I refer to love existing I mean it as a purely emotional status, not as a response to a chemical in our heads, that has already been proven beyond belief.
I used to think about it a lot, then things got a bit better and those thoughts went away, though now life isn't that great again, tbh. I've planned it three times and attempted twice.
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Meh ran into a little bug here.

Might be a spoiler, not sure, better safe than sorry :p

So, I'm running errands for Delphine and the Blades right now. So she sent me to Riften after going Thief on the Thalmar in Solitude. I have to look for this socially awkward dude in the sewers there, but when I get there, his voice dialogues aren't there (I can talk to him but his voice isn't there). Then, when I get him to open up his door, he just doesn't do it. I've tried turning off collision and walking through the door and talk to him but that doesn't work, both he and the door don't respond to me :< Any ideas as to how I can solve this?

Download this
and extract it into the data folder, worked for me
That one actually made me laugh
Well, I'm considering walking out, if she starts to distance herself from me more I'm gone, her loss.
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My ex was exactly like this. Her own ex, who cheated on her and treated her like crap, was always just hanging on trying to get her back. Eventually she started seeing him a fair bit saying that she just wanted to be his friend.

Then it got to the stage where he was her "best friend" and her "only friend". Keep in mind this is still when she and I were together.

Next thing I know she's cheated on me then left me for him.

I was just like you. I was everything for her, but she didn't care. Let her go. This shit ^ will happen to you, and you'll end up feeling like crap whenever you think about her. I have never had a keener sense of betrayal and having been played and deceived. Don't let this happen to you. Your girl isn't over him yet, and is so retarded she probably never will be.

You know, at the end of the day, it's her choice. She's said to me several times she's never someone as good as me, well, if she chooses to stay with him, it's her loss.

Thanks for everything, really, I'll give her a few more days but I'm really not expecting any miracles.

Thanks guys.
Thanks for everything guys.
I appreciate it that you actually read the whole thing and replied, I just really needed to vent.
But, next time someone puts their heart out like that, if you really think they're with a slut, try to choose your words more carefully, hearing stuff like that isn't really good :/
Let me make something clear here, they're not even in the same city, and she's not doing two people at once. She's been plenty honest with me, enough to tell me shit about her past I never thought I'd hear.
But yeah, thanks, just forget that I posted.
I met a girl a while ago, who's just absolutely perfect for me, just being near her made me happy, and I've never felt that way. I've never felt so comfortable, never been so intimate and I've never cared so much about anyone as I do for her.

We started seeing each other and feelings grew, mine for her, and hers for me. I've always done my best to be there for her, as a friend, as a lover, for support or even just for a laugh.
I've been doing everything I can to make her smile, to make her happy, to help her with her problems. I was there every single time she's needed me.

She disappeared for two days, and I understood, she needed her space, and time.

She did it again, and yet again I went along with it.

She disappeared for a whole week without saying one single word to me, and I just texted her, every night, saying it was alright, and that I was there for her.

Every, single, time, I was there.

When I needed her, when I needed five minutes of her time, to hear her voice, she didn't even answer the phone.

When we're together, I feel amazing, and I know she feels the same, she's told me several times, and I can just see it in her. Her smile, making someone smile has never felt so important, and so good.

Now, a little background, her ex used and abused her, he didn't give two craps about her and it would've gone on, and on, and on, if she didn't have met me, because every time they broke up, he found a way to lure her back in.
They broke up, she met me, but he never accepted it, he went on with rambling stories such as he'd injure himself, just to grab her attention.

It wasn't a clean breakup, and that's the problem here, he's still trying, and she's trying to make him understand it's over.

She needs her time and her space to do it, because he's going through a rough time and she wants to be there for him, just as friend, even after everything that **** did to her.

She comes to me, and tells me this, that we should go back to being friends just for a while, while she tries to clean up the mess.

Now I'm supposed to wait, while she's just so confused she doesn't even know if she feels anything for me still.

I'm supposed to let her disappear for weeks, a month, maybe more, without knowing if she still feels the way I do about her, I'm supposed to hold on to her, to not give up on her, but I'm afraid, I'm afraid the feelings will fade and that I'll lose her.

I'm willing to do it, because I like her, I love her. It's just that I've been trying so hard, so damn hard to be the best I can for her, to be everything she needs, I've been caring more about her needs, and her well being, and not giving two shits about myself.

But there's something that I don't think she understands. Things change when we want them to change, and when we make them change. Unless she stops it, this is going to go on, and on, and on, until the prick gets what he wants.

I just don't want to lose her after everything.
I've tried the noiseless set on a 60th anniversary tele and they were quite good, but I still prefer the chopper/king combo. You should really try them yourself and see which you like more though
Get a Chopper T in and a Twang King on the tele !
This isn't the pit, you guys should really stop so childish and help him out, anyway, it's keyboard amp, and I don't think it's tube. However, for a keyboard amp, it is very good. Don't plug guitar into it; just use it as a keyboard amp if it works.
If there's no contact at the first fret then the problem can't be in the nut, it is however possible that the neck angle is bad, if it is, just remove and reinstall the neck making sure it's making full contact, without a shim, if it fixes the overall situation you can then work on it to your liking
The nut may be too low, there's little we can do without visual aid mate. Get us pictures of the nut, the action and the bridge and we can help you.
All right, since I have no where else to turn to for this kind of help, I turn to thee, Pit. I want to cut my hair, but I still want it long, kind of like this :

But with a bit more length in the back. Check my profile to see what it's like now.
So, should I ?
The point of the videos was for you to use your own ears and see which of the four amps you like most, it's not that it needs to be one of those four, they're just four choices upon which you can single out after hearing them. Tastes differ
If you want versatility you can scratch the Randall out, I have the exact same model and although it's a brilliant amp that's ballsy and killer for metal, it's not going to do soft rock or blues very well unless you cut back on the pre-amp and REALLY crank it.
Get a coat-hanger.

Just slide it on the hook part and bend the rest so it can hang from whatever you want it holding on to.
I'd go with a a couple of PAF Pros, maybe Air Classics.
It's good to see this back, can't wait until it's finished
Same here, Tone-Zone in the bridge, also a strat, but I dislike the cleans of it, neck+middle ftw.
If you're after Gilbert sounding leads you could go with a Tone-Zone/PAF Pro combo. The PAF is amazingly versatile but the Tone-Zone can be love/hate for some.
Well, the "standard" gauge is 10s, but it's not unusual for a guitar to come set up for 9s. What tuning are you going to be using ?
Mr.spock has no profile picture, so I'll base it on his avatar, 6/10
And blake is probably a 7/10, no homo.
Where the hell is Portuguese ? EH !?
EVH several times and Orlando Bloom, although I can't for the life of me see anything similar.
Did it snap at the headstock ?
Good luck with those cracks mate. I might refinish my squier in white if I get a maple board for it so it's interesting to see how others do it. Good work so far though.
If that guitar comes out as nicely as I think it's going to, please upgrade it fully. It'll be a fantastic instrument. Regarding suggestions, well, maybe go with blackouts if you really want actives, and what's the current nut made of ? You could change it to a bone one.
Stickied, and that white is starting to look lovely.
Waves, Heart Of A Lion, Hammer Away, Sunlit Nights, Tornado Of Souls
Why are you even feeding the troll ?
You just can't compare the difficulty level of guitar with that of a piano, they're two different instruments that are played in different manners. Pretty much any song can be played on both regardless of it being harder on one or the other. Shut up and learn both.

As for the original topic, from all the people I've met, guitar players are arrogant and pianists are just plain cocky and annoying.
Dude, do a seagull on the headstock, it'd work well with the one you have on the body.
I have one of those myself, Strat+SB+Clean Channel = teh sex