Let's be honest...jesus would.
So guys, what do you think the new zombies will be like, i can see them being very good, but can it beat the orginal Nazi zombies on COD 5?
I mean, what can they do to improve on the new zombies?
I still can;t get enough of Der Riese or whatever it is, i mean, the characters are pretty badass
So, i wonder how they will be?
Now, i know this sound stupid and it is, but i'm painting my room soon, and like, one wall is gonna be different to the others, and although i could simply use wallpaper, what's the fun on that, so i kinda want your help on what colours i should have.

Ok so the choices i have are:
Red and White
Purple and Blue(Dark)
Mint green and brown
Cream and brown
Red and black

Any other suggestions or one of them?
Hey guys this is mcpowell16 coming to you from his laptop...:/

So i recently posted to you guys a question which was,
"If you could have a new name, what would it be and why"?

A few of you posted replies and a few made me LOL, but what made me LOL the most was from a user name Nicolai_Nebel who replied...

Mitch. Simple and to the ****ing point. One syllable containing more awesomeness than any other three names put together!

Or maybe it's just me. Because I freaking LOVE the name Mitch.

So well done Nicolai for being #1 on my comment list.

Now i go onto my new question of the day, it's pretty basic but i wanna see what you guys think, so leave creative responses and whatever

If two two negatives make a positive, what does two positives make?

See, now this question got me thinking about the Asain culture joining forces with the middle eastern, so i think that two postives makes a chinese person hump an Elephant...

Anyways i'll get back to you tommorow, good luck and im outta here
I've had two major opperations but for a different cause, i had to wait 3 days for the operation which the re-cheduled 4 times, then, after they were done with that, which took 3 days to decided, they decided to do another operation to nicely annoy me.
It's nothing too bad, im sure that you'll live
Good luck and hope your ok dude
If you want songs that will make you sound good, then you want songs that people know, then when you eventually are to a good standard(which you probabl are) then you can just learn what ever

Green day-american idiot
Fall Out boy- I dont care
Ac/dc- Back in Black
Vampire Weekend- A-Punk
Blink 182- What's my age again

Hope that helped you out
Hey guys, this is mcpowell16 coming from his bedroom

I'm gonna send i series of questions and see if any get popular,
So my question of the day is,

If you could pick a name, what would it be and why?

I would personally pick Seth, because it makes me sound slick and like a pedophile

Leave your comments and the best will be chosen for my next post...hopefully
Peace out!