I critiqued 25 songs and I got 3 back? Hmmm, I thought (C4C) actually meant something. To all of you who have not returned the favor- SHAME ON YOU!!!!! May the devil take your soul and leave a demon in it's place for you parents to loath...
Well I dig it. This site is awesome- so many talented people and so many good ideas. Th evolume isn't too low but yes it could come up a hair. That a flange part should drop out when the guitar plays the lower picked-chords. But come back in when you start strumming. And try this when you are doing two guitars as a duet: make each guitar tone different. I find it creates a fuller sound and blends much better. Whoah the solo just came in and that is some crazy @ss tone you have there!! What did you do to get that sound? It's almost like a keyboard buzz sound. COOL! Here is the thing to watch out for.. Guitar is a mid-tone instrument so when you are layering more than one track of guitar, you really need to change the tone from one to the next so you fill the frequencies out more. Overall I thinks its a great idea and you should go with it. Try to pick spots to drop the flange part in and out, I think this will give more variety. Thanks for your crit and I'll talk 2 U later!!
Hmmmm.. I have to say it's really hard to to critique a midi song. I see you have put a good bit of effort into it. It sounds very video game-ish to me. It reminds me of playing Sega Genesis back in the day. I can see a ninja character at the winning scene of the game, then the credits roll and this music is playing the whole time. Kind of nostalgic, really. :^)
HAAAA! I FINALLY FOUND IT!! That was like a treasure hunt, maytee!!! It's definitely better than you make it sound. Don't sell yourself short by being too modest. It's not terrible by any means. It takes alot of practice to get the hammer-on pull-off triple tone thingys down. Keep practicing you have talent and I really like the new one on your profile.
Hey Gereado.. thanks for the opinions and I will definitely return the favor. Could you do me a favor and post the link to your thread? I can't seem to find it.
Awesome!! Your critique makes me very happy!! I am attempting to create a genre that is not yet cliche or normal. I don't want my music to sound like anything specific and you make me feel like I am achieving this. Thanks so much for your reply it means a lot to me.
Sweet.. Good vocals come right out. I will say that I think myspace always destroys the sound quality somehow. I would like to hear some vocal harmony. Good progressions and well recorded. Not much to add really!
If you get the time to give your opinion this is my thread
Ok ... slude rock takes 17 seconds to come in... tooo long to wait. BUT it is a very cool track and has some great guitar work. Very nice... Dreamscape is wayyyyy too low volume-wise. Jazz sample is cool, but once again way too long to wait for the track to come in. Try for 2-4 seconds tops, unless you are really going for a drawn out fade-in.
AHHH hAAAH!! There we go.. Greensleeves comes right in good job. You are very, very talented. Great playing. Volume levels are all a bit low. 16 seconds on Sludge metal to come in. lol... Cool tracks otherwise, very technical player and varied sound.
I would love your opinion on my tracks. I am not as technical, I am more the all in one musician so I do not concentrate on any one area. I love it alllll!!!! Thanks and good stuff I really like it!!!
ok I am going to just pass up the generic comment. Good sound quality and vocal harmonies. No vocal correction?? No definately not. I hear very minor imperfections- I don't mean that to be negative, I like when people sound like humans singing and not like a machine. Good progressions. Not my favorite style of music but over all I could see this being played on the radio and all that jazz. If you want to critique mine check this link: Thanks!
I admit at first the vocals kind of rub me the wrong way. I mean it sounds a bit like you are emulating someone else. However, as the song goes by you sound a bit more comfortable and I like it more. I am a fan of vocal harmony but very song can't have this... I like the lyrics, personally and I definitely did not hate this track. There is a genuine quality of emotion in there. If you would take the time to check out my track "Hold A Moment" , I would appreciate it. Thanks!!
The sound quality's not that bad considering... But yes the vocal track is a bit low in the mix. I wish you had posted the lyrics since they are hard to make out. Not that you don't enunciate but the volume issue. I am going to friend you cause I like your style. Hope that's cool. I hear a few mic bumbs too but I get the idea this is just a project track. Maybe try a little vocal reverb or delay just to play with it. I think you could use some low end to fill out the sound a bit. I like the idea you have here though. If you would be so kind to return my critique, my post is for my song called "Hold A Moment" and the link is:
Thanks and I would like to discuss recording techniques a bit if you have the time, feel free to ask me anything too. I won't make stuff up if I don't know the answer! Thanks , man!!
Thomasomen, interesting stuff. Of course the distortion I am referring to is more like what you would get by running through a tube pre amp. Nothing too crazy but I get what you mean. Oh by the way I would really appreciate if you would return the crit. Here is my link: feel free to give input on any track but the thread I posted is for "Hold A Moment"
Oh by the way I would really appreciate if you would return the crit. Here is my link: feel free to give input on any track but the thread I posted is for "Hold A Moment"
Oh by the way I would really appreciate if you would return the crit. Here is my link: feel free to give input on any track but the thread I posted is for "Hold A Moment"
Cool overall project. I like the sort of reggae guitar. Good lyrics, good voice. The only problem is that the drums clip a bit and during the heavy parts (which I like alot) there is a lot of clipping creating distortion that detracts from the song. It may be that you simply need to remaster (remix) the recording, but if the clipping is in the recording, then you can't get rid of it. Over all, I liked it!
Ok I see what the question is now.. Yes, I believe you can scream, however clipping just never sounds good no matter what. I say you should try using some vocal compression and then see if you can scream. Compression with just a bit of vocal distortion fetches a great sound and I think you would do good to look into it. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask! Now I would like to know- can you sing? Do post something with your vocals. YES CURT WAS MURDERED and it's a shame. At least with OJ there was a big deal over it and in the end he is recognized as a criminal.
I agree that the drums should be changed up a little. Vocals are cool but I hear a some clipping- maybe look into some vocal compression or, if you are already using some then adjust the threshold down a hair. If you have any questions about compression let me know I will tell you anything you want to know. I liked it better the second time too! Good job keep it up!!!
Not bad(r2) The only thing I would change is that it seems the right side/ lead guitar is a bit over powering especially during the solo and riff parts. Otherwise good skills and clean playing. Ok I just hit the change up and that was cool... but still that solo guitar is panned too far right and too over powering. Do you stand with your right ear toward your amp all the time? Just curious - take care of you ears!!
Now R4... Pretty clean, I like the guitar duo part, this time both sides are more even and balanced. Try bringing both sides a little more to the center, they will blend better.
Good job!
Ok now, before you give me the "missing a climax" opinion.. please note this is an opening/intro track and is meant to be kind of low key. With that said, please let me know what you think. I will do my best to check out your music as well. Thanks!
Hi there! This track is very cool as far as the compilation and ideas. I like the sound you get as well. The only thing I would work on is getting the delay effect a little more in sync with the tempo you are playing in. It is just a bit slower than your playing tempo, therefor it becomes a bit confusing/distracting. With that said I still liked the track. Now I will listen to your other tracks...You are a very talented, technical player.
And Lucretia is a very difficult song to play and one of my favorite guitar riffs. You really play it very cleanly, however I do hear two chords that are not quite right. All in all I think you have some really amazing skills- you are what 17 years old?? Sweet man!!
It's obvious you are having fun learning to solo and you're not terrible, that's for sure! It only gets better and easier. Keep up the good work!