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Culture doesn't change noise. A 450Hz square wave will always be a 450Hz square wave.

The culture of the person making that noise changes nothing. It isn't being marginalized because it isn't relevant. I haven't claimed anything about Western tonal theory.

None of this matters anyway.

I don't think you actually have a clue what you're talking about. Does a 450hz square wave want to go up or down?

What the hell does that have to do with intervals conveying meaning. Not a damn thing. I'm not sure you know what an interval is
i remember all those lessons on the Laws of Frequency Go Up Go Down

please elaborate on these laws of physics

culture doesn't exist. western tonal theory is actually a law of physics
ancient middle eastern illiterates were doing wordplay with a word that didn't exist

sounds legit as fuk
but it's not making light

the way you lot marginalize any music that's not western is actually a problem with this board
i can see you are only interested in conflict

if you want to disagree with me, then nevermind
nah i just think you're wrong

but any disagreement is considered derailing in mt lol
it's more like you guys only know about red and blue and dem man are doing green and you're like wtf only western tonal red and blue pls
well it's not our fault mt is racist and we have to keep pointing out music outside of the western tonal canon exists
yeah dunno what's going on but bryce says someone will notice soon and do me in
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Pitch relationships affect us in certain ways.
elaborate with evidence pls
We analysed this and named these relationships we perceived. The language is arbitrary. There can also be a number of different ways one might choose to organize it. But that doesn't change how we perceive.
except around the world completely different relationships are described they're not just different names for the same thing
we've discussed it between us, and none of us have the slightest inkling as to what you're on about
we think tigers is putting together a massive pm for me because he did it for snazz before

he was taking being called a wankstain super seriously lol
mt is completely ethnocentric and it hasn't gone unnoticed btw
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oh man, we'll try keep the edm dungeon alive and kicking. Do you know how long it'll be? Maybe they're reconsidering

90 days i think

or maybe that's how long it was last time. i dunno it might even be a perma
this is why the theory you're on about is universal

and because 2 warnings and my email told me so

#resistingarrest tho
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it's a copy paste, fake trollin'

no a guy literally said that in the thread i'm banned for

still here

about to be bant

fuk babylon

go to mt &
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forreal tho, Complex music is appreciated by complex artists and played by people that can follow it, while 4-chord pop music is appreciated by teenage kids and under-educated musicians, performed by people who dare not deviate.

i mean if you don't go along with this you're just intentionally derailing the thread, come on
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there will be no white flag above my door
im in love and always will be


edit: it's been half an hour why am i not bant yet

internal conflict

will will survive

nah i just said it's still wood and strings don't get so uppity about it

i will go down with this ship

but i won't put my hands up, and surrender ~~~~~

wait for me
before i go down

i must big up f#
told someone jazz isn't the greatest thing ever

how will i atone for this sin
nah the real impact of music is 80hz

right in the chest
as a complete outsider who owned madden 2004

bills are the most nothing team. browns at least stick in your memory as a pile of horseshit
i think you lot keep posting about basic theory just to get a reaction out of me

who's the real trolls?
mad how you lot gas up wilshere when Hendo is a way more complete, consistent player. few years and he'll be screaming at jack for being a daft **** in qatar with the armband on
dunno what you lot think wilshere has ever done
skepta in this

tell a pussy don't answer back 'cause we're some rhetorical g's

baaaadman hahaha
corrr gilberto, there's a name
so for how shit we've been we're only 3 points back from the actual competition

nice run of games coming up, sturridge will be back

gary lad it's okay to wear a coat

slave to fashion this bloke
scrappy as all hell at the back