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So what does DT think of this. My dealer sells .8's but its always exellent bud. Its usually primal and seems homegrown. I got other dealers but his stuff is the best. Is the $10 bucks really worth it?

your opinion?

that price for that type of dank is a steal.
it's all mostly grinding, slow dancing (swaying), and funny dance moves. have a good time and don't worry about it.
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Now, I'm new to this "maryjuwanna" business, so pray tell, what does "green out" mean??

throwing up, nausea, dizziness, hallucinating.
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Haven't gotten around to sharing this with you guys.. But here it goes.

This is my new double chambered, inline, bubbler. I picked it up for $180 at 42 Degrees in Ann Arbor. Worth every penny, I love this thing.

EDIT: huge pictures. Here is URL linky

MILK!! With my friends inline a/c on it...

Enjoy folks!!

very nice. i envy you.
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SWIM just bought his first gram of weed. SWIM'll be sharing it with his friend on Friday, since he doesn't have school. They'll be smoking from a joint and they'll go in the woods near their house to smoke. They will then chill at the guys house for like 3 hours and then he'll come back home.

Sound like a plan? Any flaws? Any tips to not get caught by parents/countering red eyes? This'll be SWIM's first experience. Thanks!

use eye drops to reduce redness and maybe put on cologne or something to mask any suspicious smells.

couldn't sleep tonight (last night), so i played call of duty : mw2 until it would eventually bore me, forcing me to sleep. after playing that and typing this, i have come to the conclusion that playing games does not help me sleep.
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... but smoking alone is better then smoking with a big bunch of people.

exactly how i feel. i smoke alone when i know i have no plans and am bored to tears. most of the time, however, i smoke with two or three friends. it's usually just munching and gaming when i'm alone, otherwise it's car rides and movies with groups.
a week and five days? holy hell. doesn't the body start microsleeping without you realizing it? i think i read something about it.

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I love that because a couple years ago I found a caterpillar, and blew every hit I took from a 3.5g blunt on it, and eventually I put it down and just watched it crawl for a good 20 minutes.

most excellent!
i love that moment where it's humid outside and is about to rain, but it's just dark with sounds of thunder in the background. but everything turns into poo when it starts raining.
• girr-core

this is pretty awesome. nice find, thanks!
get your kickflips and ollie variations in tact. then, try some 3-step / 5-steps. try to get a buddy to film you while you practice running lines. play back the tapes, see what you can do better in that line. as you keep practicing, you can add your own styles to your setups and get grinding down.

happy skating!
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Ok, I got a crazy question. I was smoking the other day with a few friends, and I had this crazy feeling. As I was standing on the porch everything started flashing black and white and my head had this enormous pressure all around it. Pretty soon I could barely see at all and had to go stumble inside to sit down and have a drink. After an hour or so I was feeling better.

Do you think it was the weed that caused that? Or was it some other factor amplified by the weed?

this sounds like something similar that happened to me when i smoked hookah after i smoked bud. i'm pretty sure it wasn't the weed, especially if you've smoked before and never had this occurrence.
epic blunt sesh last night signaling the end of finals and the start of summer break. life's good.
kirby, hands down.

i suck at super smash, so what i do is stay at the edge of the level and suck in opponents for a suicide-kill! i might die first, but at least i'm taking someone with me.
delivery : 10%-ish
restaurant : 20%-ish

^^^^^^^excellent dwight reference
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Sonic is the best fast food on the east coast

i might have to agree on this. everything's cheap and there's plenty of food for each order.
• remember to look at this list.
first, i will establish my loyalty as a friend with my victim. throughout 2 years, i will befriend my victim and tell him my love for arizona iced tea. we will join, by my request, an arizona iced tea factory tour. i will then bribe the security staff with chewing gum to look away at approximately 0930 hours. i will walk exactly 15 inches to the left of my victim while walking on a pathway directly above 500 gallons of boiling tea. one surprise falcon kick later, i commence in drinking the tea in which my victim was boiled in.
roll a fattie, grab a 6-pack of dos equis, and enjoy the year 2005.
two blunts + end of finals = relaxation
south park
it's always sunny in philadelphia
aqua teen hunger force
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... is somewhat reckless because many college student activities involve large quantities of alcohol, and most importantly, if a shooting did take place, in the panic and chaos student would fire at each other. Each student believing another is the shooter thereby exacerbating the problem greatly.

you are male. you are straight. you kissed a girl. you fingered a girl.

unless you're gay, i don't find anything weird with this.
• pineapple express
• how high?
• grandma's boy
• cheech and chong
• harold & kumar
• half baked
• wayne's world (not a stoner, but good nonetheless)
asking a girl to prom doesn't mean there has to be some kind of relationship tagged along. you can go as friends. despite what you think, many people do it.

edit :
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Nut up or shut up ts

a group of us are having dinner, then "the liar" got a phone call about a death of her friend. she was gloomy the entire dinner until her close friend told us ...

she made the whole thing up ...

just to get our attention, and i would assume make her presence known / dominant / etc. i have never met anyone like this in my life.
kfc/marijuana mashup was easily my favorite this season. the others, not so much.
fried chicken.
good friends and an unconventionally tasteful idea. i think you have this in the bag, good luck.

edit : nice work, congrats.
got to love mcchickens. everywhere else does everything else better, though.
first week of college, didn't eat for around 19 hours for some odd reason. no sleeping involved.
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(took him a good twenty minutes of his exceedingly important life. I couldn't help...

grr. you used an opening parentheses but didn't close it. i was skimming your post trying to find it! tsk tsk.
this question is ludicrous. although 10 million is alot, it's not worth dying over when you have a decent life as it is. if the consequence was slightly less than dying but still made an impact, the question might be reasonable.

/rant over.

i wouldn't flip it.