Yeah, two of em. One acoustic I got for free, and a electric strat like rip off. it was liberating.
I've recorded with it, made my town much thicker, more beefy, and just overal better. I would suggest it to any musician, recording or live.
A, slanted for on top. more treble
B for bottom of stack, more bassy
If I had to choose, definitely the tubescreamer! that thing looks so sick!
Epiphone thunderbird IV. end of story.
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I said /not/ active haha

Your point? haha
Avenged sevenfold - Unholy Confessions
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Well, I know his cousin. He found out for one of my good friends. So I know now too.

You, made, my, fuc*ng, life. Hahaha. Thank you so much.
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I'm wearing my Mars Volta shirt right now! I know Omar doesn't use the amps overdrive. He uses a pedal called the "Body Blow" by Majik Box which basically sums up his sound.

Thank you! How did you find that out?
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You'd be better off messing with your settings until you get a tone like his than trying to figure them out from that tiny picture.

you're probably right.
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Don't a lot of people use Marshall cabs with their (non-Marshall) heads?

I meant for Omar, since he really only uses Orange heads, even way back then.
Hey everyone! So I am a huge TMV and ATD fan, and I found this pic while surfing the web.

I noticed that Omar is using a 5150 head and a 1960 cab, and I haven't seen this setup before. I was just wondering if anyone could figure out what his settings are at? I love Omars tone, and I own a 6505 head which is basically the same amp.

Hey guys, I want to buy a Mesa Dual recto, but I have zero cash, so I've decided to sell me Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 head.

am selling it for 800 and it is in great condition. Let me know if any of you are interested.
Just shoot me an email -
the schecter c1 blackjack is one of the lightest guitars i've ever played / owned
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most of BMTH's suicide season...

bad suggestion i know...

BMTH sucks. Just sayin.

Learn some TDWP or Miss May I dooooood.
Put some crazy LED light show up in there.. just sayin
As for laptops, any macbook pro. Nuff said. The line 6 tone ports are pretty nice... cheap monitors? umm I would say just search musiciansfriend.
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i name mine after girls so i dont feel to bad about making them scream with my fingering skills
so i suggest aphrodite
i also do the same with bass so i dont feel bad about slapping them

Hey everyone, my current amp is a Marshall JCM 2000 tsl 100 head, and 1960 cab.

For the past few months I have been debating on wether or not to sell my stack and buy a Vox ac 30 cc2x.

I listen to a bunch of different music, so I will just list my current favorites:

Bright Eyes
The Mars Volta (Omar uses a Ac30 for most volta recordings)
At the drive in
Black Sabbath ( Paranoid only)
The Devil Wears Prada
Various free jazz artists ( Think sun Ra)
Cage the elephant
Crystal Castles
Animal Collective
Elliott Smith
Explosions In the sky
Minus the bear
The White Stripes

Now a little background on myself:

I'm not currently in a band, and I don't intend on being in one for a long time.
I record music constantly for various things.
I have a schecter c1 blackjack with Jb and 59 that are coil tapped
and various fender strats.

I will be buying the Vox used no doubt, because Ill only be getting around 1200 for my stack if I do sell it.

If anyone knows about the other ac30s please let me know your opinions.

but not super lower end, just kinda middle ish
Sounds great! what do you use to record?
One of your tubes, is done for.
Lose the RP-150. that pedal sucks beyond belief. I broke mine on purpose.
Whenever you get bored of your current guitar
Retire the ol' thing, buy a tube combo, and start rocking!
Ernie Ball, Heavy bottom slinky top. Can't go wrong.
Mxl makes great shi*, but I would go with the sure
Happens to me all the time, it's called master. Mastering is essentially just making everything as loud as it goes.
It sucks big time for people majoring in the music industry for college, and for myself because I was going to open up a Vinyl / cd / coffee shop / venue (on weekends)
Depends on waht, I mean Sure has great stuff so chances are, yes. Depends on how much money it would end up being, if its half or less of what it would be new, then why the hell not? guitar center, music source, somewhere a bit more mainstream should be able to do it.
Just dont buy a distortion pedal period. The only person that has gotten a solid sound out of only a pedal for distortion, was Mr. Cobain. Just save your money, and buy a tube amp. End of story. OH and a tube screamer would be nice with ANY tube head, combo amp.
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Maybe learn music theory before you try and work with a program that auto-tunes. It's bad enough people don't have to learn how to sing anymore.

Seriously though, you'll need to start learning basic music theory ASAP, it's the only way anyone could explain to you what key a song is in. I assume that since you post here that you play guitar. Start by learning all the notes on the fretboard.

They are using it for Backup vocals, I have it only because I like to mess around with it from time to time to make comedy songs.

I myself can kind of sing, but I dont use auto tune to assist me.

I have been playing for 6 years now, I just never really got around to it