I haven't spent any money on my music so far either (not counting my laptop I guess.) I use LMMS for a DAW (which is open source) and mostly just use the instruments and effects included (although I've used a few free VSTs as well) in combination with various drum samples I've gotten off the internet. It's not too hard to do really. I may get some more proper equipment at some point but you can definitely start without spending any money.
Yeah, I like it. Also, thanks for the responses guys.
I haven't posted in here, or anywhere in the forums in quite a while, but I figure if there's any discussion I might as well join in. I've just put up a DnB album on Bandcamp, and if anyone wanted to give my any feedback it'd be greatly appreciated

To be fair, several of the tracks here are months old by now, even though I only put it out about a week ago, because with some shit going on in my life and all that release took a while to finish. I'm always working on new stuff to put out though, so yeah, any tips or feedback in general would be awesome.
He thought you meant screencapped, not bandwidth capped.
The majority of people who frequent here integrated quite smoothly without pissing people off. Many of us probably have never even been seriously (as in, because people are getting tired of you) banned before. It's not that hard.
Lol, people coming in and telling us what we should and shouldn't put up with, and who we should or shouldn't keep around. Like, really? That's how you think social situations work? Okay.

I don't have as much against Jani cause he's been around for a while and I haven't (personally) had problems with him, but if people are complaining that you're annoying them, then can it stop, and we can all just drop it? Thanks. Ego isn't going to get you anywhere. If you stopped doing what you're doing, we could all put it behind us. You aren't going to 'prove' you're right and that everyone has to think you're funny, cause they don't.
I think my biggest childhood joy was masturbating before I could ejaculate.

Shit was so cash
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Hey, TS, what do you think of this photo?

dat ass...

Edit: ^ o.o
I'd probably leave it, honestly, it would be acceptable. Only thing I could foresee is coming to disagree with what it stands for, although I don't think that's particularly likely.
I'm not really too close to people just from UG, but I've gotten pretty close to several people from the Tinychat. I'm also very close to someone who as of recently is now a user here but that was from outside UG. >_>

Sadly I have not met any of you. Yet.

This will change, I promise.
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That's... not quite what I was hoping for when I hear "super finger fun", but oh well.
Gimme a minute, doing this up.

Edit: Sorry for the atrocious quality.
That was amazing. xD
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Ashe's boobs, Wes' ****, numma numma raving with glasses.

A good night had by all!

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Best. Night. Ever.

Actually that's might be an exaggeration.

Decidedly. Good. Night.

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But yes, that night was one worth remembering (for many reasons >_> )

More people! Nao.
I'm a virgin, and I have. <_< I'd rather do it with someone when I'm sure it's not gonna be really terrible and complicated if I do, rather than just try and get laid regardless of the consequences. Although I'd like to. >_>
Ahahahah, nice. Oh well.
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[10:04 PM] glenn: ashe honest question, have you considered going into porn ?
[10:04 PM] will: that's the dream

Dirty bastard.

What'd she say? >_______>
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I closed out as I saw Jake say my name, so I didn't get to reply. Thought about going back, but that seemed attention *****y. So I'm posting this.

inb4 no on replies
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So guys....guess who's high?

Jizzed buckets.
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You nailed it bro!

As a Canadian, I approve this message.
I didn't realize there were other UGTC rooms. >_>
Yay Steph actually cares about my musical experimentations!

Anyone here interested? >__________>
Yeah, I was all like "I don't see why people would want to get married. I'll live alone for the rest of my life, I don't see what's wrong with that."

LOL, that changed. Not that it's helped. >_>
I like bagels too.
I think the reason certain atheists are so vocal and expressive about it is largely because of the fact that religion is still such a large part of life in certain parts of the world and as such it creates a certain amount of resentment. I'm not trying to justify it, because judging any religious or non-religious group as all being the same basically makes you an asshole. But I think it's an unfortunate symptom of the fact that atheists still culturally feel somewhat repressed (much more so in the US than Canada or Europe, but of course the US makes up at least a large portion, if not the majority of what you see on the internet) and there are still many stupid and offensive things said about atheists quite commonly by certain public figures. Everyone really needs to chill the fuck out and learn how to discuss things without assuming that everyone in any given group conforms to a stereotype. (I am an atheist, myself.)
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WTF happened ?
Your metatarsus swollen like a size of a Tennis ball.

I tripped and bent it the wrong way. It's going down already, and that picture was pretty much at the angle that made it look worst.
The amount of legitimacy creationism has is highly dependent on it's definition, but I think the vast majority of us can agree that the idea of "disproving evolution" is pretty dead at this point.
I like Odd Future, but I also wouldn't say they're the best out there at the moment either. I think a lot of people started listening after Yonkers (which is when I heard of them as well, to be fair) and started talking about how incredible they are (and they're good, don't get me wrong, but there's better rap out there) and then a lot of people as a reflex started saying how terrible and untalented they are (which is also bullshit.) I enjoy their music and I get the feeling that they make it because they enjoy it too. Who gives a shit if they are/aren't the greatest/worst rappers/writers/producers ever? You either like it or you don't, so either listen to it or don't. People get so caught up in wanting to look cool by liking or hating something and it's stupid.

OT: Christwire is a parody, but a pretty entertaining one at that. Given the anti-religious stuff he says they were bound to make an article about him eventually.
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I'd high-five you bro, but you still need to wash your hand

Actually I have.
Update: last night it was just after midnight on Feb 1st and I thought, "Why the hell did I sign up for this, masturbating is awesome." so I respectfully withdrew from the competition by blowing a load into my hand.

Call me a failure if you want by I think it was totally worth it.
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I love cocks.

All I read.
So I'm reading through this thread from the beginning, and holy cuntpissing shitfuck did that Chuck Palahniuk story make me uncomfortable. I mean, I watched A Serbian Film and barely gave a shit, but something about the way that was written and how I imagined it in my head made me feel terrible in my stomach to the point that I actually had trouble breathing. Jesus fucking butts.
Eh, put me down, I'd probably be able to do it but I have a bad memory so I'm sure I'll forget and do it anyways. But if I remember I know I could do it, so we'll give it a go this year.
Sweet, now that I know lesbians can be used to tranquilize horses, I can finally become a veterinarian.
^ Especially Kate.
Yep, the population grows, people spread out and invent more technology which allows better communication and development of newer technologies, and knowledge builds on itself. It'd be more surprising if it grew at a constant rate than the opposite.