I play bass in this band. We're releasing a 4 song EP very soon. It's very Protest The Hero, full of soaring vocals and widdly widdly leads. Hope you guys enjoy! :hbang:

If you're curious, all of it was recorded at home and mixed by the drummer Stewart. The mastering job was done by Alan Douches (West West Side Music | Audio Mastering | Surround Mixing | DVD/Blu-ray Authoring | Analog Mixing | Tape Transfers).

Guitars were done DI with a guitar VST (not sure which one). Suhr and Ibanez guitars were used to record. Bass was done via pedalboard straight into an MBox.


That's me! Yabadabadoo!


There's dat beauty.

God it's tiny.

And a wee footswitch.

Glorious half stack combo.

I have to fit my GK bass cab and head so...

And Instagram is cool so...

I literally just got the head in today, and it sounds great. Gain is on steroids on this beast and I have all the time for palm muting on this baby. The Zilla cab came in a month earlier so this is the first time trying out the cab; and it sounds class.

The Zilla is loaded with V30s btw.
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HNBD! I nearly bought this one myself, was holding out for my student loan. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Looks nicer in your photos too.

Cheers man! Basschat is full of ridiculously fantastic deals, it's a bad place when you are just browsing then you get hit by instant GAS.

Recorded a quick playthough of Death - Jealousy last night, fear my noob playing.
I have been eyeing up a fretless for a while for the lolz for the past few months. Not sure why, I just think it'd be cool to play around with one.

So one night, after getting a few drinks, I message a member on basschat and managed to sort something.


Group shot! Missing the Carvin though, it now lives at the studio. (The Carvin is an XB76, another 6er!)

Schecter Loomis C-7 NT, Warwick Corvette Proline, Ibanez S540 (oddly enough, also 1992) and a Dingwall ABZ6.

This is a 1992 Nirvana Black Warwick Corvette Proline 4 string bass, with an all Wenge neck. This is the first for many things such as: fretless, Warwick, flatwounds and 4 stringer (that was decent!). It's an absolute breeze to play but staying in tune is another matter. The neck is smooth as and the Wenge feels fantastic. The body has a bit of battle scar scratches on it which contributes a bit of character to the bass; the overall dark aesthetics of this bass is a nice change from my many maple instruments.
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Can't listen right now but I liked you guys on facebook so I can later.
I have to ask though, what's the story with the band name? :P

Thanks very much man!

I don't know the story behind the name, as I've only joined the band as of April - May. The band's been going for 5 odd years! It's just a silly name as far as I am aware... I think.

The Life & Trials of Rudy Eugene | The Colour Pink Is Gay


New EP by my band, The Colour Pink Is Gay. I'm not on this record as I joined right after the recording of this, but the tune is banging. It's more post rock influenced than earlier material, but it makes the track dynamic as.

The EP is free to download, and if you enjoyed the material, you can follow us on Facebook here.

Just leaving this here guys.

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The Life & Trials of Rudy Eugene | The Colour Pink Is Gay

New EP by my band, The Colour Pink Is Gay. I'm not on this record as I joined right after the recording of this, but the tune is banging. It's more post rock influenced than earlier material, but it makes the track dynamic as .....

The EP is free to download, and if you enjoyed the material, you can follow us on Facebook here.

Hey guys, long time no post.

Just joined a band called The Colour Pink Is Gay as a bassist, so look forward to some muzak.
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coheed & cambria, BTBAM, and russian circles are playing 2 hrs away from me in a month, but i already have a gig that night could have gotten a free ticket from a friend too

also, my agile is here! pics later after ive installed the pups

Shit man, take some pictures!

Also, BTBAM and Russian Circle are great, enjoy man!
Squeezing in Merry Christmas before it's over in the next 10 mins.

Merry Christmas from New York guys.

It ain't Christmas...

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Just uploaded a new 'techy' demo on Soundcloud. It would be lovely if you could all tell me how rubbish it is haha

EDIT: I also saw Trivium back in the day when they supported Iron Maiden, justwhen The Crusade was released. I was really into them back then because of Ascendancy and they were pretty awesome live. I also got a bust lip in a mosh pit and almost caught one of Nicko Mcbrain's drumsticks.

I've not even listened to this yet, but that's the best song title ever.

I got bored, so here's some widdly widdly for you guys.
God, you are such a lucky bastard VVolverin3.

One day I'll own a Parker!
So, seeing as Christmas is coming up, anyone got any gear coming their way?

I wish I did, but at the moment, I'm seeing if anyone is interested in buying my Schecter or my Carvin. I'm tempted by the Vintage Sunburst PRS SE 7!
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Isn't that still string-through though?

Yeah, you're right. I just tend to associate string through with the Tune O Matic bridge and then the holes, as opposed to saddles and holes being in one unit like the bridge I showed. Silly me!
Sorry, maybe I didn't understand what he meant.

I thought he meant he wanted a hardtail bridge like this.

Instead of a string through bridge like the LTD. The Elite Horizon-III NT right?
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Check the one on the top...

That's string through, I think he meant he wanted a hardtail bridge.
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Oh my... Made In Japan too. :O

Mmm, they look damn good. I look forward to future LTD elites.

Cheers for the comments guys, I made another one. As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of BTBAM.
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When did you get a Dingwall?

Only FF instruments I have ever played. Awesome stuff.

NBD thread, which is dated... end of June 2012. Not the most economical purchased I've made, but I don't think I'll be getting any new bass guitars in the near future for sure.
Final Fantasy and Damnation festival. This weekend. Forever.
I've got 3.5k posts, but I've been here a member longer than most of you guys so... that's an okay amount.
Goddamn, that's nice.
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Possibly about 5/600 currently saving till after my Birthday, which is January.

I could, I was planning to sell an Ibanez 350 MDX I bought on impulse, the edge 3 trem is truly atrocious

Parents know that I can use different guitars for different things, so the RG7321 may be safe... For now...

You can maybe find some Schecters (2nd hand or new) at around that price, they are pretty good spec for money. The neck shape isn't quite to everyone's taste though.

I'll get round to remixing that riff I made, but here's a new joke... song I made.

It was meant to parody power metal and with over the top guitars but it didn't quite turn out that parody like.
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That's the one I was looking at, anyone had any experience with them? Some people on SS.Org who have had them have said they think it should be a $1000 guitar...

Just wanted to check with you guys though.

I would be willing to go second hand.

I've only heard good things about them, but I've not seen one in person nor have I tried it out.

I usually check eBay every odd day for 7 string guitars, it's a bookmark I have.

What other things are you looking for in a guitar besides pointiness?
Cheers guys! I can never get that kick quite right, it's always lacking that cutting edge. It sounds fine isolated, but as soon as everything comes in, it gets buried.

I trying to get used to the snare, but it's a **** to control. Some hits are great but sometimes it sounds really... undramatic.

I'll drop the guitars a bit and bass, everything is rather loud and busy.


For those curious, it's the Ibanez S540 with Crunchlab / Liquifire on both sides with the Pod HD bean. I double tracked the left and right guitars (so essentially it's 4 guitars playing the rhythm) for the rhythm gain and 2 clean guitars panned left and right.

The bass is my Dingwall -> B7K -> Pod HD Bean. However, there is also a parallel output straight from the pedal for my clean tone and afterwards took another track with the Dingwall straight into the Pod HD Bean with my rhythm patch.

Drums are superior 2.0. Classic.

Here's a mixing test I made earlier this month, forgive the simple riffing but I think I'm getting used to the B7K.

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I know

The pressure is getting to me now... it's currently making its way from southern Europe to my door... every time I see a DHL van outside my stomach does that weird turn (like when you go over a bridge suddenly) and I nearly puke with excitement...

Only to be let down

How long have you been waiting?
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Hoping to have 5/600 pounds around Christmas/ next January time... Thoughts on what 7 I should buy (especially into Pointy shapes)

Cheers guys!

Based in the UK I guess? Willing to go second hand?

This one comes to mind but you could find it cheaper elsewhere if you looked harder for sure.
^Go for it! Promise I won't laugh. Ahem.

Travel and accommodation booked, Damnation Festival is on. Finally gonna see Pig Destroyer, best day of ma life. Anyone know Leeds at all?
oh yeh guyz, btbam, perifery & de savety fa ir were amezun
Nice man, I've been to a Loomis clinic and that man rips.

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Have you guys heard about the drummer from Monuments filling in for Matt Halpern during the UK tour? Apparently Halpern has dislocated his shoulder. I was going to go and see them in Leeds, but I don't know if I can be bothered or can actually afford it haha. I'd go more to see BTBAM and The Safety Fire tbh, I've gone off Periphery after the second album

Yeah, Matt has dislocated his shoulder to Mike has stepped in.

Turns out I prefer BTBAM than Periphery and I like TSF too, so it's 3 good bands that I like.

Any of you guys been to New York? What cool guitar stores / venues are there to check out?
Javier Reyes' project Mestis sounds pretty rad.

BTBAM / Periphery / The Safety Fire on Wednesday. Should be a fun gig.
What the-

UG supports embedded Youtube links?!

EDIT: Also, it's amazing how much of a beating that Gibson took. Or Billie Joe is weak.
And... Epicloud has come through in the mail. I don't have high hopes (not been loving recent Devin material, it's alright but not astounding) but should be mega layered and produced.
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Tell me how it goes, I'm catching him with Monuments, Vildjharta and Stealing Axiom (sp?).

Also, went to my first hip hop gig last night, El-P. Good stuff.
Good guitar that uses basswood that isn't Ibanez? EBMM JP.
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i am trying 2 get a good djent tone? Any tips?! How do i tune to peripehry?

Still got your Oakland eh?