I did some search, I don't think that someone has written a tablature YET...
Okay peeps I am begginer to intermediate acoustic guitar player, and I am learning guitar via pdfs and youtube, so please "bear" with me - I am trying really hard lol

So I have problem with barre chords.
BUT: I have found this tablature that uses capo on first fret.

Look how it goes - to me -

When I YouTubed the song by a guitarist, of course they used B and F fully and traditionally - no capos.

Check the


It doesnt sound correct to me - and so the bass lines:

Bang Bang (3,1,2) that awful sound
Bang Bang (1,0,Em)my baby shot me down

A very neat version on electric is this, please can you give me your lights?

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There is a website that i heard is good.

I have no idea how much or if it is good? But i know i found it for free. PM me for details.

I believe its the best BY FAR.

I owe him big time.
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thanks for trying I told yas it would be hard whoever actually owns the book hasn't scanned it yet I don't think but then again Iron Maiden - Dance of Death was hard to find until someone found it for me.

Well I have "The Trooper" book (hardcover) if you are interested; it was accidentally fell on my hands :-)
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Yamaha makes good acoustics. My uncle has a flamingo and it sounds great.

Now I got jealous a bit :P
I will search too

Edit: Nothing on RS or BT...

I've tried to search but no use :-S

From the cradle to enslave (COF)
Dvorak, Debussy, Bach, Mahler, Wagner are very good too!
My first guitar is the guitar I still have, a Yamaha Acoustic F-340 BL, and really, I bought her only because she has glossy black ebony colour lol

But it's marvellous and sounds great, nontheless.
Hey, ummm, what's the best warming excercise?
I usually start with 11-22-33-44 on all strings, but I'd like to know if there is anything more intense!