Some skinny jeans, a bright short sleeved shirt, skating shoes.
That's all I wear.

sorry dont really see you around that much

I wish I had the balls..
This angers me!
I fucking hate people like this.

Now I gotta go pee I'm so mad..
Skating is an awesome sport!
I as a skater don't believe that we have a right to go anywhere.
But man.. let us practice the sport.
Forbidding it will only make people wanna skate more.

Also, yes, there are a lot of posers and people that do it to be cool..
but you can't just give up the thing cause of other people.
Do what you love and don't let people affect your opinion.
Wait.. you guys just found out?

I thought news like this reached rock fans before anyone else.

EDIT: Well the song isnt Weezer at their prime but the song doesnt SUCK suck

I can land kickflips now!
thank you all so much

Now i ****ing love this sport.
Quote by JohnnyV
wait...did you graduate from my high school?

Luckily, i've never broken any bones or needed surgery from anything i've done. Included but not limited to:

- GT sled being towed by a car in a parking lot
- Coasting down a snow-covered hill in a shopping cart
- Jumping between 2nd story windows of nearby houses
- Lighting firecrackers and hitting them will golf clubs/baseball bats

That doesn't sound dumbass..
that sounds fun!

..Well on second thought you have to be a dumbass to jump between windows of a house..
What do you guys think?

I personally think its stupid.
Why should old men in a court have the right to take the life of a man..
even if he did kill someone, your stooping right down to his level when killing him.

What do you guys think?
In this thread we discuss the stupidest most "dumbassy" thing a friend has done.

My friend once gave himself a "swirly" when someone dared him in Truth or Dare in 5th grade. That same friend once ate a huge green pepper because they told him that the big ones aren't as hot.
I can land varial flips 40% of the time now..

Who knew someone could learn how to varial flip before kickflips
I'm looking for a new amp.
I've been playing for a little over 2 years and I have a 33 Watt Washburn BD25R right now and it's my first amp. My guitar is an Ibanez ART-120.
My budget is around $400-$500 at most, give or take a little
I play different things but I mainly play punk and some metal.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
I've gone snowboarding twice in my life and both times were awesome.
Skating really does help you get snowboarding down faster.

Anyway, this is a skating thread so I'm gonna talk about skating..
Has anyone used Element Swiss bearings?
My friend ordered them off CCS but hasn't gotten them yet.
Are they any good?

I'm looking for new wheels.. what wheels do you guys recommend?
I named myself Jean Claude in French class..

Someone told me that was badass
Quote by littlephil
How the fuck do you accidentally sit in your own jizz?

Your sitting on your bed jacking off...
you jizz on the floor.
You suddenly realize.. oh! I forgot my girlfriend is outside!
You go out.. get her..
you come back to your room and step on the jizz..
You slip..
you suddenly fall right on it..
Like today for example..
I was sitting on some steps with 3 friends and it was the wierdest thing.. i just paused and felt like I had done this already or dreamt it..
It really is hard to describe
Quote by scotch59
i had that same problem. what i learned to do was kick my foot out and kinda jump up instead of kicking your foot downwards which is probably what your doing if your having that problem. and just practice and practice. kickflips and tre flips are the most frustrating tricks to learn..

good luck. lemme know if that helped

I'm definitely gonna try that..
Tomorrow I have nothing planned so I'm gonna practice kickflips the whole day until I get it

I'll let you know if it helped!
Do you guys ever have them??
I've been having so many nowadays..
I feel like I've been here before and stuff

Do you guys have them a lot too or am I a ****ing freak?
Yes, Yes
We know that the world has sunk very low but do we really need to say it every time we have a thread with news like this?
Damn, I hate kickflips..
I can never get both my feet on the board.. i always just get my back foot on..
and whenever i concentrate on getting my front foot on it i end up just ollying..

Do you guys have any tips?
"I know not a reason why,
solitudes a reason to die"
Quote by ..MKS..

Now I'm trying to learn frontside flips. I can flip and spin it OK, if I focus on flipping it, I land it with one foot and the board a bit in front of me. Now if I focus on actually landing it, I can't get it to flip properly, it hits my foot or my knee or whatever and doesn't flip at all, or I end up flipping it and the board only spins 90 degrees. So guess I'm not quite doing it right, I think I know how it has to be done. I just can't seem to flip it, spin it and stay above my board all at the same time.

Now 360 flips are giving me some trouble as well, I can flip it and all, but can only land it one-footed, because either I'm not flying high enough or my board doesn't spin fast enough. Don't know which though. Anyone had a similair problem before, or does it just require more practice? If I do land it, it's not smooth at all, basically land it knees bend all the way (from staying in the air as long as possible while my board's flipping).

I can't do frontside flips, but I asked a friend about your situation with them and he said that you should try putting your back foot more south as in just leaving your toes on the tail and that will help you scoop better and get the whole 180 spin, also the friend i asked said he had the same problem, where the board hits your leg and the way he solved it was by concentrating on catching the board at 90 degrees and
bringing the board with your feet the rest of the spin.
So you basically pivot half of it.
So someone told me this..
Heelfips are easier for goofy
and Kickflips are easier for regulars
do you think this is true?

Im goofy and i can never kickflip cause i can never get my front foot back on
but with heelflips i can always get both feet on..

What do you guys think?
True or not?
There's an arrow next to it that says hide that makes it go away.
I can't see it in normally..
everything becomes of a lower quality.. don't know how to explain it cause I'm not very computer smart..
I probably need to update my adobe programs but I really don't know..
Punk gets me going real well so I listen to NOFX, Lagwagon, Bad Religion.. stuff like that.

also..yeah I don't push mongo, I find it so uncomfortable.
I had two friends who pushed mongo but one changed to normal.
but the other guy just wont..
Well recently, my school changed the rules and now were not allowed to skate there..
It was so nice too! It had so many steps.. it was like better than a skatepark..
I'm all depressed now..
Is This It counts as one of the greatest of the 00's IMO..
so does Room On Fire

Also.. Elephant is pretty much a masterpiece so that qualifies..
Quote by JackalUK
Would you recommend hightops or are they too restrictive to the ankle movement required in skateing? Was looking to get some because I'm forever hurting the bony part that sticks out on my ankle.

I've been skating Gangsta high tops and I haven't had any problem with it. It gives you a lot more ankle support so that's better and if you think it's too restrictive to the ankle then you can loosen them a little and you'll be fine. I prefer low tops though..

Wow.. lots of goofy people here.. I'm the only one among my skater friends.
Landed like 4 varial flips today and I've pretty much never practiced them
And I can't even kickflip yet

EDIT: Also.. out of curiosity, what are all you guy's stances?
I'm goofy and I'm proud of it
Quote by rockguitarist97
Fallen, Lakai, Emerica

Wow.. I forgot about Fallen..
I was thinking the other day..
Enema wasn't as "poppy" as people make it out to be..
it definitely had it's punk stuff in it, especially in the drums..
I mean besides What's My Age Again and All the Small Things, it's pretty punk in a sense..
any news on the single or album?
Well guys, it's that time of the year..
time to get new shoes.
My circa's have a MASSIVE hole on the side..
The thing is I only got them 2 months ago.. I don't recommend circa's now...
anyway.. what do you guys recommend?
I was thinking Globe or Vans.. but I don't know..
Does anyone know?
The only thing thing music related I could find to the title might be a "mosh pit"..
but I'm curious.. why was it named that?
I have never eaten a live armadillo.

CHILIEDIT: shit.. then SCREW YOU! to post above me..
is it cool?
Well.. I haven't posted here in a while.
Well guys, I'm going through Skateboarding depression.
I'm sooo frustrated right now, I just feel like quitting sometimes
Does this ever happen to you guys?
Quote by DieGarbageMan

I was on facebook and I ran into one on a group and it said this:

"I am Teddy. Once you read this you cannot get out. Finish reading this until it is done! As I said, I am Teddy. I am 7 years old and have no eyes and blood all over my face. I am dead. If you don't post this in 12 threads, I will come to ur house at midnight and hide under ur bed. When ur asleep I'll kill you. Don't believe me? Case 1: Patty ... Read moreBuckles got this email. She doesn't believe in chain letters. Well, foolish Patty. She was sleeping when her TV started flickering on and off. Now she's not with us anymore. Haha Patty, haha. You don't wanna be like Patty, do you? Case 2: George M Simon hates chain mail, but he didn't wanna die that night. He put it in 4 threads. Not good enough George. Now George is in a coma & we don't know if he'll ever wake up. Haha George haha! Now, you don't wanna be like George do you?"

I laughed so hard!
What are some of the funniest you've been sent?
The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria.

Thought I'd give Progressive rock a try