I personally HATE mine.
I think it's **** and it's really bad. The only that makes up for it are my friends.
I barely know any people that actually like their school. What about you guys?
Do you like it?
Quote by Justified Death

Yeah I'm just kidding.
I laughed
I am in desperate need of help..
These three words:
most, yet and doom
are all either a
noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection.

EDIT: I realize I worded this kinda wrong.
This is what I meant.
Most.. is what out of all those options.
Yet.. is what out of all those options.
Doom.. is what out of all those options.
aren't you the one that made the thread about an intruder alert happening in your school?

Oh ****.. ignore me..
didn't realize it was a bump.
Didn't find a thread so I thought I'd make one.
Do any of you guys actually have skype?
People told me to make one so I did, but no one really calls me
I just wanted to see how popular it is among the pit.

Poll is coming.
has anyone called??
House parties kick ass dude.
do it!
pics or it didn't happen.
I wore a sex pistols shirt to school the other day and they made me turn it inside out..
but my school is really strict so I doubt they'll care.
I'm needing some help with this..
You guys are going to find it really simple but I can't find the answer

Find four consecutive odd integers whose sum is 8.
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Searchbar Explorer.

Seriously though, Firefox. Who uses explorer?

ChiliEDIT: ^He wrote the same exact thing as me
Quote by Cobain_Is_King
Every song ever written.

Imagine the royalties!

I meant to an extent.
What happens to me is that sometimes I'm listening to a song that doesnt require much skill and I think "Why didn't I think of that!?".
It seems so simple yet we dont think of it.

What songs do you wish you would've have written?
Yeah dont practice in the grass cause it makes it a lot harder than normal..
It was funny because someone told me to do that and I practiced on the grass and I could never land it. Then I tried on normal cement and I landed it. And dedicate yourself to this don't practice for 20 minutes 2 days a week.
You made up for it with your username.
EDIT: RIP Farah Fawcett
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The more time parents spend not looking at their children, the happier they tend to be.

I don't think teachers are going to be happy..
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the people it will effect are not allowed to vote, stupid head

I think the general American population would not want this to happen.. not only the people in school.
Quote by Momentosis
He's going to get assassinated...

I don't hate Obama but I honestly think this is eventually gonna happen.

that goes to the people living in america.
and you guys thought voting for him was a good idea..
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umm hey guys,
I'm thinking of getting some new wheels, but i'm not sure what ones to consider. Is there any wheels that go well with bone reds? And can go well kinda fast.
god I sound like such a noob
I nailed the Axle stall today, landed a few shove its and one kickflip.

And don't know if anyone here knows of the skatepark called the ripped, but it's closing on wednesday

You could try spitfire or ricta wheels. Haven't skated the rictas but have heard incredible things about them. I used to ride pig wheels and they also lasted me a long time. Those are the only ones i can really recommend cause ive actually skated and heard alot about them.
Cool story bro

EDIT: ****.. I had no idea that it was reported
Just close your eyes and imagine this
The small hairy tittyf*uckers

That was actually suggested when my band was trying to come up with a name..
Not only an avatar but you need a thread too?
I love this man
try clicking on it or putting your mouse over it..
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I'm kind of interested to see Bob Burnquests part, just to see how original he can get with a mega ramp.

I just looked it up and it said its due fall 2009.
Yeah I've heard his part in the video is awesome.
I also want to see Geoff Rowley's part too, that guy can pull of some sick ****.
I remember my sister talked to me about a band called avenged sevenfold a long time ago and I had listened to them a little but I only became a fan until recently.
What about you guys?
Quote by thedefrockednun

The RT!!!

ALSO: are you trying to get a big thread with his?

My biggest thead has 10 pages
How about you guys?
Quote by jeremessmore
No idea dude, the teaser says "Coming soon" so I imagine sometime late this year or early next

Oh ok.

By the way your user name is awesome

haha thanks
Quote by talia.
Okay, so since I FINALLY gave the whole 21CBD a listen, I must say it is pretty good.

I really like East Jesus Nowhere, Peacemaker, Before the Lobotomy... hell, the whole album is pretty solid. Last of the American Girls is meh for me though

superEDIT: Is it me, or does Peacemaker remind anyone of Misery from Warning?

Yea definately has that kind of foreign feel to it just like Misery. I prefer Misery though :/
Quote by jeremessmore
I can't wait for extremely sorry, David Gonzales rips

Yeah me too! Do you know when it's coming out?
I'm also loving Flip - Sorry
Johnny Rotten's naration is awesome
wow.. I want this ****ing single to come out already..
So.. anyone whos been to a show yet?
How were they? Are they still giving a damn good show?
Also.. what would you guys prefer the new album to be like?
I think I'd cry if they made another dude ranch or cheshire cat. That would be the best scenario for me.. though I'm really doubting its gonna be like that.
Yea.. I didn't mean to complain with this thread actually..
I just was wondering why people say this all the time.. it goes for some things yeah but I agree.. there's some ****ing awesome shows and bands nowadays.
Quote by Diet_coke_head
I wasn't complaining... I was making a point.

We're always talking about how bands USED TO BE good but now they're ****.
This is also goes with TV shows, movies and a lot of other stuff. Why is it that everything that used to be good sucks nowadays.
Is there anything good NOW that will suck in 5 years?
what are your favorite vids?
I ****ing love the almost round three video..
I haven't been here long enough to know why Kensai is so loved.
I just thought this was cool since you guys love him so much..
why is he so awesome?