Can't wait to see what Kensai says about this.
I was looking at this:
and at the bottom, someone wants Kensai to have his own section on Wikipedia..
I think thats pretty cool..
haven't posted here in a while.
Well my new mystery deck is awesome.
I've been skating it for a week and I'm really happy with it..
I totally recommend it.
No! No! No!
So I need a normal tab thats not guitar pro or power tab for "Thirty and Seven" by August Burns Red.
Does anyone know any good tabs for this song cause I can't find one anywhere.
Quote by Butthead
I am merely a kiss ass trying to be funny.

Quote by Hybrid_Xer0
Too true, too true.

Is it really that funny anymore?'s never really been..

EDIT: ^I'm pretty sure this started as dreadnought's ****.. not yours..
This is still going on?!
So why aren't the other mods doing anything?
As the title says..
What were some of the greatest threads in the history of the pit?
Quote by jeremessmore
Always lean with the board, remember to turn out right before the end of the rail and use wax

lean with the board?
what does that mean?
Well I'm getting some venture trucks soon so I'm really happy at the moment
and I think I'm getting boardslides down now
any tips?
I love dreadnought
Well I'm getting them soon..
and I was wondering wether it hurts too bad when your getting them put on..
If you need to be banned from the site just so you don't go on here then you really need help..
Has TS done any of these things yet?
I have a feeling this is gonna be a repeat of the secret admirer thread and the "what song should I strip to" thread..
1. Tom Delonge
2. Kurt Cobain
3. Brad Nowell
Quote by sglover34479

Did you even get his joke??
John Hancock
Heather Mills
Kris Roe (the ataris)
Jason Freese
Rob Zombie
Jon King - a gay porn actor
Jeremy Camp
Zack de la Rocha
what are some of the best pranks youve ever pulled?
A friend and I once spray painted the Math teachers room pink..
Another time, my school was to show this video about education and plagiarism and some **** and we switched the video to a video of a friend jerking off at a party.
Quote by GibsonRocker14
some sick **** bro

Yeah, he really is amazing..
love the darkslide at 0:53
yea.. chris haslam is probably my favorite skater..
landed my first inward heelflip today

this thread deserves all of this..
That was one long ****ing manual man..
How the hell do you make it last so long? lol
Quote by GibsonRocker14
my grinds are alright.

(see the vid)

(btw, idk if i ever do a 50 50 in that vid.. i can't remember)


what do you need help with?

wow. you've got some nice footage there.
which one are you? ..just curious
You've got a ****ing G-400 and your whining??
i know a dude thats been using a squier strat for like 2 years and hes perfectly happy!
Be grateful with what u got man..
and if you really want a nashville tele then work for your neighbours mowing the lawn.. thats the only way a 15 year old is gonna work.
Quote by radio_schizo
Okay, I'm 21(surely not too old for starting out) & I've decided to properly give learning how to skate a go. I got a Baker board today. I can ride okay-ish for a beginner but I was wondering what kinda advice would you give on starting up & getting to a point where you can ride around the streets confidently/smoothly? I'd love to be able to just go out cruising through the streets competently.

What kinda tips did you find most helpful when you started out? balance, breaking, BALANCE lol. everything, I kinda figured i'd try and get the basic riding nailed as good as I can before trying anything else.


what i did was spend like the first 2 weeks just riding down streets..
take it as trying to land a trick.. just do it until you're fine riding on street..
then move on to tricks..
I've been practicing boardslides recently..
I've landed some but I'm pretty sure I need some help..
what tips do you guys have?
Hey guys.
I'm gonna try to get on here everyday now.

I injured my knee and I can't skate for another week.. so I'm pretty frustrated..
so are any of you guys good with 50-50's?
whats the coolest polyphonic ringtone you have?

I have a polyphonic version of master of puppets and chop suey..
Quote by elmeistro55
whos mettalica?

TS sigged that..
I think he thought he was serious..
So you guys hear the new metallica song??
What was it called..
uh.. hangar 18 or something like that..
sounded pretty simple.. try that TS.
2 misfits
blink 182
rolling stones
pink floyd
deep purple
green day
sex pistols
the clash
the ramones
foo fighters
so.. wat do u guys think of mystery decks??
my friend recently offered me one for free and it would be a major improvement from my speed demon complete..
As the title says.. have any of you guys gotten into a really hardcore fight where someone gets there ass kicked??
i personally have never had one.. so i have no example story..
ive seen plenty of them though.
1) Do you drink alcohol?
• A) Yes

2) If your government were to set a new law forbidding you to buy alcohol in your country, how would you react?
• A) Find a black market

3) If your government were to set a law forbidding the purchase of alcohol on a given day (be it Friday or Saturday), how would you react?
• A) Find a black market
Quote by CoreysMonster
Did he steal your girlfriend, guitar, pokemon cards or Nintendo?

if not, it's probably not normal.

no.. hes never stolen anything from me..
he just acts like hes the coolest guy in the world..
i swear i have never met a more arrogant person in the world.
hes the type that smokes a pack a day just cause the seniors do it..
Well.. theres this one guy from a neighbouring school...
and everytime I see his face or name.. i get sooo mad inside and i feel like breaking something..
yea.. the guys been a bitch to me and other people..
but ive never gotten this mad with someone..
has this ever happened to you guys?
Quote by k-train
blink 182 is punk?

i didnt know that.

thank for the list though