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You can't hide anything from those x ray machines. Seriously if they spot something, which they will, that looks even remotely suspicious, they'll tear your case apart.

thats exactly his point.. instead of hiding it in a backpack or whatever.. u put it in like your shirt.. or yur pants and the plastic wouldnt make the metal detecter go off..
y the **** are so many people making threads about this??
beverly hills by weezer.. that would be epic..
carousel by blink 182 is what id play though..
"Pero ¿Cómo van a averiguar si puedo ser el nuevo propietario?"

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.. In Spanish..
so.. st angers bad..
anything else??
the most recent for me was 21st century breakdown.. for some reason, I really felt a great album in the makes..

what has been your greatest let down with an album?
well i havent been skating for long..
but does anyone have any good tips for kickflips.. cause i cant seem to land them.
Eric Pierpoint, '69, actor, "Star Trek: Enterprise".
John Ray Hoke Jr, FAIA, '69, architect, "Architectural Graphic Standards".
Steven Rales, '69, entrepreneur and billionaire, Danaher Corporation. Brother of Mitchell Rales.
Gordon Smith, '70, U.S. Senator, Oregon.
Ken Navarro, '71, jazz guitarist, "Smooth Sensation" and "Love Coloured Soul".
Lisa Pelikan, '72, actress, "Julia" and "Return to the Blue Lagoon".
Bob Raba, '73, football player (tight end, New York Jets, Washington Redskins.)
Mitchell Rales, '74, entrepreneur and billionaire, Danaher Corporation.
Rodney Alan Greenblat, '78, artist.
Kate Seelye, '80, Middle-east reporter for National Public Radio.
Mark Pryor, '81, U.S. Senator, Arkansas.
Patrick Byrne, '81, founder of
Mia Chung, '82, orchestral Pianist.
Mark Halperin, '83, political analyst, ABC News, Time Magazine,; former Political Director, ABC News
Anthony Dilweg, '84, football player (1988 ACC player of the year, Duke University; former NFL quarterback)
Susan Dynner, '84, movie producer/director, "Punk's Not Dead", producer, "Brick".
Michael Eisen, '85, noted proponent of open source scientific research
Jeff Tremaine, '85, co-writer, director, creator, "Jackass: The Movie" (2002) and the MTV show by the same name.
Richard Ault, '86, Internet Entrepreneur, CNET, myplay, Napster, Technorati, Metroblogging.
Spike Jonze, '87, movie director, "Being John Malkovich," "Adaptation.," and "Where the Wild Things Are."
David Dobkin, '87, movie director, "Wedding Crashers", "Shanghai Knights", and "Fred Claus".
Eric Steinberg, '87, actor, "The Young and the Restless", "Stargate SG-1"
Matt Oppenheim, '89, enforcer for the RIAA
Ryan Kuehl, '90, football player (defensive tackle, New York Giants.)
Erin Smith, '90, guitarist, Bratmobile.
Giuliana Rancic, '92, celebrity news personality, E! News and co-star of "Giuliana and Bill" on the Style Network.
Dan Shanoff, '92, sports columnist.
Alexandra Robbins, '94, published author.
Bill White, '94, Neo-nazi activist[3]
Andy Corno, '01, lacrosse player (midfielder, New Jersey Pride)
Andrew Keszler, '03, soccer player (goalie, Pittsburgh Riverhounds.)
Jeremy Altman, '09, Top NHL prospect

...had no idea about this.. but i went to wikipedia and copy pasted this..
im yours - jason mraz
when you drop a pick and cannot find it ever again!
also.. when you set the pick down somewhere but dont remember where..

I think we'd all agree this is REALLY ANOYING..